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Thread: UNISA registration 2011

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    Default UNISA registration 2011

    i need to register to study BCOM commercial law with UNISA this year. how do i go about it and how much is it ?

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    You just missed this semester's close off date.
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    If you have applied at UNISA you might be able to do a late registration (will have to pay a fee I assume). If you haven't applied, don't bother - you are going to have to wait till next semester.

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    and at the moment its R1000 for a module

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    I tried - in vain - last year to make contact with any one in their economic and management department. Emails, telephone calls, etc were all a complete waste. I have no choice but to study part time and need to complete my B.Com. I am obliged to make a pilgrimage to one of their centres for assistance. Like Ninja'd Said, I think this application might be too late. Nothing stopping you from make preparations for the next semester.
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    i would like to register for commercial with UNISA second semester 2011 is it still possible

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    Yup.Wait till registration dates open..think March.
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