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Apr 16, 2019
Posted this ad:

Within 24 hrs had 2 scammers contact me, thanks to this forum I was able to identify them, much appreciated!

Scammer 1:

Communication is via whatsapp (his number: +27 64 742 4527). Says his name is Jacob Nkosi. His story is he is busy with work and will send someone to pick the item up after he does an instant EFT. He seems all to happy to trust me with the money before he picks up the item, which I consider suspicious, he even offers to send me his ID. He claims to do the transfer, I get an SMS (from +2187050063315443) which looks like it is from Standard bank. How do they get the long cell phone number like that I wonder? it makes the SMS look official. Checked my bank account but nothing reflects. Poor taxify driver is on a cash trip waiting outside my house to pick up the item. He calls me to tell me to give the laptop to the driver, I tell him the money is not in my account. He starts getting angry/rude on the phone, I tell him to "**** OFF". Taxify driver's trip is cancelled, and the drivers time wasted and got nothing out of it. Basically this guy just wanted to leverage the SMS confirmation and rush me into handing over the laptop to the taxify driver.

Scammer 2:

SMS to start, then email on with conversation as follows:

Fri, Nov 22, 11:59 AM
Hi Carl, You are second in line for the laptop. The person I'm dealing with now says they will pay/collect today, if they do not, would you like me to contact you?

Carl Fourie
Fri, Nov 22, 12:26 PM
Where are you located and your final asking price?

Fri, Nov 22, 12:59 PM
Cape Town, Fish Hoek. The price is R5400.

Carl Fourie
Fri, Nov 22, 1:00 PM
OK,am interested for the item but i want it for my Nephew in Sunnydale,can you assure me it works fine and send me some pics? I can make it R5,800 including postage fee via Postnet home deliver. get back to me asap

Fri, Nov 22, 12:49 PM
how will you pay?

Carl Fourie
Fri, Nov 22, 2:51 PM you have payfast acct?

Fri, Nov 22, 12:52 PM
cash or instant EFT is the only options...

Carl Fourie
Fri, Nov 22, 2:54 PM (9 hours ago)
I would love to do so but due to my work as a marine engineer am not chanced at all bear with me,dont get it wrong they will credit your acct as soon as i made the payment......i only have access to my payfast

Fri, Nov 22, 3:01 PM (9 hours ago)
cash or instant EFT only

no replies after that. I saw they are using the marine engineer story from another post somewhere, thanks again!

Hope this helps someone like it helped me!


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Dec 26, 2019
Rodney Fourie ( is still very much active on Gumtree. Same MO ... fake PayFast 'payment', he doesn't use a phone because he isn't allowed to at work (but he can email without any restrictions), doesn't have a bank account, delivery won't be to him but rather to 'Joseph' who is his nephew in Sunningdale.

The delivery address currently:
1 Forest Drive
Pearls of Fourways

He has zero email etiquette, is incontactable except for email address, has an email address called 'PayFast Service' with address of that he mans too. Was almost scammed out of R5400 for a Samsung phone but pulled the parcel at the last minute. I sent him a copy of the waybill and he still thinks it's on the way to him because he is still replying by email. He must be too lazy to go to the track and trace function to see where the parcel actually is. He keeps on telling me the money will be transferred to me when the package is delivered because PayFast is also tracking the package. I am acting frantic on email pretending to be stressing because I think he is a scammer and threatening to go to the police etc etc. He actually said I I contact the police because he will be able to explain himself better to them than to me, because I am 'not patient'. So the the scammer is being scammed.

He is clearly not English or Afrikaans speaking. The syntax in his emails is disturbingly poor. He is a lowlife scum and he must be getting away with some deals else he would change his MO. He clearly changes his email address often and changes up his delivery address too.

I wonder how he could be found? I wonder if he is the one signing for the deliveries he receives? He must be close by when the delivery is happening. A collaboration with a courier company would be great. I'm sure between us we could create a fake Guntree ad and scam him, then catch him red handed?