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Thread: How to track ADSL usage?

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    Default How to track ADSL usage?

    Hi there.

    I friend of mine has joined Axxess after I have recommended it to him for his small business. According to Axxess' usage, they have used 5Gigs within 4 days. He doubted this big time.
    Yesterday he has bought an additional 3Gig which was used within 14hours, mostly uploads. How can this be possible?
    They have a network of about 5 computers. How can he trace which machine was the Gig-eater?


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    I use a program called Netlimiter. It can track usage across a network, and it's freeware.
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    Wrong section.

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    Vallis, thank you very much for the advise.


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    As long as the small business uses only windows computers, and all the computers are centrally controlled, solutions like NetLimiter are good. Any non-Windows computers would not be covered, and perhaps more importantly, if the end users have admin rights or are able to connect their own notebooks, solutions can be switched off or simply never installed. In those cases a central point of control is better, and ideally it would be integrated with a firewall like Smoothwall or IPcop.

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