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Thread: 3G data problem

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    Thumbs down 3G data problem

    Hi. I'm on a standard Vodacom voice contract. I usually buy data bundles every month for use in checking emails, internet surfing etc.. This month I called 111, spoke to a consultant. I specifically ordered a MyMeg5 bundle for this month. To my horror, a MyGig5 was activated soon after.

    I called them back numerous times about this error, all I get is "We are trying to sort this out, and have logged a investigation etc."

    Today I get a call that this can only be rectified around the 3rd of August...

    Why the f%$! should i have to pay like R1000 this month for something I didn't order?

    If this isn't sorted out before this months billing, I'm canceling my contract and going to go with another Service Provider.

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    There are a number of ways to get support:

    1) Call (082)155
    2) Mail Customer Care on
    3) Read the FAQ in this forum.
    4) Use the SelfHelp facility.
    5) Search this forum, and chances are your question has been answered many times before.

    If you tried the above and still battle and feel you need to PM me, please include as much detail as possible, including.

    1) Your first name
    2) Your last name
    3) Contact tel. number
    4) E-mail address.
    5) Area you're in
    6) Physical address, if relevant
    7) Cell number under discussion
    8) Full description of the problem, including any info you already posted in the forum itself. There is no easy way to tie the info together and I cannot search the forum to try and link various posts together.
    8a) The APN you’re using
    8b) Contract type (pre-paid, contract, hybrid)
    8c) Bundle type & size
    9) Anything else you can think of, history, etc.

    1) Typically anything to do with broadband and the services around it.
    2) Billing queries
    3) Cell phones questions, etc.

    4) Network related issues

    P.s When asking for help please include the number that you are having a problem with

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    I've sent an email to customer support, thanks.

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    Ok, here's the update...A guy from Vodacom called me just about 5 minutes ago, and said that I will have to pay the extra R1000 ish amount this month. They have no way to sort this out until the 3rd of August...I mean, how hard is it to pull up my voice conversation where I clearly told the consultant my request for a MyMeg 5, instead he activated a MyGig5...

    Now i'm stuck with shelling out the extra grand or so, and they say that my account will be credited with that amount sometime in August. Very poor support...I'm really disappointed in Vodacom, for this was their fault entirely and now I have to waste money in bank charges and lost interest.

    I think after this month, I shall cancel my contract because of poor service, and put this up on a local site that deals with complaints.

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    for 3g, use prepaid.
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