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Thread: iOS 5 - 20MB limit over 3G

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    Default iOS 5 - 20MB limit over 3G

    I've got an iPad and the biggest gripe I've had with it, is the 20MB limit over 3G when on the app store.

    This instantly means that a fair number of apps are unavailable - and most the games as they're over 20MB. The iPad simply says 'This is over 20MB - please sue wifi to download' which means that if I'm home, I jump on the wifi and use the same 3G anyway ... and if I'm out, I'm pretty much stuffed when downloading or updating.

    I've Google and most Apple users blame the networks - it's their fault and they can approach Apple etc etc

    I'm hoping Jannie will see this and reply to clarify if indeed it is Vodacom - or Apple themselves - or even some agreement between network operators as whole?

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    imo it is not local operators but US operators that caused Apple to include this function, if you want to get rid of it the only way i have heard is to JB

    edit: as far as i know you can't JB on Ipad 2 with iOS5

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    Yes, I found the same. The 20MB limit of downloads over 3G has been instituted, it seems, by the majority of US telecoms. It also looks as if it may be a thing implemented at Apple as well.

    I dont think it is the fault of local operators in any event.

    In order to download an app or anything more than 20MB from the iStore you need to do it over Wi-Fi.

    I have purchased a few apps over 20Mb.

    The easiest way is to log onto iTuns on your PC and buy it from there. Here I have downloaded it all to my PC and then Synced with the iPad.

    I now have a 20MB+ update for iBooks. I now want to see if I can do it via iTunes as well, as I cannot update it on my iPad.

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    what i am planning to buy sometime in the future is one of those 3g wifi dongles as i have the wifi only ipad 2, get one of those and your problems are solved

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3x! View Post
    what i am planning to buy sometime in the future is one of those 3g wifi dongles as i have the wifi only ipad 2, get one of those and your problems are solved
    Agreed, or alternatively if you have a cell with personal hotspot feature the same result can be achieved.

    But I think Dolbies issue here is more who is enforcing the limitation.

    I would imagine it's a limitation requested by the American service providers to limit damage on their uncapped accounts, written into the iOS and now impacting devices all over the world...
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    I have a 3g - wifi router that solves the problem. But yes, 20MB for apps is stupid when you can download 300MB+ ebooks via 3G.

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