1. T

    Need help! Pulling my hair out! >_<

    Hi there all... I'm here because quite frankly I'm at my wits end and have no idea what to do anymore... I'm also here, in the WoW section specifically, because that is obviously the main heartache I'm having because of my internet woes. I'm hoping maybe someone who has had a similar experience...
  2. ControlAltDelete

    [CATACLYSM] Bandwidth usage

    ok so i know a huge amount of people in SA plays WoW whether it'd be Eu or Us... You probably wonder at times how much bandwidth does my long hours of play time take... So this is the info i gathered from my own personal wow account playtime, so i have an account just for my world of...
  3. funkmail

    WoW Ports

    Ports used by World of Warcraft * TCP 1119 - Login for accounts, connecting to and playing on World of Warcraft realms * TCP 3724 - Connecting to and playing on World of Warcraft realms as well as the Blizzard Downloader * TCP 6881-6999 - The Blizzard Downloader...
  4. C

    dragonflight? WTF?

    What is the dragonflights role in WoW?, I saw the cinematic today, were Bovard gets killed at the wrath gate by the forsaken, then randomly these dragons arrive and burn the living shizzzz out of everyone and then just flees into the sunset... :confused::confused::confused:
  5. ControlAltDelete

    how do i connect wow via proxy?

    i have this proxy its an HTTP proxy and i checked it withProxifier and its working fine, but when i launch apps with it that i have created thhe rules all it does it say the the app couldnt connect example: 21:10] ACBSP.exe - open [21:10] ACBSP.exe - close, 177...
  6. Y

    Need Full WoW Cataclysm Client in PTA

    [deleted] [deleted]l
  7. funkmail

    WoW & MWEB

    Is anyone else having DC's when logging on the the WoW servers today, I get in game for about 1 min then get DC'd my latency on local in international is perfect no loss no choke and stable. But still suffering with DC's. Please if anyone has any idea's I have done all the usual tricks to try...
  8. A

    WoW Patches and Updates in SA

    Hi Guys As u all know some of us are on a capped internet service and while i was trying to install WoW it needed to d/l a huge patch which is like way more than my entire cap. Are there any places in Pretoria where I can get these patches from, wud like to play the game but jeez those d/l...
  9. TofuMofu

    BG Leveling

    I decided to roll a Wargen Rogue (actually changed my lvl 25 Gnome Rogue to a Worgen :p ) and use him for PvP mostly. I then realized how much XP you get from winning (yes winning...losing is pointless waste of time :p) Battle Grounds! It is completely a viable way of leveling and so much fun...
  10. ControlAltDelete

    How to update wow with a proxy?

    I have wow and i bought the cataclysm game and installed it, now i see i have to download around 7-13gb extra, is their anyway i can use a proxy to update the game or anywere else i can find it, because i hit my cap just by downloading those patches and its not even half way through
  11. ControlAltDelete

    what guild and what realm?

    I plan on wow EU, currently on Marodin or something like that, i am looking for a guild to join and some guidance on which server should i play on. Ofcoz the guild must be south african..
  12. ControlAltDelete

    World of Wacraft Guild Promotion System

    Hey everyone, i realy need to know a guild promotion system for my guild, this is very difficult to ponder about... Guild Promotion system example: 5 deposits into guild bank for the day/week/month and you get a promo... We have 10 ranks.. If anyone knows a good promotion system please post...
  13. B

    World of Warcraft best ping- what to do?

    hi guys i have 3 people at my house and we play wow every day. we share a 4meg adsl line. what is the best (not cheapest) package to go for to get the best pings to wow-eu. do those smartping/lowping services actually work? also, we need a cheap, unshaped account to do all the patches...
  14. R

    Characters ready for raiding?

    Hi All Since before I had battleping, I only ever got a ping of about 700ms, which I reckon would not have been quick enough to do the bigger 10 man or even 25 man raids (so I never bothered to do any of them). Since we moved, and battleping has shown up, I get around 250 - 300ms ping...
  15. F

    Best ISP for wow?

    atm i am using mwebs 4mb uncapped service ,i normally have around 500ms ping and get disconnected from wow every 20 min :( (I play on a eu server) because of this i am considering changing to another service provider ,please could someone give some suggestions on what isp is "best" for wow and...
  16. L

    Name suggestions for a goblin Spriest?

    Anyone got any cool name suggestions for a goblin shadow priest come cataclysm? I google'd some, but they generally suck. And btw, for all you Spriests out there, here is another super cool ability we are getting in cata, although theory crafters still need to determine the dmg...
  17. F

    WOW Prepaid Game Cards

    Hey guy, what is the going prices on a 2 month Prepaid Game Card on wow?? Is R270 Cheap?:confused:
  18. C

    SA Guilds 2010

    Compiled list of active SA Guilds as of Feb 2010 EU Realms Argent Dawn - EU - PVE: The Emerald Dream (Casual Raiding Guild) - Alliance Bladefist - EU: Tenacity (Social Raiding Guild) - Alliance Burning Blade - EU - PVP: Bosvark Bende (Casual 10-25m Raiding Guild) - Horde...
  19. C

    SA Guilds - 2010

    I've been curious for a while about just how many SA guilds are still active these days. shows a number of guilds, but unfortunately it's not updated all that regularly and i doubt people will stop to think about notifying the admins if their guild closed down. A list could...
  20. F

    World of Warcraft Priest Tips

    Any Tips/Info that i can use for starting a priest on World of Warcraft...?