1. Retro1337

    UPS advice needed.

    Hi, so recently ive been using this for my fibre setup for the passed 6 months but due to the constant loadshedding they battery has decided it couldnt take it anymore so i returned it and got my refund. Now im looking for a...
  2. Budza

    El-Cheapo UPS Battery replacement: Can I use Lithium (LiPo)?

    I've got one of these: The battery doesn't last more than 30min after 1yr of running ONT + WiFi Router (that's the only load it has). To replace that, I can buy another SLA battery, but couldn't I just drop in one of these...
  3. P

    Replacement batteries for Mecer 2000VA UPS

    I have a Mecer 2000VA UPS that needs to have batteries replaced What batteries does this take? Where can I get replacement batteries from?
  4. P

    Alternative software for Mecer UPS

    I currently have a Mecer 2000VA UPS that uses ViewPoint software which I have loaded on my microserver to monitor things ViewPoint makes use of Flash which is no longer supported from December 2019 I am told Can anyone recommend alternative software for this UPS to use as not sure when Flash...
  5. F

    Using inverter as UPS

    Good day I need some help in using my inverter as a ups please see attached image how I have connected the wiring to the 8 Pin replay DPDT. It's a mce jqx-10f relay I have wired the main power to 2 and 7 for the coil. I have bridge 7 and 8 Neutral from main and added the 12v negative wire from...
  6. L

    Looking for: USB to RJ-45 (cable)

    Never seen such a thing. But need one to make computer speak with UPS. Anyone seen one, know where to find one?
  7. S

    Router backup power

    Hello, first post so.... With Eskom sending us back to the primitive days, I want to get a UPS or backup battery thing for my fibre CPE box and router. I've got an "Asus RT-AC87U AC2400" router, and I'm not at all familiar with figuring what would work with this or not. My CPE is the Raycore...
  8. T

    [Sale] RCT 2000VA Line Interactive UPS

    Item name: RCT 2000VA Line Interactive UPS - 1200 W, LED display - SA Plug Socket Age and condition: 3 year - Great condition refreshed batteries last month Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: House is now on backup power Price: R1 000 Negotiable: Yes Location: Sandton...
  9. P

    Replacement battery for UPS

    I have an UPS whose battery has reached the end of its life Can I get a replacement battery for this anywhere at a reasonable price? Any suggestions? See attached photos of battery and UPS model
  10. RedViking

    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    This Thread is for the Mecer Inverter only. My personal opinion on the unit: Seeing that there are lots of question and in lots if threads, here is my review/input on the Mecer Inverter. Instead of reposting I'll just reference here. I'll add more info soon. This should give you an idea what...
  11. J

    Upgrading UPS with 2 X 18ah battery

    This is an overview of an upgrade to my RCT 2000VA UPS with 2 x 18ah batteries. *** Consult a qualified electrician to assist you with this sort of project due to shock and fire risks. Working with high voltages is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. I accept no liability for anyone following these steps. ***...
  12. P

    UPS powered through generator

    During power outages my home is hooked up to a small 6.5Kva generator. Which UPS system, available in South Africa, is best for running off a home generator? My current UPS keeps switching to backup mode due to the generators power fluctuations. Budget is an issue!
  13. F

    ViewPower 2.14 hibernate rather than shutdown

    Hi all, I have my PC set to restart when the power is restored. I am using RCT-2000VAS and Viewpower 2.14 I don't want to shutdown my PC but rather hibernate I have Windows 10 and I have enabled hibernation. if I run "shutdown /h /t 1" the PC hibernates as expected and if I 'restore' the...
  14. werfie

    Router Battery Backup

    Anyone using anyone of these two to backup ADSL router during power outages? If so, any feedback or other relatively cheap solutions? OR...
  15. C

    FTTH and small UPS

    HI All I'm in an area with lots of power outages. I'm looking for a small UPS that does not cost to much to power the 1.) Calix Fibre CPE, 2.) Mikrotik Router and 3). Apple Airport Extreme. I would prefer it if the above items could be powered for about 12 hours. The reason for this is so ghat...
  16. L

    Where to buy UPS online?

    RCT UPS toast. Looking at APC (to run an iMac, so small wattage is okay). Needed urgently (thanks Eskom). Recommendations for Cape Town area? Thanks in advance.
  17. U

    router battery (power bank) for Huawei b315

    Item: The back up battery which came with my Huawei B315 router. One user tested successfully on a B618. Manual says that battery lasts 2-3 hours but some forumites have reported better usage. see here and cr@zydude's feedback below. Age and condition: Immaculate - bought brand new end of...
  18. B

    UPS 6000VA or two 3000VA....which would be better?

    Hi Guys I'm struggling with a question hoping you guys could help me out. I wanna get a 6000VA UPS for my server but i want it too last as long as possible so i know it would be cheaper to buy two 3000VA UPS's than to buy one 6000VA but i want to know which will run the longest will it run...
  19. B

    RCT UPS install

    Hello Ya'll. I can not be the only one that is hating on RCT. I have been using RCT UPS for a while at home and served me great so far. So when a client said "I need a UPS", I answered "RCT". The brand is perfect, but I have never gone this far into a UPS install where I needed to consult the...
  20. J

    DIY Solar Setup for Domestic Home

    Hi All, I have looked through most of the posts here, and I cannot find this posted question, so please point out if this is a duplicate? Currently I have a huge UPS setup for my home working perfectly. This consists of: 8 x 12v 110ah Lead Crystal batteries 4 x 12v 70ah Lead Crystal...