1. Z

    Xiaomi MI Box Official Android TV Box CRAZY SALE!!!

    This special is crazy low. I have never seen it drop below $60. Normal price is $64.99 or so which makes this deal insane. For everybody who wants DSTV Now on a TV box, this is the best way and option. Xiaomi Mi Box NOW: $55.99. Coupon: Flash Sale (Starts at 18:00 on 15.06.2018) NOW: R728.00...
  2. Z

    What gadgets would you like to see more off?

    Hey everybody, We would like to know what gadgets everybody would like to see more of in SA? Please follow the format below for the category and item name. Category: (example: TV Box) Name: (example: Xiaomi MI Box) This will be used for future competitions, giveaways, coupons, etc. If...
  3. Rouxenator

    ZTE VDSL / ADSL Router (Wi-Fi, 4 LAN ports, USB) free courier delivery [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): ZTE ZXHN-H168N 4-port Wireless ADSL and VDSL Router with USB 2.0 port for NAS or 3G dongle (not included). New in box. Age and condition: 3 months old - never used Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes - still under warranty from Takealot. Reason for...
  4. E

    Engineers Create Real Life Transformer Out Of An Ordinary BMW

    Engineers Create Real Life Transformer Out Of An Ordinary BMW
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Awesome tech deals from Makro and Game - 16 September 2016

    Awesome tech deals from Makro and Game This week you can save money on tech products in Game’s Winner Deals, Dion Wired’s promotions, and Incredible Connection’s Trade In and Trade Up specials.
  6. copacetic

    Path of Exile - Launch of Atlas of Worlds and Essence League

    Atlas of Worlds and the new Essence league launch at around 10h00 tonight, just an FYI. It looks like a good one, please join us! We have a Discord channel: Link Lots of info in the PoE Reddit: Link General MyBB PoE thread: Link
  7. E


    We are looking for a senior PHP developer to work with us on a project by project basis, with the possibility of future full time employment. The compensation for this position is ultimately dependent upon the candidate's experience and other qualifications. Each project will consist of...
  8. G

    Awesome human beings

    So, with nothing but depressing and negative news everywhere. I came across some stories about human beings being awesome. Here's a couple of examples.
  9. M

    Awesome paint job that might get you pulled over

  10. Rouxenator

    Why is my profile avatar not shown in the forum?

    I have an avatar on my profile : Why can't it be used in my forum posts?
  11. G

    Check out my mix !!! [music]

    Hey all I am by no means a pro but here goes. Check out my VA mix , its a electro house focused mix so if you dont like that type of music you wont like the mix. This mix wont be appealing to everyone so I hope you enjoy it I know I did ...

    What an awesome tattoo!!!

    From the Esquire website. Check out the awesome tattoo the chick has on her arm. Amazing stuff! :D
  13. M

    TNTeddy FTW

    :twisted: Behold the mighty TNTeddy for he is the pwning god of all things and all games on all servers; fall on your knees in awe of his great pwning capabilities; leave your camping spots for lo will he find you and pwn the hell out of you, and tremble in fear when faced with the awesomeness...
  14. R

    Why today will go down in history !

    awesome thats all i can say. . . . . The great haidoken master has reached 1000 posts ! :p so.... how many flys did i trap ? :D
  15. Rouxenator

    Leaked : Full touch Nokia C7 with 8-megapixel

    Looks sexy and slim and from the product map shown in the article it is clear that there is lots more to come. Great to finally see them move to 8megapixel since 5megapixel is soon be launched to the iPlebs. Pics :
  16. Pooky

    Dragon Age

    WOW awesome! Been hooked for the past few days amazing game!
  17. Budza

    Badass of the Week

    Awsome site: There are hundreds of entries; I'll post a few of my favourites. Note: There is WAAAAAY too much bad language, so there will be lots of ****. :D Follow the link for the unedited version with pictures. (International) Australia...
  18. S

    Would you buy an affordable iPhone?

    Hi there guys and girls, Okay, I am thinking of importing iPhones from the USA to sell here. They will come Jailbroken and Unlocked so you can use any sim card without a hassle. I would primarily bring in iPhone 3GS 16GB and 32GB and the 3G 8GB or 16GB. I will bring in NEW and USED models...
  19. M

    Too much drugs for someone!

    Normally I wouldn't post anything like this, but at this time of night, this got me laughing so much that I had tears coming out of my eyes. Enjoy!