1. D

    Vodacom Migrate to Cheaper Contract after upgrade due date

    Hi Everyone, I am considering not taking a new device on my Vodacom contract. My upgrade is due on the 21st of May 2018. I am currently on a uChoose Flexi 200 + 1Gig of Data with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for R935pm (Gear VR Goggles Included). If I wanted to take a sim only deal, how...
  2. B

    Need help with Reverting Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT i9500) back to Stock

    Hi there everyone, I recently rooted my S4 and managed to get Android 4.3 loaded onto it. However, nothing (almost nothing) seems to work. The contacts keeps crashing, calendar keeps crashing, in fact, all the Google services keep crashing, and when it crashes, it takes a minute or 2 before I...
  3. U

    Nashua Mobile downgrading Topup package

    I have a Vodacom Topup 315s contract with Nashua mobile that is due for an upgrade. Over the last 24 months, I have accumulated +/- R1000 worth of airtime due to the fact that I simply do not use all my airtime. I have investigated both going directly to Vodacom and downgrading to a Topup 200s...
  4. jes

    Nokia credit rating downgrade considered by Standard & Poor's

    Nokia credit rating downgrade considered by Standard & Poor's Rating agency Standard & Poor's said Tuesday it will be scrutinising the world's leading mobile phone maker Nokia over the next three months to decide whether to downgrade its short and long-term corporate credit ratings.
  5. midkemia

    Exchange Upgraded to 10 Megs, then downgraded to 4 Megs!~~

    So my exchange (clareinch) was upgraded to 10 megs, and all was hunky dory...:love: Then the edge router at rondebosch exchange died, and we all had high pings, and things wernt very good... 180ms ping to local servers :mad: So now the latency is kinda fixed again, but I phoned telkom...
  6. LazyLion

    Stupid Mweb Upgrades!

    Got a call from a doctor friend this morning to help him at his office. He just got back from April vacation and the internet at his office is no longer working. Apparently he uses the same Mweb account at home and at the office. So guess what? Mweb upgraded him to the uncapped without...
  7. S

    512k down to 384k - Telkom ADSL downgrade Fee

    Hi I currently have a 512kbps ADSL line with Telkom. I now want to downgrade it to 384kbps, and then migrate the line to either SAOL or Cybersmart, so that I can sign up for an uncapped offering. I phoned Telkom this morning, and they now want to charge me a downgrade fee of R390...
  8. L

    ADSL Speed Upgrade/Downgrade fees. Telkom are useless AND greedy

    i called telkom, asked the woman about upgrading the line speed for a month to try it out (from 384 to 4mbit). its free to upgrade. i asked if there is a charge to downgrade. she said theres no charge. she even checked with someone else cos i didn't believe her. R152/m for 384 R413/m for...
  9. LazyLion

    Microsoft now extends downgrade sales of XP to April 2011 The little OS that wouldn't go away! :D But seriously.... have you tried to activate an XP installation lately? It's getting harder and harder to contact the activation server. Most of the time now...