1. Rickster

    Is this possible with afrihost mobile/air?

    @AfriMan Hi, I have a prepaid MTN SIM and i would like to know if i could use any of afrihosts offerings to be able to use their data via APN without having to get a SIM + wifi device. Thanks.
  2. S

    Connect to Telkom Mobile using built-in modem on Windows 10?

    Hi I have a laptop with a built-in HSPA modem and SIM card slot. It is running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (v. 1803). When the SIM card is inserted, Windows is able to detect the Telkom Mobile network in the network menu that opens from the system tray. It shows "TelkomSA (HSDPA)" and...
  3. T

    Rain APN Settings affect speeds?

    Im using Rain Mobile and Rain Fixed LTE (Afrihost). Our Fixed LTE is decent with speeds of 10-20mbps in Glentana(near George) but my mobile speed is very poor (0.2-1mbps). When I use rain as the apn on my phone speeds are very slow, but when i use internet as the apn the speeds almost increase...
  4. 0

    Is APN a feasible Idea?

    Hi all, So I work for a small company that provides Managed Services to about approx. 40 Clients. Each client getting a Forti Firewall, AP's and a LTE Link (Either as main or Back-up) Running through Vodacom Business. We are exploring the possibilty of an APN (Shared or Public, Which ever is...
  5. C

    Afrihost APN not working

    Hi I am trying to get some technical support from Afrihost with regards to the APN settings on my phone. I am unable to delete the existing MTN APNs on my phone, so I ended up just adding the "afrihost" APN. After numerous calls to Afrihost and some help, I am still unable to get this...
  6. R

    APN Disappeared?

    I should have figured out the following sequence of events sooner, but somehow didn't. I noticed on the ClientZone portal last week that I had about R140 airtime available. Then I got an SMS over the weekend saying my airtime was finished, after not making many calls, and shortly after my...
  7. S


    HEY any info on how to unrestrict my telkom apn for gaming? plssss let me know
  8. C

    How do i get hold of Vodacom via E-mail

    Hi does anyone have an e-mail address for Vodacom i can mail where they will actually come back to you?Phoning doesnt help because the call centre has no idea what im talking about. i have mailed just about every e-mail in the country and though everyone reads it nobody is able to assist me.I...
  9. P

    Vodacom Unrestricted APN

    Hi Guys... I'm hoping someone can help me, I have a customer that needs an unrestricted APN enabled on a sim card, We applied on Wednesday by sending the required paperwork. Yesterday tried testing it and saw it wasn't active, took me 2,5 hours of phones calls and eventually someone knew...
  10. K

    Telkom Intergrated Data Sim (IDS) - connects, but no routing :mad:

    Hi Guys, I have two newly obtained SIM's on my Softcap 40GB product. The lady at the Telkom store confirms that they are working.. but with either SIM, when I connect to the web (via windows 10 and HSDPA dongle) - it's says connected, no internet. I can confirm it's getting an IP...
  11. R

    MTN Sh@relink Y858 change APN to Afrihost

    Hi All My dad has an MTN Sh@relink Y858 (Based on the Alcatel One Touch Y858) WiFi Router. We've decided to move to an Afrihost account and I need to change the APN to the Afrihost APN from the MTN APN. I was able to add the Afrihost APN but it's not allowing me to change the active...
  12. P

    Telkom Mobile APN

    Yesterday I set up my Telkom Mobile LTE sim card in my own Huawei B315 router. It works perfectly, but I notice that the APN was automatically acquired and set to 8ta. The online structions say to use the APN TelkomInternet. I am reluctant to change it, since it is all up and running. My...
  13. B

    Afrihost APN not working?

    I changed my APN to afrihost as instructed on http://www.afrihost.com/landing/mobile/apn/? but i am unable to access the internet, afrihost mobile support wants me to test my sim in another device but I don't see why that would help as the mtn APN works fine
  14. V

    Does the MTN APN work on Afrihost SIM cards?

    I want to use MTN Frontrow with my Afrihost SIM card, would that be possible? I have tested using myMTN and internet as APN names, but I would not receive a data signal from MTN (just registers as an MTN SIM card, no data connection). Could it be that I have used the wrong APN, or is Afrihost...
  15. F

    Axxess APN: Extremely slow speeds this morning

    Does anybody else notice terribly slow speeds on Axxess APN's this morning. Battling to get to certain international sites and even my hosted servers at Hetzner. When I switch to mymtn APN everything seems fine.
  16. J

    Vodacom Unrestricted APN

    Hi All After many many phone calls to the Vodacom call centre and a visit to their customer care centre I am about ready to give up. We have been granted an unrestricted APN for the office connection so we can access the security cameras through an open port that would normally be closed...
  17. L

    Information on PS4/Xbox One - Getting NAT Type 3 down to NAT Type 2

    Hi guys, I don't know whether this information has been posted yet, but I thought since I have the info, I should share it with those who may need it and since I couldn't find good sources, I thought that this may help. This is for those of you that use mobile broadband connections to connect...
  18. K

    Bad signal since porting

    I ported from Prepaid Vodacom to contract 8ta (Telkom Mobile). My current phone is an Samsung Galaxy A5. (previous phone was an Samsung Galaxy S3). I have since have had signal problems since porting. My phone is mostly roaming now (on MTN). Other people who has 8ta/TM where i live dont have...
  19. S

    Alternative r206 software or firmware

    hey all, i was wondering if there was a way to use a windows app or to reflash the r206 to the huawei software to enable using profiles for the apn. I see the huawei software has a multi apn profile ability. is there any way to make the vodafone branded version do the same thing or has...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    Unlimited data SIM for R170 – Telkom stops the deal

    Unlimited data SIM for R170 – Telkom steps in Data Sim was preparing to launch a new “Telkom Mobile” unlimited data SIM for R169.99, but Telkom asked it to retract the service from the market