1. N

    Capped Vs Uncapped Fibre

    Hi, I would like to know if in fact the Capped options in UNTHROTTLED and UnCapped is Throttled? Looking to get capped unshaped/unthrottled is that the case with the Capped options? Vodacom has a 100/100 500gb CAPPED option for like just of 1k. The issues that I see is once you select an...
  2. J

    Do you have an uncapped Internet connection?

    Is your home Internet connection uncapped?
  3. F

    LTE unlocked router contract

    Does anybody know which SP has a LTE capped contract (50GB+) with a "free" router that has firmware which is not locked into the SP and they don't control your DNS settings? I have a Telkom 50GB contract which expires in 2 months. My problem with their Huawei B593S router is that they...
  4. C

    How does your month to month cap work on a fibre line?

    I currently have a 100meg openserve line through Mweb, capped at 200 gigs per month with 200 gigs night time data. I was wondering if your cap resets after the month has ended, ie: 31st of every month or 31 days after you activated the product, ie: if i activated the product on the 15th of June...
  5. K

    Telkom ADSL cap

    So my stepmother has control of our telkom account, it is capped. I'm not supposed to use the wifi as it is capped but I got the password so I can use it for uni. Last month we went over our cap and she thought someone nearby was hacking our router. I am trying to find out how to see how much...
  6. T

    Webafrica Fibra Capped download plus?

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if webafrica's download plus (12am -6am free download service) is also for their FIBRE capped accounts?? Thanks
  7. T

    Telkom LTE Throttled from a Capped Package?

    Hi all, I would like some other opinions on this, as I just received a message off the Telkom Support account (@HelloTelkom) stating that I have been throttled of a CAPPED 50GB LTE package? I thought that you cannot get throttled off a capped package, and I have only used half of my cap...
  8. zubheir

    Reasonable ADSL package for gaming on ps3 or ps4?

    Hi Guys. Im looking for an affordable and decent adsl package about 4mbps line capped or uncapped. There are a few that Ive seen but I wanted a few tips from people who have existing lines. Let me me Know whats worth it
  9. Z

    The right internet for Streaming TV

    Hi everyone! So I'm trying to persuade my dad to get faster internet as we are currently on Telkoms 2mbps Uncapped line which is awful for streaming! I don't know which ISP to look at as every ISP that I've read reviews on, there are a ton of people complaining they shape the capped and...
  10. J

    Black Friday deals from MWEB Free router on their capped deal which works out to R1 per GB. Free router + 3 month free on uncapped ADSL. Free 3G modems too on 12 month contracts.
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Data caps are about fairness, not congestion – ISP

    Data caps are about fairness, not congestion – ISP Comcast has confirmed the authenticity of leaked documents which state its stance on the need for data caps.
  12. G

    Uncapped or capped

    I currently have a 6 Mbps uncapped data package with mweb and I have a 10 Mbps dsl line with telkom. I use on average 60 Gb data every month but sometimes go to around 130 Gb when I download a new game from psn although that is not very often. Should I go for a capped account instead which would...
  13. M

    In need of HTTPS (fast) account (Axxess capped too slow) :cry:

    Hi there, I'm looking for an ADSL ISP that have a very nice speed NOT using Axxess/Afrihost/MTN while they have their ADSL bandwidth troubles. I'm using git/docker/etc. from my home, and the HTTPS pulls are so excruciatingly slow :cry: ... so slow, that I'll no be able to use up my...
  14. X

    Netflix slow on Axxess Capped DSL

    Hi everyone I have had Netflix for a few months now and I'm loving it. When I first got Netflix I was on a 2mbps uncapped Axxess account and it actually worked pretty well, not usually HD but pretty much no buffering. I am now on a 4mbps 100gig capped Axxess account (thinking I would get...
  15. W

    Mweb - no capped VDSL options

    Hi Does anyone know why mweb does not do capped VDSL? They only seem to offer uncapped which is super expensive.
  16. A

    AT&T fined $100 million for cap on 'unlimited' data plans

    AT&T fined $100 million for internet speed cap on 'unlimited' data plans Millions of AT&T customers were affected by the practice Brian Fung Thursday 18 June 2015 The Federal Communications Commission slapped AT&T with a $100 million fine Wednesday, accusing the country's...
  17. D

    ISP for gaming and heavy bandwidth

    Hi Guys I have been looking around for an ISP to provide VDSL at the best price on a capped account. I have no idea who to choose, i have switched from mweb to affrights to crystal web on a 10mbs line capped accounts put my latency on Xbox Live is so poor. I heavily Stream from youtube...
  18. P

    Openweb Capped

    Hi Guys, I am almost 2 years in the Republic and the only thing i miss about holland is the simple and fast internet. I think South-Africa is 15 years behind with the speed and the service. I now have a AXXESS 30G capped connection and from day one it works brilliant and i have no issues...
  19. D

    Best ISP and Line Speed

    Hi Guys I'm so pissed with the quality i get with Afrihost when playing Call Of Duty AW. I use xbox live and my pin is always below 2 out of 4 bars??! I currently have a 10mbs line and a 100GB capped package with afrihost. Can Anyone help with whats going wrong here..I live very close to...
  20. F

    "Uncapped"? - not so much!

    I get really frustrated with telkom and other ISP's that offer "great value uncapped" packages - but they don't tell you they throttle you to death! How many gigs CAN you really download on a telkom FAST line and uncapped data? I am guessing 20Gig ave? Let's see - anybody out there want to...