1. S

    How to get Web Design clients on a monthly retainer?

    Hi. So I'm a bit new to the whole Web Design/Development business, and have done quite a few projects on a once-off basis. I come from a .Net software development background. I would now like to get clients on a monthly-retainer / contract type of arrangement, as I've heard that this is the way...
  2. jes

    Most common scams on the web

    Most common scams on the web Being able to identify scams on the Internet is the best defense against them
  3. C

    WEB Proxy Which is best?

    Hi What is the best web proxy to use? Running on a MS Server not Linux :( unfortunately my bossman does not want to use linux... so any ideas?
  4. Z

    Video Streaming Services

    Hi All, I am a web developer for a non-profit organization called Nakhlistan. They cook for food for those less fortunate and distribute also. One night a year they cook from sunset to sunrise and I keep the folks updated via the Nakhlistan website with photos of the event as its...
  5. G

    web server

    Hi how to run a web server from my home PC that would support php + a my sql database I am using windows 7 64 bit I am a real noob when it comes to stuff like this any help would be appreciated . . . just for playing around ;)
  6. C

    Slavehack - web based hacker game.

    Thought I'd post this in here as some people might want to play it. It's nogal nice and you get to hack other peoples VPC's and not just some NPCs :D You have to distribute spam and warez or hack bank accounts to earn cash to buy CPUs, Net Connections, Hard Drives and External Drives (...
  7. M


    Anyone seen this? Looks damn good for the price. Anybody using their services? http://www.pulsehostings.com/?lang=en&action=webhosting&submenu=1
  8. J

    Web usability

    Does anyone know of any local (South African) courses or resources available for web usability? I managed to find some international seminars, etc, but don't think that I will be that lucky to attend any of them.
  9. G

    Cheap Webhosting - Anyone?

    I'm looking for cheap webhosting plans, that should contain: Space: +- 100mb php: yes mysql: yes (a small DB like 5mb will be fine) domain: .com domain (like: mydomain.com) email: at least 1 email address with my domain (info@mydomain.com) ftp: yes popups: NO!!! Can anyone suggest a...
  10. M

    Who's using RSS Feeds?

    Most people I know still give a blank stare when mentioning RSS feeds, but for those in the know, it's a vital means to attain information. Personally, Google Reader has been the most evolutionary means for me to keep tabs of websites and blogs that interest me. What's your thoughts? To...
  11. G

    Who offers free local web hosting?

    Are there any local web hosts willing to offer free linux hosting with PHP and MYSQL? I have a couple of sites that I would like to host locally, but the prices are still too high for me. I am willing to place a small button or banner on every page on each of my sites in exchange for free local...
  12. E

    Web based jukebox software

    Hi there, I am looking for web based jukebox software for my office. I would like one that has some sort of a democracy or gives each user a certain amount of credits. So far LanP3 seems the closest to what I am looking for, but it is far to buggy. I have also looked at Exit66 which is pretty...
  13. R

    Captcha is broken - now what?

    http://www.theage.com.au/cgi-bin/common/popupPrintArticle.pl?path=/articles/2008/08/30/1219516773778.html While not necessarily "broken", it is certainly not as effective as it first was. What measures do you take to stop spammers on your web site?
  14. T

    Decent Freeware or Open Source software for web design? Must be non technical.

    A friend of mine is setting up a business website, but needs some free or open source web design s/w, must be allowed to use for a business site obviously. He needs to build the site off-line and then upload it later. So far he's tried Komposer, and it's not really gelling well with him...
  15. mh348

    http post/get to web services / xml

    Is it possible to post/get from a Web Services (xml) page? I don't really know how this works, but I'm trying to get my SpeedServices Tracking to work. SpeedServices recently upgraded their website and removed their old tracking page and that has caused a problem with tracking. I have a...