1. TruTeq Careers

    Technical Support Manager, Centurion

    This position has been filled - thank you. TruTeq Wireless is in the market for a technical support manager to run with a team of strong and capable technical support engineers. We are a private company that is based in Centurion (Gauteng) which specialises in the design, development and...
  2. TruTeq Careers

    Mid- to Senior-level Java Developer, Centurion

    TruTeq Wireless is in the market for a mid- to senior-level Java developer who knows their stuff in the telecommunication space. We are a private company that is based in Centurion (Gauteng) which specialises in the design, development and implementation of software solutions in the GSM, CDMA...
  3. Vander Host

    "processing abort" entering any USSD

    Hi @Cell_C On my Cell C prepaid mobile, when I enter any USSD, examples: *147# launch menu *101# check balance *111*082nnnnnnn# get my brother to call me *147*100# retrieve own number *133*1# manage subscriptions I get "Processing abort". It's a Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro and my number is...
  4. J

    Useful USSD codes to know in South Africa

    Useful USSD codes to know in South Africa South Africans have multiple options available when it comes to their smartphone account administration, but few are as powerful as simple USSD codes. Local mobile operators have their own dedicated applications, but in many cases these do not offer...
  5. M

    creating and implementing USSD system on networks

    Hi guys Im trying to find out how one would go about creating a USSD platform in terms of: 1) Coding and development - Language and what level of expertise it requires. 2) Hosting it on the major networks (Do the networks allow this sort of thing and where does one go about enquiring?) 3)...
  6. W

    Why do all USSD codes by South African Mobile Networks start with the number One?

    Why do all USSD codes by South African Mobile Networks start with the number One? On Cell C we use: *101# to view balances *102# for a prepaid recharge *147# for utilities menu *111# for please call me's …… On Vodacom : *111# for utilities menu *100# for balance enquires...
  7. C

    How2check balance on vodacom without having simcard in a phone/logging onto website

    Hi, I live in a townhouse complex that has an intercom at the gate which is used to call people if you press the unit number on the intercom. It takes a simcard which obviously requires airtime balance to be loaded in order to call the tenants. The frustration comes in when the airtime...
  8. S

    Sending USSD codes to MTN from PHP?

    Any ideas on how to do that please? I want to check balance and on confirmed PIN, transfer money from account to another. Or generally send USSD codes from PHP? I donno where to beging tho i heard XML RPC is what MTN uses? Any tips please?
  9. H

    Huawei E303s Unlocked USSD not working

    Hello every body, I have recently unlocked my Huawei E303s GSM Modem and i have installed Mobile Partner 21. I have tested USSD and SMS (Send and Receive) which work fine on the Mobile Partner, but when i tried to test USSD on Hyper Terminal with AT COMMANDS i got CME ERROR : 100, how coud i...
  10. P

    Huawei E303: Device not found

    I have just installed Mobile Partner, in the hope of using USSD commands on my E303 dongle. I need to convert CellC airtime to data, and have no phone available to swap the card out to. The web interface for the dongle still works fine, when I plug it in it opens a browser page, and when I go...
  11. M

    Use USSD to check a different SIM data balance - MTN

    Hi all. Does anyone know of a way to use USSD to check the data balance (prepaid) for a different SIM? (ie an MTN SIM in a GPRS datalogger in a remote location..) Any help will be appreciated ..
  12. I

    Need a bit help with MTN USSD

    Hi, I need to develop a USSD app with XML. I have no idea where to start. The documentation they sent me does not really tell you what to do. Anyone that used it before? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. N

    Complete USSD string for Cell C's #147 data conversion

    Hi To my amazement, my Nokia Lumia 610 doesn't support USSD sessions: As a result, I am unable to convert airtime...
  14. jes

    Vodacom USSD service numbers - Vodacom account information

    These are the Vodacom USSD service numbers to be dialled from your cellular handset. Vodacom USSD Services *100# Dial (Prepaid Only) Balance Enquiry (Balance displayed on handset) 100*01*Recharge PIN# Dial (Prepaid Only) Recharge of prepaid account (Account topped up with voucher value)...
  15. mercurial

    The hard-reset Galaxy S III exploit is already fixed, says Samsung

  16. S

    USSD Application and Gateway

    Hi there I am a newbie to USSD and i need to get a USSD app running. How do i get sample USSD Code, i been scouring the net with no luck. How do i get my app on a gateway or server or hosted? The code i need to generate is something simple - user authentication and registering a payment...
  17. S

    8-ta E173 on openSUSE with USSD setup

    Using 8-ta 10Gig, Huawei E173 modem on openSUSE 11.4 Modem setup was straightforward with Yast->Modem on /dev/ttyUSB0 I created a new provider called 8-ta: Phone number *99#, username 'guest', leave password blank Under 'how the interface should be set up' select Automatically tick "dial on...
  18. M

    USSD code *101# query on Cell C

    I have a query about the functionality of the Cell C ussd code *101# Before my number was ported I was assigned a number from Cell C and was able to send the USSD code *101# I would then see a pop up window on my phone with a message something like this “Your usage is R 0.00 .Your unpaid...
  19. R

    Dialing USSD numbers from TP-LINK MR3420

    I signed up for the 8ta 10GB deal and bought the TP-LINK MR3420 3G router. Only problem I have now is how do I check my data bundle usage? The USSD number to check your data bundle usage is *188#, but I could not find any option on the TP-LINK MR3420 to dial USSD numbers. Is there an 8ta...
  20. F

    USSD Development

    I'm developing an application that works over USSD. From what I've gathered, here's a simple worflow: [Modem/cellphone] -> [USSD/SMS gateway] -> [Application service (over http)] -> [USSD/SMS/gateway] -> Modem/cellphone I've already got a basic application running on my local webserver...