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  1. RazedInBlack

    COD: Black Ops III Officially Announced.

    BREAKING: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 officially announced, world reveal April 26th, 2015 Teaser trailer on that link as well.
  2. T

    Ping issues between CPT and JHB Afrihost

    Hi Guys, I picked up this issue last week and tested again last night. Whenever I create a public game in Black Ops II Zombies and invite friends from JHB to join in, their pings jump between 200 - 999, yes, 999 ping. Where mine is +- 18. To make sure the issue wasn't on their side...
  3. RazedInBlack

    COD: Black Ops2 Incoming . . .

    Not sure about the release date as yet but the trailer looks epic!!!! Wiki:
  4. B

    Black Ops MP issues?

    Hey guys. If this is the wrong section to post this, please do move it :) Ok, so first off I'm brand new to MP or specifically Black Ops MP. So my knowledge of the internet & MP is like super limited lol. We recently upgraded our telkom line to a mere 1MB line, which seems to have worked...
  5. B

    Black Ops 'fetching stats' error

    I have had Black Ops since it was released last November, and everything worked without error until a few weeks ago. I logged on, as usual, through steam and the game started up. It passed the 'connecting' screen and then got stuck on 'fetching stats.' Usually, it passes the two within a few...
  6. S

    Local COD Black OPS mense

    Hey, Is there anyone out there got a PS3:wtf:.. Sick off playing overseas mense now:twisted: Just would rather play LOCAL Mense...:D Anyone out there that is playing via PS3 Invite me Shaheedleeman :) Or give me your PS3 ID
  7. B

    Black Ops - fetching stats error

    I have had Black Ops since it came out and aside from a couple of immediate errors, the game has been working fine. Suddenly, when I tried to open the multiplayer the other day, it says "connecting" briefly, then "fetching stats" and then stays on "fetching stats" for about 5 minutes. After...
  8. B

    Black Ops - "Server disconnected - Steam connect failed"

    I have had Black Ops for 2 weeks now and still can't play online - I join a server and after 30 seconds, I get kicked with the error "Server disconnected - Steam connect failed." It happens every single time, on any server. The ping is excellent (around 40) as I am with MWeb (384 Uncapped...
  9. W

    Unable to connect to any Black Ops lobby

    Hi everyone. This is my first post here, so please excuse if I am posting to the wrong forum/category. I bought Black ops for my XBOX last week, but have not been able to find a single lobby. My game just sits on the connecting screen, telling me there are "50 available sessions, checking game...
  10. I

    Tryarch effectively gave us the finger!

    so...Tryarch has managed to kill something that has been build up by other developers over 7 years! As everyone knows the game has gotten off to a rocky start with all the lag,which I can understand as it is impossible to create code that will function correctly on the endless amount of...
  11. jes

    Black Ops lag caused by live stat streaming?

    Black Ops lag caused by live stat streaming? Black Ops constantly updates user stats - cited as primary cause of performance issues