1. D

    VW Brake Discs

    How long do the Brake Discs last? I am having issues with my ones but it's just been 45000km .. I don't think brake discs should need a replacement after that long. Thought it would last around 90k to 100k?
  2. L

    Car wanted for around R75 000

    Anyone selling their second hand vehicle? looking to spend around 75k. Must be reliable. Need car for student.
  3. J

    Scrap/de-registering a car in another province?

    Hi Can an owner of a car (Licensed in the Eastern Cape) scrap it in another province (Gauteng)? I know you can't have vehicles licensed in multiple provinces, does that rule apply to scrapping/de-registering if you aren't the province the vehicle is registered in? Thanks Edit: You can only...
  4. P

    Duplicate Registration Papers from Overseas

    Hi guys If anyone can help me, I am trying to find out how to obtain the eNatis car registration document from overseas. Does anyone know the process? I am based in Sydney, and my vehicle is stuck in Johannesburg. I see that you can do it in the Western Cape - but no information is given for...
  5. I

    Vehicle Lockdown Specials:

    I haven't seen a thread about aggregating the latest specials for new / demo and used cars of late. I'm in the market to replace a car going out of motorplan in a couple months and have been browsing. I thought I'd list them here: Merc: Up to 3 months installments covered...
  6. N

    Entry Level Cars

    Hi! If you had to go the option of brand new, what entry level cars would be a good option? Also, any strong feelings on the manual vs automatic divide?
  7. M

    How long in advance can I pay for a vehicle license disk?

    Hi all, I have 3 vehicles that have license disks which expire in different months. Is it possible to make them to all expire in the same month? It is a big hassle going to the post office, where typically there are lengthy queues. I'd rather get it over with once a year. Otherwise can I pay...
  8. B

    VW Polo vs Hyundai i30. Which should I get?

    Hi all! I hope everyone's having a good Friday :) I made a post a while ago about more budget cars, but I've decided that I'd like to spend a bit more, and am trying to decide between two vehicles: VW Polo MK5 (6R) 1.6 Comfortline Auto Hyundai i30 1.6 GLS/Premium Auto They're both good...
  9. RedViking

    Ford South Africa issues third recall of Kuga vehicles

    "Ford Motor Company South Africa has issued another urgent safety recall of its Kuga vehicles. The recall comes after Ford discovered that the insulation surrounding the front seatbelt retractor’s pre-tensioner posed a fire risk in the event of a head-on collision. Ford says that activation of...
  10. D

    Rent-to-own vehicles for students?

    Hey guys, So the gist of it: I recently moved back to South Africa, therefore I had all of my belongings with me when I landed. Well as my luck would have it, within one hour of landing and packing my stuff onto a truck to go to my new apartment, I was robbed and beaten by 5 men armed with...
  11. RedViking

    Vehicle Rust Prevention

    I stay close to the coast. As you are aware most vehicles here start rusting at some point specially if they are not taken care off. What is the best way to prevent (or control) rust from happening and what are you using. • Rust Stop (RS-5) electronic equipment or similar. Does this...
  12. RedViking

    Advice on Buying Hyundai i20 1.6 2011 model

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a secondhand vehicle and might consider a Hyundai i20 1.6 2011 model, 100 000 km for 65K. I will only see the vehicle later this week, private buy, but would like to go prepared. (Kwazulu Natal). 1. Anyone with some advice on this vehicle and things I need to look out...
  13. N

    Documents required for buying a new car

    Why does the dealer need my proof of residence document when making the sale for a new car? Could someone please guide me on what documents are needed for this?
  14. B

    2014 Kia Rio 1.2 Hatchback - Better than a demo! [S]

    Item name: 2014 Kia Rio 1.2 Hatchback Age and condition: Private sale. Only ever driven by one careful owner instead of thousands of test drivers. Just like new, inside and outside – unbelievably excellent condition. Purchased brand new Oct 2014. Washed and polished personally by hand every...
  15. M

    Budget Cars with best resell value

    I am looking at buying a new car. I however cann spend more than 70K car cannot be older than 10 years. I would also like to know which cars have a good resell value. I was looking at these ones: 1. Hyundai i10 2. Kia Picanto 3. Toyota Yaris Which one of these would be the best?:)
  16. S

    Used Diesel Double Cab Bakkie or 4x4 Advice

    So as the family is getting more into hiking and camping our vehicle needs are changing. The little Getz isn't hacking it anymore. We're a family of four, 5 with the Sharpei. I had a pretty good deal lined up on a 2008 double cab,4x2 Hilux 3.0 Turbo diesel, but the seller is messing me...
  17. L

    Car warranty repairs taking too long??

    Has anyone ever taken their car for repairs under warranty? What was the time taken to fix/replace parts? What was the longest wait for repairs? What is the acceptable turnaround time to fix under warranty? BTW, I took my car almost two weeks ago to a dealer and they still say they are...
  18. W

    Audi A4 Avant stationwagon [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Excellent condition. Diesel. Excellent economy (5.7L / 100km specified, can go under 5.0 on long distances). Leather interior. Cruise Control. ESP. ABS. Front airbags, side airbags and 'sideguard' curtain airbags. 6-speed manual gearbox. Roof rack. Tow bar. Hands...
  19. R

    Figo Trend 2013 vs Figo Ambiente 2014

    Hi ... wonder if some can help me make a desicion ... I'm find it hard to make a choice between a Figo Trend 2013 for R103000 (all fees OTR etc included) and the Figo Ambiente 2014 for R106400 (all fees OTR etc included). The Trend has the extras (Aloh wheels, Elec front windows...
  20. gideonel

    Motor Vehicle Intervals

    Good day all I need to know if anyone knows the official kilometer service intervals. My Tazz's had a owners manual that had it stated so nicely. However I cannot look at this owners manual as the Tazz has been uplifted.... Thanks Gideon