wireless access

  1. P

    Samsung smart TV cannot connect to wifi

    My Dad has a new Samsung Series 7 smart TV He has an Unifi UAP AC-LR wireless access point When he tries to add the WiFi access point as a network connection on the TV, it fails to connect with error "wireless network disconnected" He is able to connect to the TPLink wireless router without a...
  2. V

    Strangest WiFi connection failure

    So, the modem is in one room with an ethernet cable connecting the garden cottage. When connecting the ethernet cable directly to a device (Xbox, laptop etc...) it gets internet connection. When however connecting an access point and then wirelessly connecting to the access point there is...
  3. J

    Caught afrihost stealing data!!

    Hi Everyone, As a fist time poster, apologies if this is in the incorrect section. After signing up to afrihost mid April 2018. I have still not received access, after they have taken the money from my account (starting the day I signed, long before I received the router). I have still...
  4. M

    Home Network Installers

    Hey everyone, I am installing FTTH 100/100 through Vumatel at my home. I am looking for installers to install a home network. Someone who can also possibly advise as to how to achieve the best speeds and who also has experience in setting up a media system :-) Below is what I need ...
  5. D

    Wireless Broadband In East London

    Hi there Does anyone use Wireless Broadband in East London and have and recommendations or experiences with any companies? With all the Cable being stolen and mobile data costing to much I really need internet for downloading and gaming. Thanks for the help
  6. G

    Wireless required

    Hi ladies/ gents I live in Oude Westhof, long storie short, I do not have ADSL infrastructure in our complex. I really want to get online to do some gaming as I have previously done in when I stayed in Somerset West. I have a Nanostation 5Ghz, so if anyone has a 5Ghz signal that can...
  7. K

    Home network setup help

    I need help please! I have VERY limited knowledge on networks. I have the following setup: In the study I have a "Routerboard" non wi-fi router supplied by Smartvillage which provides my internet connection. I have connected an oldish telkom router into that to supply wifi in the study and...
  8. B

    Muizenburg Conectivity

    I am moving to Muizenburg to a house that has no phone line (I'm renting it) - I need to get a form of uncapped wireless connectivity. Does IBurst have coverage? If not is there any alternatives confirmed as tried and test for a wimix / wireless in this area?
  9. under_sky

    Need wireless internet or alternative in midrand as there are no telkom lines

    Hi i am currently with iBurst and their service is terrible, i have a 40GB capped wireless product with them and i am lucky to download at 20KBps or even try play any game online without horrific lag, my mom uses this interent for her company and is always complaining about the speed and wishes...
  10. B

    Extended Home Wifi Network

    Hi there, Not sure if someone else has asked this question, but anyway... I want to extend my house's wifi to cover an area of up to a 200m around it or even further if my bandwidth-craze gets the better of me. The reason for this is that I don't want to pay x-amount every month for a...
  11. D

    Enterprise Wifi/Ceiling AP/Range Extender Question

    Hi MyBB's At work, we're looking to increase the wifi connectivity (or make it better, its basically non existent) by adding some Wireless AP's, or an enterprise wifi option. At the moment we have 2 wireless ap's, dlinks, plugged in at 2 points which dont work too good because people...
  12. jes

    Neotel partners with wireless providers to increase broadband access

    Neotel partners with wireless providers to increase broadband access Neotel and the Wireless Access Providers’ Association of SA partner to bring broadband access to South Africans
  13. H

    Wireless Access Point device advice

    Like a fool I managed to pull off my D-Link 2640u wireless ADSL router's antenna (I thought it might have an RP connector). Needless to say, the router no longer transmits a wireless signal with any strength to speak of. Instead of buying a new wireless router I thought of getting a wireless...