1. I

    Your Favourite Open Source Software?

    What are your favourite Free/Libre/Open Source applications or projects? Reply below and I will add anything I deem worthy to this post for quick reference (until I get bored, die or find someone better to do it :) ) EDIT: The list has has exceeded the character limit for a single post on this...
  2. M

    Online Tutoring app

    Hello Everyone Covid has brought many challenges to many sectors of South Africa and the rest of the world. We looked on as tough times fell upon us, many companies struggled and with no positive certainty in sight many felt the squeeze. We took it upon our selfs as a company to try and evolve...
  3. S

    UCT application help

    How do I know I have been accepted to UCT? My current application status is "We have your acceptance of our conditional offer". Does this mean that I am in or do I have to do submit something else, besides final results? Thanks in advance
  4. W

    Foodies Unite - New Web App

    Hi awesome mybb forum members, Some work friends and I have created a Web App centered around sharing meals. Any feedback/suggestions would be much appreciated :D. Click here for more about OpenSeat. The Application's main purpose is around people hosting meals at their house (or any venue) and...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    4 laws South African app developers must watch out for

    4 laws South African app developers must watch out for As more local developers rush to build applications, South African law takes a dim view on apps that play loose and fast with personal data.
  6. Espee

    Xamarin Mobile App Developer R35k - R60k pm -- Stellenbosch

    Mobile App Developer R35k - R60k pm -- Stellenbosch Position Description: Javus Software is a new small company with a vision to grow in the future. We are recruiting for 2x Mobile App Developers to work on exciting / challenging Apps Required Skills/Qualifications: 2-4 years of...
  7. S

    Looking for good (Web App + Software + Design) companies / individuals for business.

    Hi there, I'm searching for good companies or individuals that I can Contract work out to for: (Web/Desktop/Mobile) Development, Design, Support & Maintenance. If you know of a company or individual that is good in any of the above areas, please recommend. Qualifying companies / individuals...
  8. M

    Application for designing wood work schematics?

    I looking to start doing some home DIY projects. I'm looking for a simple, preferably free, program to help me design wood work schematics in 3D. For example I want to design a cat box/playhouse for the kitty cat. Thanks
  9. T

    Senior PHP Backend Web Developer

    Senior PHP Software Engineer / Mobile Cloud Applications Details Full time role Fast-paced, exciting, start-up environment! R50k – R70k per month depending on skill-set and experience Flexible working conditions outside of core hours Cape Town CBD location Starting Mar/Apr 2014 Who is biNu? We...
  10. D

    Senior Product Developer - Pretoria

    Microworks is a Pretoria-based software company that specialises in the automation and management of business processes of small-to-medium enterprises. We are a small dynamic team with a passion for innovation and excellence. As a Senior Developer at Microworks you'll be part of a team that...
  11. T

    Measuring Vox Yahclick usage

    Hi all, So, its unbelievable I know, but according to the Vox Customer Care centre they can't keep us notified of our data usage apart from sending us an unfiltered daily usage list which we'll need to drop into a spreadsheet and aggregate ourselves. Can anyone recommend a tool I could...
  12. MyDraadloos

    Vodacom Protect App

    I think you might have rolled out this product before having done sufficient testing. When registering app on phone you are asked to create a numeric PIN. Logging into the web that PIN won't work as the web login or registration requires an alphanumeric password. I had to figure out a work...
  13. LazyLion

    Concourt to Hear Eviction Application

    The Constitutional Court will hear an application on Thursday on the rights of land owners and their tenants. Farm owner Lawrence Juta originally approached the Stellenbosch Magistrate's Court to evict some members of his former domestic worker's family. Magrieta Hattingh continued staying...
  14. W

    My game, Target Word, is live in the Marketplace

    Hi, So I managed to publish my first app in the Windows Phone marketplace and would love it if every Windows Phone user here would give it a try. You don't have to buy it as the trial is fully functional, you just have to suffer through ads. The app is a simple anagram game made up of a 3x3...
  15. A

    Marketing for small medium business

    Marketing is essential for every business. But the cost of marketing should be as per the business turnover. MY SALES DIALER launched a dialer for android phones, which is same as call center power dialer It dials list of contacts automatically. Sends messages to the persons you want and reminds...
  16. J

    ATT. VODACOM: Do you want a Cell C client?

    Here is something for you Vodacom okes who troll this forum: I have been a Cell C client for 6 years and a Vodacom one for nearly 2yrs. My Cell C contract just ended and I want to port it to Vodacom. My first application was declined because of an accidental debit order reversal on my...
  17. seedat77

    Gmail App not working on Sony Ericsson

    For some reason the Gmail Java application suddenly stopped working on my wife's Sony Ericsson T700. I tried re-installing , but still the same. An error about some certificate comes up. Does anyone know how to sort this out, or where I can download the correct certificate?
  18. P

    What types of "Networking" CAD applications are there?HELP PLZ!

    Hi ppl. What types of "Networking" CAD applications are there to design networks and networking schematic diagrams with? I am looking at CADE at the moment and would like more options. Thanks
  19. M

    iPhone- Star6- Live Sample instrument My skepticism of iPhone aside, this new App looks pretty amazing. It's a sample based music instrument, where you can sequence samples in real time, while using the iPhone's accelerometer to change parameters. Neat hey! and its only about US$7...