1. M

    Looking for ongoing support with Elastix installations

    Hi, I am looking for recommendations on superstar techs/companies that can assist with Elastix support. We have 5 offices with Elastix running. 4 are in Cape Town and 1 is in Pretoria. We have site to site vpn between all sites. Each of the elastix instances is working fine without any real...
  2. S

    Senior Asterisk Engineer - JHB (Salary Neg - Up to 800k CTC depending on candidate)

    Minimum Requirements * Linux and Asterisk understanding is required. * The candidate must have a good understanding of the TCP/IP networking suite, and be familiar with IP routing protocols including SIP, IAX, RTP, H.323 as well as being familiar with the codecs used for encoding voice...
  3. K

    Job needed in Durban (network + VoIP engineer with 10yr XP)

    Hi guys, I'm urgently seeking employment in the Durban area. I'm a network + VoIP engineer with 10+ years overall in the IT support and telecommunications industries, both abroad and locally. I have my own reliable transport. I'd appreciate it if you could review my CV which can be viewed at...
  4. K

    (S) Digium 4x ISDN Card

    Item name (be very descriptive): Digium 4x ISDN Card with hardware echo cancellation for Asterisk PABX system; with ICASA label Age and condition: one used and one completely unused; both are about 4 or 5 years old the used one is still in use until 12th of February; works perfect. Do you...
  5. X

    VoIP help

    Hey guys I am in dire need of a friend or mentor that is willing to help me out with VoIP setup. I am currently running an Elastix server on VirtualBox, I can make calls to other extensions but I am struggling to make outbound calls. This is not the only problem I see myself running into...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Bringing the African Asterisk Community together

    Bringing the African Asterisk Community together The 2016 Asterisk Community Conference, to be held in Sandton on 16 and 17 February, will be the first Digium-endorsed conference of its kind in Africa.
  7. Segg

    A (maybe) strange asterisk issue

    Hello Everyone I've got a strange issue I'm having with a new Asterisk (FreePBX) build I'm working on, basically I've managed to sort out hangup detection from the Telkom PSTN, but if a caller hangs up after the IVR has transferred the call to an extension, the extension keeps ringing until...
  8. C

    Digium certified Asterisk Training - get dCAP certified

    Registration open! Asterisk Fast Start Johannesburg: 8-10 March 2017 Cape Town: 17-19 May 2017 Asterisk Fast Start is a three-day hands-on course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level Asterisk Administrator to be successful on the job. Using a...
  9. S

    Senior Asterisk Engineer - Teleforge

    Teleforge Senior VOIP engineer Main purpose of the Job The technical division in Johannesburg has a vacancy for a VOIP System Engineer that will be reporting to the Technical Manager and will perform day-to-day administration and management of the Linux based systems and VOIP platforms that...
  10. S

    Asterisk/Elastix Noob

    Hi All I've decided to try and score some brownie points with my boss, and told him we should move from the extremely expensive 3CX PBX to Asterisk/Elastix. I've done all the basic stuff, but now I seem stuck getting my trunks to work. We have a 2mb dedicated VOIP trunk to Vodacom, which...
  11. S

    Asterisk Engineer - Woodmead

    Switch Telecom is looking for an Asterisk Engineer to provision and configure VoIP solutions and provide high quality telephonic, remote and on site Networking & VoIP Support to existing and new clients. Position Details Location: Woodmead Contract: Permanent Offer: Negotiable -...
  12. J

    Asterisk with freePBX - hosted in SA for less than $4

    Asterisk with FreePBX - all my settings and steps I have been battling to get a cost effective and easy PBX for months now - I tried anything from a RaspberryPI, to an old workstation with CentOS 6.5. After a lot of reading and struggling I created this installation procedure and...
  13. C

    Digium Certified Asterisk Training in September 2014

    Clarotech Consulting is offering the following Asterisk Courses in the month of September: Asterisk Fast Start: 10-12 September Asterisk Advanced with dCAP certification: 15-19 September For more information on the courses, visit Clarotech is the Digium...
  14. S

    Asterisk Engineer

    Switch Telecom is looking for an Asterisk Engineer to provision and configure VoIP solutions and provide high quality telephonic, remote and on site Networking & VoIP Support to existing and new clients. Position Details Location: Woodmead Contract: Permanent Offer: Negotiable -...
  15. C

    Digium Asterisk Training in Cape Town

    Digium's Advanced Asterisk Training with dCAP is currently underway in Cape Town. For more information on future courses visit The following Digium certified courses are offered: Asterisk Fast Start and Advanced Asterisk with dCAP.
  16. S

    [How to fight against] Massive hacking attempts to hosted PBX

    Our hosted PBX's have been under attack the last week from Jordan. At one stage we were being hit by up to 5000 hack attempts per hour. This reach a tipping point where they almost managed to get through the last leg of our security measures. They were trying to phone a number in Togo non stop...
  17. S

    VoIP hacking all around! READ THIS AND APPLY

    A number of South African big business VoIP servers have been hacked recently and run up gigantic bills so I decided to share what we do to ensure VoIP does not get a reputation as insecure. Most of the companies that were hacked used ON SITE PBX which means you are not safe even if you have...
  18. mh348

    Looking for someone to Setup Elastix (Complete Setup)

    I'm looking for some to help me setup Elastix, I already have an old PC with a TDM800 (8 port) with 3 fxs and 1 fxo module. I originally planned on doing it my self and started about 2 years ago but couldn't get it working with my telkom line so I gave up and disconnected the box. I'm now trying...
  19. A

    DTMF tones not working

    Hi All We are running Elastix 2.3.0 32 bit and as of about 2 months ago we started having problems with the DTMF tones. Client phones in, digital receptionist picks up and says "Good Day you have reached Snowball Effect. Press 1 for technical, 2 for sales ..." etc. No matter what button is...
  20. T

    Asterisk support Cape Town

    Hi guys For about 2 years when we first got our Asterisk setup everything worked perfectly. Hardly ever had problems. Calls outgoing and incoming always worked etc. Then my boss got this idea from some friend of a friend to do an upgrade and change to Elastix. Since then we've only had...