1. Jamie McKane

    New rules for buying or selling cars during lockdown

    New rules for buying or selling cars during lockdown The Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition has released directions regarding the sale of cars and emergency automobile repairs under national COVID-19 alert level 4. The new directions require all car dealerships and used car outlets...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Car prices in South Africa from 2011 to 2020

    Car prices in South Africa from 2011 to 2020 The prices of South Africa's most popular cars have increased over the course of the last decade. Motor vehicle sales in South Africa slowed down significantly in 2019 and total vehicles sold showed a decline of 2.8% - with 536,626 sales in 2019...
  3. Ultracrepidarian

    Connected Cars & Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Survey [2-minute]

    There has been a lot of mention that this decade is when self-driving vehicles and connected cars will become mainstream. This survey is just an indication to see whether or not the public is excited for what is currently being developed. May you please leave your thoughts and opinions in the...
  4. L

    Car recommendations in the R50-80000 bracket

    Hello everyone, I'm a 24 year old Masters student looking to buy a cheap car for getting to work from next year after I finish my degree. My main considerations are something with good fuel economy, cheap to insure and run (considering servicing etc.) and reliable. In an ideal world...
  5. C

    Where are they now?- Honda

    Honda is an amazing company. They have a wide range of products, from small generators, car and bikes all the way to planes and robots. Pretty cool right? It is even better once you factor in their ground-breaking cars such as the original CIVIC (never thought a CIVIC would be ground-breaking...
  6. S

    2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4T, to buy or not?

    Hi All I am interested in purchasing an Alfa Romeo Giuletta 1.4T progression. Year: 2012 Mileage: 80000km FSH Price: 105000 The car looks amazing. But resale value and service costs /replacement parts may be too pricey. Anyone with input on this/should I buy this car/ what I should buy instead?
  7. L

    What amount will the bank pay out if I buy a new car?

    I am very confused and absolutely exhausted. I am trying to get rid of my 2015 Geely GX2. It is a great first car, but since Geely is liquidated find parts, particularly the oil filter, is impossible. The car is worth+/- R70 000, the outstanding finance is +/- R109 000 but the settlement amount...
  8. Z

    Is an Active subwoofer worth it?

    Hi there ladies and gents, So I drive a small car and I really want to add a sub into my small sound system. Can’t afford the space for even a shallow sub and amp. Can only afford the space for the flat active subs. I’m looking at getting the Nakamichi 8” active sub. Just want to know if anyone...
  9. Rouxenator

    Making Cape Town inner city car free ?

    Short extract from a recent PPA news letter. First I heard of such plan, but I guess it could work?
  10. J good are they?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone ever gotten a vehicle through these guys? is it really RENT TO OWN?!? do they have balloon payments? whats the catch?
  11. S

    First time car buyer: advice needed

    Hi all. I am a first-time car buyer and I have seen a few options but I can't really decide. Ideally I would like a low mileage used vehicle and my budget is +/- R250k. I will be using it for short trips in town and one long-distance trip every 3 months. I'm not fussy about performance but I...
  12. GipsyD

    Audi S3 SB vs Toyota GT86 vs Focus ST3 - Daily Driver

    Hi all First post here, so be gentle. I'm currently looking at replacing my daily driver (E87 135i M Sport Coupe) of 3 years, and have about R500-R600K to play with. I'm looking for something sporty, something that will put a smile on my face every time I get in and turn the key. I've narrowed...
  13. G

    Is a Subaru a good choice for a first ever car?

    For my first car. I want it to be a Subaru, I would prefer an sti but my wallet says no. I want an 07 Hawkeye 2.0R there are two in my area for sale and are stock. My questions are: Should I get a Subaru? Are they a good fit for a first car? Personally I think so but I would like your...
  14. S

    Ideal reliable first car

    Hi guys I'll be starting my first job in a year's time. I'll be an article clerk so I'll need a reliable vehicle. BUDGET is 140k max. I want to have a look around at different second hand models and wanted to know which vehicles are ideal from a reliability and serviceability stand point. I know...
  15. G

    Which car?!??

    I'm looking to buy a car and can't seem to find something that fits what I need. I drive 100kms everyday on open roads but up and down hill so need something with a bit of power behind it. Im wanting to spend up to R120000. With petrol and diesel constantly going up I need something that's fuel...
  16. Nivea

    Low Cars / Modded car thread.

    Hi guys, I thought I'd start a car thread ( unintentionally ) I currently drive a BMW M135i, stage 2, 300 wheel
  17. A

    Looking for an automatic car, help please

    Hi guys I'm looking for an automatic car that is reliable, under R150k, something not too slow. I had my eye on a mini copper but it seems troublesome. Can you help and let me know of any economical sporty cars. TIA
  18. Jamie McKane

    The cars of the future will sell your data

    The cars of the future will sell your data Carmakers recognize they’re fighting a war over customer data. [Bloomberg]
  19. Espee

    2018 VW Polo Vivo Comfortline 1.4 (63KW) OR 2017 VW Polo 1.2 TSI Trendline (66KW)

    So my question is, is it better to get the new VW Polo Vivo in Comfortline 1.4 (63KW) OR the outgoing 2017 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI Trendline (66KW)? They are basically exactly the same price (if you take a second hand Polo with about 10,000km), same power and looks the same, but which one...
  20. Jamie McKane

    The cars South African techies plan to buy in 2018

    The cars South African techies plan to buy in 2018 South African techies plan to buy VW, BMW, and Ford cars in 2018.