1. stroebs

    The Choice

    I have been tasked by my father to make a decision in my family's home about the internet/entertainment situation. My internet usage is far above the rest of the family's overall usage per month as I do massive downloads and uploads while my mother and sister could survive on a 1GB cap. My...
  2. C

    For those of you who have TopTV: Information wanted on CONTENT!

    Hi, my name is Brandon van Reenen and I am new to myBB. We can't have 100 threads for this question, but if anyone with more information on the TopTV content, please post it here. :) Really wanting to know what the content is like on Natura, BET, Fox FX, Star!, Showtime, Top History, Top...
  3. rph72

    TOPTV - Satellite TV for R99 a month

    Nice TopTV articles in the latest YOU & Huisgenoot. You Magazine Huisgenoot
  4. Mars

    Sats-R-us not installing TopTV due to Non-Payment.

    The installer from Sats-R-Us that was supposed to come and install my TopTV at 10.00 canceled, saying that they where halting all TopTV installations until they got payment from ODM. :( Its only taken since Monday for them to get their arses in gear, now this. :mad: -<sigh>- Anyone...
  5. rpm

    TopTV versus DStv Compact and Select

    TopTV versus DStv ODM recently launched their TopTV offerings, taking on DStv in the local pay-TV market. This is how their main offerings compare.
  6. M

    C'mon TopTV

    Okay so after a total of more than 2hours of phone calls, I got through to TopTV, got it installed and activated and my excitement levels through the roof! But.... Now that I finally have TopTV, I'm a bit disappointed. The only channels that seems to have the correct info on the schedule is...
  7. rpm

    Super 5 Media’s pay-TV and Internet plans

    Super 5 Media’s pay-TV and broadband plans Super 5 Media planning to launch pay-TV and broadband offerings from next month, rivaling TopTV and DStv
  8. rpm

    ODM TopTV Review

    TopTV Review A review of ODM's TopTV review by one of MyBroadband's members.
  9. AntiThesis

    TopTV Install Process guide - Read first

    Just thought I'd compile one of these so we can have a little clarity for folks :) Step 1 - Buying the stuff Buy your decoder from either Pep, House and Home or Game. At the moment (and until TopTV changes it) it's R499. In your box you should have: 1 x remote 2 x AAA batteries 1 x Decoder...
  10. rpm

    TopTV installation costs: Watch out for shady installers

    TopTV installation costs cleared up ODM clears up uncertainty regarding TopTV installation and all in one price of R499
  11. rph72

    TopTV & GlobeCast FTA on Sirius 4 Seems that the frequencies on the TopTV are locked. Can any one confirm this? I was really looking forward to getting access to BVN TV Europa via GlobeCast using the TopTV decoder. Any help...
  12. S

    All 50 000 available TopTV decoders SOLD OUT

    Click here ----> Am glad for them and yes am a subscriber :D happy happy:D "Elouise Kelly, chief marketing officer tells me ''this has absolutely shattered our wildest expectations. In just one day we've sold our entire month's supply of set top boxes"
  13. D

    top tv decoder question

    Hi there just bought my decoder for R499 at pep but now my question is this is suppose to have a voucher for installation. What does the voucher look like. i only got the decoder,manual and other connectors but no voucher. did they rip me off? Thanks Frank
  14. rpm

    TopTV channel and pricing details from ODM

    TopTV official channel and pricing details ODM confirms decoder, installation and channel pricing; Service available from Saturday at various outlets
  15. rph72

    TopTV decoder - GOT IT!!

    Went to my local Pep Stores during lunch and asked the store manager whether they had the decoders. Said they were ready for Saturday. I then asked whether I could buy one now & after a quick call they said yes. Paid R499 and walked out with the box and a number to call to arrange...
  16. rpm

    TopTV Channel Bouquet pricing and options

    TopTV Bouquet pricing and options Information emerges about TopTV’s seven different bouquet offerings and related pricing
  17. rpm

    TopTV installation, decoder, dish pricing revealed

    TopTV decoder and installation pricing revealed ODM is currently marketing its TopTV prices between R99 and R249, and its decoder and installation charges are equally competitive
  18. rpm

    TopTV starts its battle with MultiChoice DStv

    TopTV: We want choice! Top TV launches its battle against DStv with an advertising campaign promoting is affordable pay-TV packages launching on 1 May