1. EventHorizon

    Anal Fissures

    So I believe I've been suffering from these for about 2 years and the specialist I saw only recommened a change of diet and or surgery. I did some research and I see there are easier options that dont require surgery which I want to try first. This is a nice article explaining the treatments...
  2. S

    How stubborn are you when it comes to going to the doctor/dentist?

    Thursday night Idiot proceeds to eat a chip wrong and gets stabbed in the gum. Friday morning Idiot feels a slight swelling and sensitivity around gum and tingle in back of throat. Starts rinsing mouth with saltwater every 2-3 hours. Friday night Idiot doesn't eat anything due to sore throat...
  3. P

    Durban North Doctor Recommendations

    Hey guys, I am looking for recommendations on GP's in the Durban North area (including La Lucia, Umhlanga). I don't hate my current doctor but he comes across as focusing too much on making money and just prescribing anti biotics and sending you on your way. The final straw for me was when I...
  4. P

    Durban doctors for lower back pain

    Hi guys, I injured my lower back at a trampoline park over a year ago and after seeing a chrio I was told I had an annular tear. With rehab exercises and some rest it got about 70%. I am still very limited in what I can do without my back flaring up again the next day though. The other day I...
  5. M

    Sex robot creator claims 5 minute orgasms with robot has improved his marriage

    Source with pics
  6. C

    Medical Practice (GP) Software

    Hi All, A client of mine is opening her GP practice on 1 October and she needs software to bill patients. What software application would you recommend? Is there anything on the market that has the ICD10's pre-loaded and integrates with medical aids? Any advice is appreciated.
  7. L

    Contact info for good dermatologist?

    Must be able to help with skin problems on pubic area as well. Please, quite urgent- situated in Johannesburg North Thank you in advance
  8. N

    Medical Elective Ideas

    Hi all I am a 3rd year medical student and we are required to do a 4 week elective in October this year. We can do pretty much anything we want, as long as we can link it to medicine in some way and can produce a good-quality report out of it at the end. I want to do something relevant. I...
  9. X

    Need a dental implant - maxillofacial surgeon or periodontist? Incl doc's name please

    I need a recommendation please - having a tooth out tomorrow and I need an implant done (& a crown) when the jaw has healed. I'm not sure which speciality handles it better? Also need the name of a doc please. I'm on the East Rand but will travel to Jhb, Pta etc to see a highly recommended...
  10. S

    Diagnose ADHD

    So uh, yea... ADHD. I'm 19 and have been pretty sure of it for a while. It's now affecting my job and University. I stay in Gauteng Alberton. What is the cheapest way to get a diagnosis and prescription for something to help? SWIM has gotten Ritalin a couple times and it worked wonders for...
  11. daveza

    Dr. Cyril Karabus Trial in the UAE What the hell is our government doing to bring Karabus back - or would they prefer the 78 year old come back the same way as some of our soldiers. :mad:
  12. W

    Headache and Migrains EVERYDAY!

    Hi Everyone I have terrible headaches and Migraines every day for the past 2-3 years! Please could someone suggest a doctor in Pretoria or medicine that has helped them from personal experience. Its really getting bad now and I cant do anything. I was looking at TheHeadacheClinic but from...
  13. Mars

    Finding a good doctor.

    How do you find a good doctor? We usually go to Dr Kahn at the MediCross in Edenvale, but I just cannot handle waiting a day or two for an appointment. If my little girl is sick I don't want to wait a day to see the doc, then its pointless how good he is. I am really not willing to...
  14. B

    Good Doctor in Centurion

    I'm looking for a doctor in centurion, to be just my general GP, 1. He/She should not be sadistic.... 2. I'm on Discovery medical, so they should have no flaws with that, and not charge ridiculous fees [usually the R85 per visit, medical aid pays for rest type thing] Phone numbers would...
  15. M

    Michael Jackson's doctor 'to be arrested and charged with manslaughter'

  16. M

    Man allegedly bit off doctor's finger tip

  17. M

    Schoolchildren Told 'An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away'

  18. M

    Man's Broken Neck Misdiagnosed as Severe Headache

  19. M

    Doctor smacked bottoms and quizzed women about sex

    More... Lol, pervert.
  20. M

    Doctor performs amputation via sms