1. K

    FTTH, Greenside, Johannesburg, Vumatel

    I could not find a thread on this, even tough it has been known that Vumatel will expand from Parkhurst outwards. Well today I got an email annoucing their rollout as well as an introduction letter from the residents' association...
  2. Jan

    Telkom FTTH launch areas: fully covered by March 2015, more detailed list

    First Telkom fibre to the home areas fully covered soon Telkom has confirmed that its initial FTTH rollout areas will soon be fully covered, and has provided a more detailed list of areas.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Fibre in SA: are we headed for monopolies?

    Fibre in SA: are we headed for regional monopolies? International technology websites are full of complaints about cable Internet providers in the United States, and one can’t help but wonder if South Africa is heading the same way
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom local loop unbundling stalling and FTTH: the bright side

    Telkom local loop unbundling stalling and FTTH: the silver lining Though local loop unbundling would have been great, Telkom’s stalling might end up being good for South Africa in the long term
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Parkhurst 1Gbps fibre-to-the-home speeds

    Parkhurst 1Gbps fibre-to-the-home speeds tested A managing member of one of the ISPs offering services in Parkhurst was among the first to receive a 1Gbps fibre line, and he sent us his speedtest
  6. Jan

    Vumatel fibre to the home for Parktown North

    More fibre to the home for Joburg suburbs Vumatel has confirmed plans to roll out fibre to Parktown North.
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    MWEB fibre-to-the-home prices revealed

    MWEB fibre-to-the-home prices announced MWEB has announced its fibre broadband prices, which are currently available to Parkhurst fibre-to-the-home customers
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom stops FTTH roll-out in Parkview, Parkhurst

    Telkom FTTH roll-out in Parkview, Parkhurst stopped Telkom has revealed that it has stopped its roll-out of fibre-to-the-home in Parkview and Parkhurst
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Web Africa fibre-to-the-home prices announced

    Web Africa fibre-to-the-home prices revealed Web Africa’s data prices for the Parkhurst FTTH initiative have been announced
  10. Jan

    Parkhurst Vumatel 1Gbps fibre network live

    Parkhurst Vumatel 1Gbps fibre goes live Homes in Parkhurst have started getting access to Vumatel’s fibre network.
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Fibre-to-the-home expansion planned for Joburg, Cape Town

    New fibre-to-the-home suburbs announced Vumatel is planning to deploy fibre-to-the-home networks in 42 suburbs in Cape Town and Johannesburg
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    What people pay for broadband

    What people pay for broadband Parkview has issued a request for proposals to connect it with home fibre services, revealing what its residents pay for broadband, and what they are willing to pay
  13. jes

    Parkhurst fibre to the home - why Vumatel?

    Parkhurst fibre to the home: why Vumatel won Offering free 4Mbps access, running an open access network and building a sustainable network is behind Vumatel’s successful FTTH bid
  14. jes

    1Gbps fibre access from R1,299

    1Gbps fibre access from R1,299 New fibre to the home project in South Africa will offer speeds of between 4Mbps and 1Gbps, with aggressive access and data prices