1. Daruk

    Acer notebook spares?

    Who can source Acer notebook spares in SA. I'm looking in particular for this part: It's an Acer Aspire 1410 2936 11.6" notebook and I need the upper cover...
  2. R

    PC Slow after graphics card installation

    I am working on a friends computer. it is a pre-built acer aspire sa90. Specs here : However this one has a Intel Pentium D, 3.6GHz, and 1gb of RAM. Now, i took off vista a few years ago & put XP on. my friend...
  3. jes

    Springbok Rugby tech to be sponsored by Acer

    Springbok Rugby tech to be sponsored by Acer Acer SA has been appointed as the new Springbok technology sponsor.
  4. jes

    10-inch Tablet PC pricing and features comparison – July 2011

    10-inch Tablet PC pricing and features comparison – July 2011 Android and iOS 10-inch tablet showdown between Apple, Samsung, Acer, and Asus
  5. jes

    Acer reveals Aspire x755 notebook series

    Acer reveals Aspire x755 notebook series Acer has announced two new notebook models, the 5755 and 4755, which are aimed at the portable multimedia space.
  6. S

    Where to repair Acer TravelMate LCD Backlight?

    At my company, we have an Acer Travelmate 5720 laptop, on which the LCD backlight is no longer working – the screen is almost completely black. If you look very close at the screen in a well-lit room, you’ll see that the LCD panel itself is working fine, you can see images, icons, windows, etc...
  7. jes

    SA tech brands: compliments and complaints

    SA tech brands: compliments and complaints HelloPeter’s statistics for the last year reveal which tech brands get the most compliments and complaints in South Africa
  8. G

    So I bought a new Laptop

    So I bought a new laptop. An Acer Aspire 5820TG for R6100. Brand new sealed in the box. What do you guys think? Value for money or just about average.
  9. L

    Acer service rip-off and Rectron Incompetence

    Having the misfortune of my dogs playing Frisbee with my vaio laptop and fetch with my Acer netbook I found myself in dire straits of requiring replacement screens and keyboard. First Rectron, they are just plain incompetent and subtract from the Sony name as being their service agents...
  10. M

    SAMSUNG 2010 WCG Trials

    With the Gauteng and Free State Provincial Championships now completed, the positions for the remaining berths at the 2010 WCG trials, as sponsored by SAMSUNG, are only open for players who qualify at the following provincial championships: ASUS 2010 MSSA Eastern Cape Championships to be...
  11. S

    Looking for Acer Travelmate 5730G or similar

    Hi.. I need quotes on the following laptop: Acer Travelmate 5730G-872G32Mn Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 (3MB L2 Cache, 2.5Ghz, 1066MHz FSB) 15.4" WXGA (CrystalBrite) display ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 up to 2048MB of HyperMemory (512MB Dedicated) 2GB (1*2048MB) DDR2 667 RAM 320GB HDD DVD-Super...
  12. B

    how do you convert linux to XP on an Acer Aspire One

    hi Can someone please advise me in puting xp on an acer aspire one? The installation bombs out all the time...:confused:Any suggestions?
  13. D

    Laptop trouble

    my Business laptop has being exstremely slow for the past few days with a CPU usage of 92%,it's a Acer model,the onboard touch mouse screen and onboard keyboard are also glitcy,the keyboard doesn't respond good,you have to press a key hard for 3 seconds before it responds and the onboard mouse...
  14. C

    Acer Drivers - Local Mirror?

    Anyone know if there is a local mirror for the drivers hosted on ? Besides the fact that the drivers I require come to about 900MB, the server keeps timing out. Hope someone knows of something! Thanks! EDIT: I am aware of the http downloads of the...
  15. rpm

    Acer's impressive One

    Acer's impressive One
  16. B

    Secondhand Laptop Question

    Hello MyBB, I have been offered the following laptop for R4,000: Acer TravelMate 8003Lmi 2 GHz Intel Centrino 1GB RAM 160GB HDD ATI Radeon 9700 128MB 15" Screen DVD Writer USB2 Ports Extra Battery Acer Carry-bag Is this a good offer? Should I go for it?. I am in the market...
  17. rpm

    Acer beats HP

    Acer beats HP
  18. rpm

    Acer Aspire One Review

    Acer Aspire One