1. P

    How to get detailed network stats on Unifi for particular time period

    I have a Unifi network that includes a few Unifi wireless access points, a USG router and 24 port Unifi network switch. There are 2 "dumb" 8-port network switches (Asus and TP-Link) in 2 areas that split the single incoming network line into multiples to supply network to other devices (VoIP...
  2. RocketNet-Rep

    What "tools" are you using to be more productive at Home?

    Many companies have recently adopted or were forced to the adaptation of working from home. Many companies even had to implement new remote worker policies in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. With this in mind, we are curious to learn which "Tools" individuals and companies have turned to...
  3. J

    The massive growth of international bandwidth in South Africa

    The massive growth of international bandwidth in South Africa ICASA has released its latest State of the ICT Sector in South Africa report.
  4. M

    Fibre question/s regarding bandwidth

    So, put simply, I just wanna know who is "actually" in control of the bandwidth I receive on my fibre connection? I am with Vumatel and Afrihost. I have a 20/20 premium, uncapped connection; which at times works perfectly and other times not too well at all. I have read that many RSA lSPs...
  5. J

    NAP Africa Congestion

    Hi Guys and Gals in the industry. Since the Apple and Windows updates have been released in the last 2 days, NAP Africa has been HAMMERED!! NAP JHB in particular today, seem to have limited their bandwidth to 90Gbps in total, which is killing ISP's with anything more than a 2Gbps link to...
  6. A

    Telkom Internet Usage Portal

    The portal is very useless in comparison to pretty much any other ISPs usage portal. It's also poorly designed and once you click on certain parts of the portal you can't go back to the previous page. I literally have to log back into the site sometimes. There is no option to communicate with...
  7. O

    How do the fibre networks/ISPs in SA operate?

    Hi guys, How do the different fibre networks and ISPs operate amongst one another? I would assume that multiple networks can run fibre in the same area? If not, how does it work - first-come first-serve? Also with ADSL we knew that Telkom was always involved but with fibre is it now not...
  8. The_Librarian

    Mikrotik and the dreaded OOB shark

    Hi Guys Is it possible that you can monitor bandwidth consumption on your Mikrotik, and at 100Mb data bundle left over (can be adjusted by the user) it will start to throttle you seriously, as well as prevent the opening of bandwidth-hungry web pages and killing torrents and ftp downloads...
  9. S

    Bandwidth splitting and shaping of line with 2 ADSL accounts on router

    Hello all I'm sure there have been many discussions close to what I'm about to ask, but none of them actually given me the answers I'm looking for. Scenario: I have a router/modem setup with a Telkom 2Mbps Uncapped ADSL account (that would be used by any of my family members connected to...
  10. J

    High Broadband USAGE

    Hi guys I work for a ISP in the greater pretoria area. We mostly offer high speed capped wireless bandwidth. One of my clients is disputing his bandwidth usage. Now the thing is I have no SNMP monitoring system in at the client. He used about 6GB in one day to the IP address...
  11. H

    Home Network Monitor/Manager Server

    Hi I want to be able to manage all the connections to the internet at my house from one computer. The computer will serve as the connection to the internet, and all the devices in the house will connect to the internet through it. What I want to be able to do is see how much bandwidth each...
  12. NeonNinja

    LucidView mobile uncapped feedback

    So today, 30/09/2013 LucidView launches mobile 4Mbps uncapped feeding off the MTN network. Report says it's for smartphones, but it has been clarified that it can work on any 3G modem, provided not locked...
  13. T

    Limit/Throttle wifi

    Good day everyone, I wonder if you can help me to throttle my wifi, I see that my router has QOS, but that is like Greek to me.See screenshots below Your help will be appreciated.Basically I want to throttle the wifi connection on all ports so my roomate has slower connection and my gaming...
  14. carstensdj

    Monitoring Link Speeds? (Software)

    Hi All, I'd like to monitor the bandwidth (speeds) that my wireless links are using during the evening as my Wireless SP is claiming that our backbone link to the office is not fast enough. We are on an 11Mbps link, but the SP says that we need to be on at least 15Mbps due to new sites that...
  15. W

    Only getting 60% bandwidth from Afrihost

    Hey, I decided to do a little speed test and see if I update all of my different games at once what kind of speeds I could get from Afrihost over a longer period of time. I updated Starcraft II, Minecraft, Path of Exile and Rift while downloading the beta files for Defiance. My...
  16. A

    Starcraft? with iburst?

    I'm am very unhappy at the moment with my internet service, I could always play a online game called "starcraft" with better performance than most my friends could with adsl, But for about the last three months I have been experiencing A lot of breaks in my internet with a big cut down in speed...
  17. jes

    Uncapped Internet caused data explosion in South Africa

    Uncapped Internet caused data explosion in South Africa Telkom wholesale has seen a dramatic increase in bandwidth usage in the last two years
  18. S

    bandwidth cnotrol

    hi all, i just joined this group and i am so excited to share my ideas and asking for your help ! i just installed radius server and defined my radius clients and i was wondering if someone knows a microsoft supported application that allows me to control the bandwidth consumption and determine...
  19. LazyLion

    International Down?

    on Afrihost?
  20. T

    Does *Unlimited Bandwidth exist?

    Is *unlimited bandwidth (on hosting) real? I always wonder if this is really the case or its just a marketing term that providers use to oversell their capacity. Other providers who get capacity from the major providers have to oversell at a premium for them to exist. Some providers do provide...