1. C

    Entry Level Web Developer – Cape Town (Northern Suburbs)

    We are a young, fast growing start-up providing services to the ISP market looking to fill a Entry Level/Junior Web Developer position. You should be quick learner looking to grow your skillset and enhance your abilities. Requirements: • Be Quick Learner • All the legal requirements • Some...
  2. W

    Temp Vacancy: Junior HTML 5 Front End / Web Application Developer

    Whizz Mobile is a software development company that focuses on mobile applications & related products. Our development team consists of a number of software developers. We currently have an opening for a junior web developer for a one to three month contract with the possibility of a longer term...
  3. S

    Best Virtual Fax Service available in RSA?

    I've given up hope on Telkom ever having a stable network, blowing our fax machines through surges, and need to find alternative solutions for our faxing needs. We've already switched to VoIP for our telephone needs. I require a virtual / online / email / software based complete faxing...
  4. M

    Cache solution for WISP

    Hello, guys. I am looking for a caching solution for ISPs / WISPs and found a software called Microcache ... I saw that they have a forum (forum.microcache.net) and reading the explanation from one of their technicians, seems to be a serious company. Even better, they have a free trial...
  5. T

    Senior PHP Backend Web Developer

    Senior PHP Software Engineer / Mobile Cloud Applications Details Full time role Fast-paced, exciting, start-up environment! R50k – R70k per month depending on skill-set and experience Flexible working conditions outside of core hours Cape Town CBD location Starting Mar/Apr 2014 Who is biNu? We...
  6. O

    Web Developer Durban

    We're looking for a user experience fundi to design and develop our marketing sites and build the interface of our flagship software. You'll have full creative control over our product branding and you'll play a crucial role in designing the user experience for our software. This is an...
  7. V

    Java Web Framework

    Hi Guys I need some advise on a Java web development framework. Currently our company is using PHP for development, but we want to move away from PHP for various reasons. One of the problems we want to address is the slow roll out of websites/changes, since the development team has to...
  8. B

    Web Based Graphs and Heatmaps

    Hi all, I have this Excel "tool" that we use at work which basically in it simplest form, have cells with values and its represented in pie charts and a heatmap for management. Now, I want to make this tool/application look more modern/professional by porting to a web-based format. I...
  9. N

    How to get a web presence for your business in 15 minutes

    In about 15 minutes you can have a great web presence for your bussiness (even if you do have a dedicated site). The advantages of the Google Plus Bussiness Page are many People can find you on Google (search) Your contact details, bussiness hours, location information will be in one...
  10. NeonNinja

    Need website created

    Hi guys. Need to create a website for my uncles friend. He has a started a funding trust/company. So I bought the domain with domaincheap, so everything - hosting / bandwidth is covered and is sufficient. The site will probably have the "normal" stuff. some text and images. I'm not that...
  11. QuintonB

    Some of the Internet's big "firsts"

    Big moments of Internet history A look back at who was the first to mark their territory in the online space
  12. W

    WA lets you manage your line?

    Hey guys Just saw this post on WebAfrica forums. http://forums.webafrica.co.za/showthread.php/8386-Exciting-announcement-NEW-Line-Management-Tool-for-Web-Africa-Customers Has anyone else used this new tool? From what they saying you are able to manage your own line?
  13. jes

    China's 'web commentators' spin Beijing's message

    China's 'web commentators' spin Beijing's message China, which employs an army of censors to police the Internet, has also deployed legions of "web commentators" to get the government's message out -- in a crafty but effective way.
  14. jes

    Web claims 25 percent of UK ad spend: report

    Web claims 25 percent of UK ad spend: report The World Wide Web secured 25 percent of UK ad spend in 2010
  15. jes

    Opera Dragonfly web debugger public beta

    Opera Dragonfly web debugger public beta A beta of Opera's new Dragonfly developer tools launched today
  16. jes

    Creator of China's web curbs admits to circumventing them

    Creator of China's web curbs admits to circumventing them The architect of China's vast Internet censorship system has admitted using software to circumvent the controls -- but only to probe just how secure his widely-criticised creation is.
  17. LazyLion

    Please use another browser if you want to take our Web Programming Course!

    http://www.cs.washington.edu/education/courses/cse190m/10su/ie.shtml Figures a lecturer in Web Programming would tell you not to use IE! :D
  18. B

    I am looking for a freelance designer

    Hi guys, I am looking for a designer, possible freelance. If any one is interested, please give me a call 0827456082.
  19. SupaMonkey

    Reporting SPAM

    I was just curious - how many of you out there report SPAM? I mean, I understand not reporting "spoofed spam"/viagra spam, etc. But how about local (and international) spam. It annoys the crap out of me and I receive tons of it - but I take the time out to report it to www.spamcop.net in...
  20. S

    How to get Web Design clients on a monthly retainer?

    Hi. So I'm a bit new to the whole Web Design/Development business, and have done quite a few projects on a once-off basis. I come from a .Net software development background. I would now like to get clients on a monthly-retainer / contract type of arrangement, as I've heard that this is the way...