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    Fibre speed over LAN vs WiFi

    Thanks for responding guys. Both modems are set at 2.4ghz. If I'm not mistaken, both are b/g/n capable. I know the secondary one is 2.4 and 5 switchable. I'll look into the settings. Ideally I'm looking for 802.11n, it would seem.
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    Fibre line package upgrade turnaround time

    Hi Pariah What kind of speeds are you getting on you 100meg line. I'm with Mweb via Vumatel. I had a 50meg line. Running at pretty much 45 to 50 at any time. I've upgraded to a 100meg line, but I get 92 on LAN (which is fine) and about 60 on wifi (which sucks). Interested to know your speeds...
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    Fibre speed over LAN vs WiFi

    Greetings all. I'm hoping you clever people can help me understand my dilemma. The situation is as follows. I have fibre via Vumatel at home. I have a Zyxel fibre router in the lounge near the CPE device. I'm running a lan cable through the ceiling to the far end of the house where I have a TP...
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    What is the best mobile phone you have ever owned?

    Huawei P20 lite. I thought the LG G4 was excellent, until my affair with the Huawei began. Excellent battery, excellent camera. 4gig Ram, 64gig storage in a Lite version. Excellent. P30 lite is next on the cards.
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    How to check my PC processor

    ... without having to remove it from the board. Hope someone can assist. I bought a 2nd hand PC for a decent price. The item was advertised as a Haswell i-5 4670 @ 3.4 to 3.8 ghz When I check the computer details in windows (screen where the Windows Experience Index is shown), it tells me...
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    Mexican Kitchen - Cape Town

    Does anyone know if the Mexican Kitchen, just off Long Street, still exists? I've tried calling to make a reservation, but no luck. Telkom directory enquiries has their number as 021 4231541. When I call I get one of those, 'the number you have dialled does not exist' messages. I walked past...
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    Massive Hamburgers

    Busy watching a program on the Food Network about Burger joints in the USA. Some really nice looking burgers. Does anyone know of a place in Cape Town where really big burgers can be bought? Something like this :
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    Telkom Mobile Data Sim - help needed.

    Probably an easily solvable problem. I bought my son a Lenovo Tab for Christmas along with a TM data sim. I seem to imagine that the lady at the Telkom outlet gave me a piece of paper along with the sim. I have lost (or misplaced) this paper, which I think, would have contained the...
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    Craving Koeksisters

    Just woke up now from a late night out. Not really hungry, but I am seriously craving koeksisters (and coffee). These : Not these : I remember, growing up in Woodstock in the late 70's, there were 2 young muslim girls going from door to door selling them every Sunday morning out of...
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    Considering buying a laptop

    My PC is giving me intermittent problems. It is due to be upgraded / replaced. I usually do quite a bit of gaming, but lately I've been gaming on consoles. Taking this into consideration, I thought may be a good idea to get a laptop instead of another desktop. Are there any laptops in the...
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    1994 VW Microbus 2.5

    Does anyone know where that green heat protected pipe must go? The one end connects to the vacuum pump (I think thats what it is) in the centre of the pic. I can't trace where the other end goes. Thanks
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    Family viewing on DSTV - Channel 122

    I came home from work now. My 11 year old daughter is watching Big Bang Theory. As I walk into the lounge, I hear Leonard saying to Penny that he only watches some films with her so that they can have sex. Penny then said something about the two of them having sex. I quickly grabbed the...
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    Desktop PC - possible power saving problem

    Can anyone offer suggestions? Since yesterday my pc goes into power saving mode while I'm working on it. I've gone into windows (win 7 32bit) and disabled any form of power saver and screen saver. I could be watching Youtube or reading myBB posts (as happened earlier today) when my screen...
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    Ross Braun leaving Mercedes F1

    I wonder what he'll do now. Maybe he can hookup with Adrian Newey and start a new team or take over Caterham. We could then see them at the front of the grid for a change. In my opinion, Newey is the true champion of F1.
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    VW Microbus 2.5

    My wife and I each have family sedans. I've decided to purchase a 3rd vehicle - 1994 Microbus, merely for weekend getaways/beach trips, etc. The guy I'm buying it from doesn't have the owner manual. I've done some net searching hoping to find a downloadable version, but with no success. Does...