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    Free Website Design and Development

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  2. Kevin Lancaster

    The most exclusive website in the world

    The most exclusive website in the world A website that is so exclusive it only lets one person in at a time.
  3. R

    E-Commerce Site

    Hi myBBers A quick question. I'm a freelance web developer. I have a start up that I'm creating, and looking to order a hosting account to link to shopify. How many mySQL databases does a startup e-commerce site need? Thanks in advance :).
  4. E

    Best way to create Xxml sitemap

    Please i need help if anyone can tell me how to create a good sitemap for my website because my website is a custom php script which doesn't have sitemap. The main problem is that i tried creating sitemp using free online tools but the sitemap is not working well, it generate but members name...
  5. R

    Serif WebPlus X7 / X8

    Hey guys, Has anyone had any experience using this software, I see X8 came out this week and am not so pleased to see the limited amount of changes. Has anyone designed a website using this software, what are your thoughts. Official Link:
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Get your Banting diet going, online

    Get your Banting diet going, online The Beginner Banting course will provide participants with all the knowledge, tools and motivation to successfully adopt and maintain the Banting lifestyle
  7. C

    Social Web Development Team

    I am looking for the team that will build websites around South Africa, those websites will focus on ads and registration T&C’s for business profits. I was told to get a team that I can work with to make this a successful business plan. I am looking for people with web development skills...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Websites reach 1 billion mark

    Websites reach 1 billion mark The number of websites has burst above one billion and is growing apace, according to figures updated in real time Tuesday by online tracker Internet Live Stats
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Cannibalism website killer to face the music

    Cannibalism website killer in court The trial of a German police officer accused of murdering a willing victim he met on a website for cannibalism fetishists starts on Friday in the eastern city of Dresden
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Local IT guy hijacks client's website

    IT guy hijacks website, blackmails client in SA An IT specialist was fined R6000 or six months in jail by a Cape Town court on Thursday, 31 July 2014, for trying to extort a client who swore at him
  11. T

    How much for a website?

    Hi, How much does it cost for someone to do a website for you? Any good/bad experiences?
  12. A

    Local streaming music site

    Hey Guys I know some get upset when advertising... Im sorry :D I've started a website where you can listen to music for free. It mostly contains at this point EDM stuff so if you guys like H20, Ultra and tomorrowland etc... you will enjoy the content for now its just this content till we can...
  13. NeonNinja

    How do I trace?

    How do I keep tabs of which websites my sim card visits?
  14. D

    How to secure a unix-based website.

    Guys I'm going to play around with domain I bought. It will be my very first website and I'm going to use wordpress. So are there any tips to prevent my website from getting hacked. I know most of these hackers attack your database to get into you website but besides a really strong password. Is...
  15. F

    e-toll Website

    I know its not good news to here of someone with an eTag but using the website is absolutely shocking. It is so so slow to the point that it feels like it is hanging. It has been getting progressively worse over the past week and I can browse all other sites no problem. Is it just me or...
  16. L

    How can i see other webpages' statistics?

    Was basically wondering how certain websites fared in terms of traffic (eg. a SA news site vs UK news site, etc) . So there are actually a few tools I found this : 10 Little-Known Ways to See How Much Traffic a Website Gets Cheers
  17. P

    Finding a builder - Website Advice

    Hi all, I was hoping I could get some advice on a website I have developed and kind of forgotten about. It almost ready for people to start using and for me to do some advertising for the site. I just wanted to get some opinions on the site and what the best way would be to find more...
  18. M


    Original article taken from ------------------------------------------------ SANRAL E-TOLL WEBSITE VULNERABILITY ------------------------------------------------ By Moe1 ------------------------------------------------ SECURITY ADVISORY...
  19. NeonNinja

    Esquire VRN Christmas website package deal

    No sure if it's worth it? Maybe for business starters, and those who need professional online presence. What I'm confused about is number 5: "2GB free data usage on the site." Is this the traffic, then after 2GB exceeded you're charged? Tad pricey for me. Source: email.
  20. jes

    MTN website woes: response

    MTN website woes: response MTN SA has responded to complaints from users about its new website