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Thread: Afew Questions :

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    Default Afew Questions :


    I recently have completely given up on iBurst and am currently looking to install DSL. I just have a few questions :

    1. Is it possible to split a DSL account between 2 properties. My iBurst is set up so that i have an iBurst modem at Work and at home. I pay for 1 account (R689) for both the home and work combined. Is it possible to do this with DSL ?

    2. What would the setup costs me and are there any hidden costs i should know about?

    3. What ISP should i be looking at for a 3 gig shaped account ?

    Thanks alot for your time

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    1. No, you could have the same ISP username and password but you would still need to pay for you adsl line at home and adsl line at work. (Edit. if you want this why not try vodacom HSDPA.)

    2. Nothing if you take the self install which is easy.

    3. Telkom if you want the softcap, or pretty much any other will do just have to shop around.
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    So basically if i wanted say a 512 at my house, i would pay a the telkom line rate, and if i wanted one at the office, i would have to pay another telkom line fee?

    If so, thats a damn pitty. Thanks for the help

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    Ja thats how it goes, but not all ISP accounts have conncurent connections either, ask about that.

    The cheapest 3 Gig account would be cybersmart, but they only allow one connection so it wouldnt work on 2 ADSL lines at the same time.

    oh and have comparisons for all the packages, look there. I've gonna be joining Daev™ games :O

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    plz dont foget they charge you for 2 months on your first bill so make sure you have a little bit of cash to pay for that

    i can see another thread coming when u get your first bill *g*

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    Id say go for either openweb or Webafrica. But personally, openweb is better, as it has allot of products, and good prices too.Telkom is only good for the softcap.
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    Well basically i cant get ADSL if im having to pay for 2 Lines and 2 ISP accounts. Its not a viable. Guess im stuck on P2P blocked, slow browsing, troublesome iBurst. Oh wells



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