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    Cell C Nokia USB modem alternative

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some Internet advice... When my Fibre goes down, or I go on holiday, I use a Nokia USB modem to connect to the internet with prepaid data from Cell C. It's super unreliable, and I'm looking for suggestions on an alternative. I don't want a contract because it's...
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    iBurst USB Modem falls apart (again)

    I thought I would post a photo of my second iBurst USB modem as a warning to others: The previous USB modem fell apart in exactly the same way, when I was on month 18 of my 2 year contract. It is also shown on my blog post about the subject. I can't understand how iBurst can only...
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    Use HSDPA modem for firefox and DSL for everything else.

    Hi, I have a USB modem from Cell C and a DSL account from Mweb. Both are connected to my PC at this time but I can only use one account. How is it possible to set my browser to use the Cell C? Please assist.
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    Vodacom E220 Usb Modem on Ubuntu 11.10

    I recently installed Ubuntu 11.10, and tried to connect my Vodacom 3G Usb modem up and just experienced total anguish. There seems to be something wrong in Oneiric, as the network manager or nm-applet does not register this modem. When I previously connected the same modem to other versions of...
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    iBurst HSDPA on Snow Leopard anyone?

    Dunno if something similar was posted before but can't find anything. Just moved to macbook pro with snow leopard and get the following after I install the software on the usb modem: "You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button until it turns off, then press the Power...
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    USB modem (re)configuration?

    Hi all, I was using one of those HUWAEI (e.g. MTN.) USB modems for quite a while and they aren't too bad but the contracts (as always) aren't very good. So, I was thinking since i cancelled my ontract with one of the servce providers (the yellow one) where i had originally purchased the...
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    Multiple HUAWEI E220 HSDPA modems on Ubuntu Jaunty

    Hi All, Can you please help me in my problem.. I have two (2) HUAWEI E220 HSDPA modems connected to my Ubuntu Jaunty computer. I have successfully brought up the connections using both wvdial and pon/poff commands. The problems is that I can't be able to load balance the distribution of...
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    *READ FIRST* Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency

    Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, Trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency Reporting Issues For reporting issues to Vodacom Support: 1) Call (082)155 (Free from a Vodacom SIM) 2) Mail Customer Care on 3) Read the FAQ in this forum. 4) Use the SelfHelp facility. 5)...
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    E250 internet: Error 692

    Hi, Im using a laptop, vista home premium, my samsung e250 and a usb data cable. About a month ago I went through the internet setup with a women at virgin, virgin being my provider. We finsihed the setup and I tried to connect, nothing happened and the women couldnt help me. Turns out...
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    frequent adhoc disconnects on SABC Auckland Park tower

    hi, is anyone else experiencing several 10- 20 adhoc disconnects from the network. any ideas on where my problem might be? modem ? router? using USB modem, router, directional aerial with line of sight to SABC building and excellent signal. thanks
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    iBurst and Linux setup

    When I got my iBurst I had no clue that this page had any info on getting iBurst set up on Linux, and a quick scan over what is so far on the site does not cover everything, so here I am going to write a full tutorial on how to use iBurst on Linux. Things you will need: * Computer (inc...