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    Axxess revised T's&C's

    No more simultaneous up and downgrading of data packages. Perhaps I should ask why it took until the end of November 2017. I never raised it as a perk on MyBB because I was hoping the convenience would stay under the radar and last longer. The change? One can no longer conveniently login to...
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    Axxess free 1gb account vs paid capped services.

    Hi All While waiting for my fibre line to be installed by Openserve I decided to use the free 1gb service from Axxess. I currently have a 4mb line that hits about 3.3 mbps and everything was running perfectly. I was streaming twitch at 720p and watching videos in HD till the free 1gb account...
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    Billion BiPac 7402GX NAT Issues

    Hi Guys, We have a Billion BiPac 7402GX router, configured with LT2P VPN. We use Axxess Capped ADSL, with a Static IP option on the account. We also use NAT on the device to forward incoming traffic to our Exchange Server and to allow remote desktop and VPN. The device works...
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    ADSL Transition from MWEB to Axxess

    I am in the process of cancelling my MWEB ADSL bundle (line + uncapped) and moving to Axxess. I need to do a month notice with MWEB, but could I use the Axxess uncapped while the ADSL line is still part of the MWEB bundle, or will MWEB only allow MWEB accounts on that line?
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    Axxess Business Uncapped (4meg) - normal?

    Is this acceptable speed for a 4meg Business Uncapped? Just thought I would try it out - but everything is slow as hell. I know it is after hours now, but I would think that you would get more than about 50kbps downstream - even if it is outside of business hours. Brand new account -...
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    Axxess 10 Meg Uncapped Fair Usage Question.

    Hey Guys, I haven't found a thread like this so I thought I'd create one. Sorry in advanced if it does exist. I am currently with MWEB on a 4meg premium account and it kicks ass! I see that Axxess offers a 10 meg uncapped at an EXTREMELY low price - R375. I am talking about Data alone now...
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    Axxess Debit Orders

    Hi Anyone else's bank account get debited by Axxess before the agreed upon date of the first of each month? I got debited for my Axxess account on the 28 October 2013 instead of the 1 November 2013.
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    Axxess high latency

    Good day Is there something wrong with the Axxess network today; I suddenly have this high pings which I didn't have this morning :confused: trace routes:
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    Will axxes satisfy my gaming needs

    I am a heavy gamer and I like to download the occassional 1080p movie will axxes suit it or should I get mweb or afrihost 4mb
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    From standstill to lightspeed - the tale of Axxess to Mweb

    Since about 14:30 today, we have been on one of Mweb's 7 day trial accounts... Wow, just wow... For about a year and a bit we have been running an Axxess ADSL account at this home-office, which was fine - but somewhere, something hasn't been sitting so lekke. Latency issues, download speeds...
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    WTF Axxess, YOU SUCK! :mad:

    So, I got myself a axxess uncapped 4mb account, the axxess express thing(R496.00) on the 15th of last month.. and paid R496 on the 15th, and again on the 31st.. meaning i have paid close to R1000.00 for one months worth of usage. On the 11th of this month, my account got suspended for "SPAM...
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    Bad ADSL bandwidth from Axxess -- BE AWARE !

    if you are planning to move over a ADSL account from Axxess (they are advertising on this site) BE AWARE. YOU WILL NOT GET THE BANDWIDTH THAT YOU HAVE PAID FOR, AND THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOU The AXXESS adsl (4096) account is so slow that i cannot open ANY international sites. Even my DynDNS...