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Thread: How Clever are Telkom?

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    Default How Clever are Telkom?

    I Live in Craighall like right next to sandton and Hyde Park, most of you should know these are quite rich areas. from the time the adsl website apeared i checked that my line was compatible to get adsl.i was so pleased!. next thing august arrives i order on the day. 2 weeks later i get a call, "you failed comformance testing." i was like ok what does that mean, "You live 5.1km from your exchange and u need to be within 5km" so i said but 100 metres is nothing i dont care if i dont get a perfect 60kb d/l a second. "No sir the Regulations are in place and you werent with in the distance." may 2003 comes, COmputer faire time, nice time to speak to telkom at the adsl stand. I ask this lady, why can't i get adsl if i live in jhb's main CBD's? she replies, we did studys on all the main areas and your area didnt have enough people wanting adsl. i replied by saying when was this? and what evidence do u base this on, she says o we ran servueys - talk ****. great that was fine telkom just losing out on there biggest profit making area. i call telkom and ask them is there any possibility of me getting adsl? the lady replies, have you tested all your lines? so i got all of them tested, still no luck.. she says try again in 3 months we are expanding. 3 months later i call, no sorry you on a fibre optic and adsl is only supported on copper, your lines were upgraded awhile back and there is no hope of you getting adsl.

    ok great i can't get adsl until they build a exchange outside my door. now what? i cant afford 30k a month for a 512k line. i want a fast permanent line. telkom should allow for the use of other products for internet. why the F**** do we have to go through them if they offering a service which isnt provided for everyone. ok with telephones i understand but internet. my god my cousin in canada pays $30 pm for adsl and thats like not even R100 for them. cant we do something to change telkom or atleast do something?[8)]

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    Hi Stained

    Thanks for sharing your views.

    The purpose of this site is to try and change things. I am not certain how successful we will be, but this is a start. I think Telkom is simply too used to doing what they want and riding on the fact that they have a monopoly. After all, what can you do? We have grown used to pathetic service. We will never support any business with this kind of service if we had another alternative…




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