fixed lte

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    MTN Supersonic has failed on so many fronts. It is almost impossible to get anything useful out of their whatsapp number. I contacted them today asking how do I get my current data balances are. It's good whatsapp can also email the conversation. 2019/10/16, 19:36 - Messages to this chat and...
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    Supersonic fixed Lte

    Hi Could i recieve everyones opinions on supersonics MTN fixed lte. I really want it not sure if it will let me atleast play dota 2 on it and ,and would playstation have problems with the connection they are always full of sheister saying the isp is not worthy of their stupid rules
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    Fixed LTE for gaming

    Hi all, I recently moved to Richard's bay and unfortunately cannot get fibre or adsl. I game a lot particularly COD and the like, and as we all know mobile network and NAT do not go well together. From my research it seems having an unrestricted APN is the only possibility of getting NAT...
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    WebAfrica FIXED LTE question!

    Hello everyone! if one applies for the Telkom Fixed LTE from Webafrica do they get given the best 4G signal ?? RSRP -75 RSRQ -10 RSSI -51 SINR 30
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    Unable to view balance

    Hi, Sorry if this question has already been asked, but does anyone else have issues where data shows 0mb when checking the data balance in client zone?
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    Cell C fixed wireless LTE

    My cell C fixed wireless has been down for 2 days now. Since Friday afternoon. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I’m in Hatfield, Pretoria. It’s so frustrating
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    Cell C Fixed LTE issue with router and iOS devices

    Hi All, I have a very strange problem on my Cell C fixed LTE service from MWEB. My MAC and linux machines connected via WiFi to the B315 works fine. Android phone via WiFi works fine. Apple phones give constant issues. I can ping from the phone (using Inettools) and do DNS lookups...
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    Afrihost RAIN seems inactive

    I bought the Fixed wireless Promo from afrihost and got it delivered on the 8th of Feb 2018. I have perfect coverage. When I viewed the router via the browser login, the sim appeared inactive with no network bar (grey'd out). Log multiple support tickets to Afrihost and didn't get a straight...
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    Afrihost LTE

    Anyone else finding that Afrihost LTE has just stopped working a few days ago, and never came back. On 31 October around 10PM, my internet just cut out (it wasn't capped, I had over 20GB left), and it hasn't been back on since then. Customer Care keeps telling me to try turning it off and on...