1. A


    where can one find a trusted source for sarms in South Africa. There are lots of websites that sell but they dont seem to he third party tested. Has anyone tried any labs and would you recommend them?
  2. T

    Healthy/Gym/Muscle building snacks

    I want some fresh ideas for Healthy snacks, suitable for someone trying to build muscle and gyming 6 times a week. Obviously this means a lot of food but what snacks do you eat between your main meals?
  3. Lashie130

    Virgin Active Lonehill vs Cedar Sqaure

    Hwsit Guys So I currently work in Fourways and commute from Edenvale. I'm looking to move my current membership with Virgin Active Greenstone to either Lonehill or Cedar. I wanted to ask which is the better gym in terms of equipment, space to train and population at early hours of the morning...
  4. P

    Best Bluetooth in ear earphones for R300?

    Hi guys, As the title says, I am looking to get a pair of Bluetooth in ear earphones to use at the gym, looking top spend no more than R300, any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. M

    Gymgoer fined £100 for overstaying two seconds at car park

    Gymgoer fined £100 for overstaying two seconds at car park
  6. M

    Fitness fanatic gets his penis stuck in a weight

    Fitness fanatic gets his penis stuck in a weight and has to have it removed in hospital
  7. Random Hero

    Bad side effects from Pre-Workout

    Hey guys, I started exercising again a few weeks ago. Today I purchased Some Whey, Creatine and a Pre-workout (320mg Caffiene) 5 minutes after I started drinking one scoop that was mixed with 500ml water I had the following side effects for about 10 - 15 mins: -Shortness of Breath...
  8. T

    Trying to build

    Hi there, I know there are many threads about more or less the same thing but I am hoping there is some one that can help me. I started gym three months ago, haven't really focused on building muscle but rather first getting fit which I believe I now am. I gym 3-4 days a week starting...
  9. saynothing

    Fighting Gym / Martial Arts / Self defense

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for self-defense training while getting fit doing strength & conditioning. are there any recommendations? I'm in the JHB area, so anything close to Bryanston after hours would be great. Somewhere professional, where the teachers know what they're talking about and...
  10. J

    Gym buddy - Centurion

    Hi all, I am looking to start gyming again after a couple of year of "rest". Use to gym a little but want to take it more serious this year. My previous gym buddy moved overseas. Can either go to planet fitness in Hennopspark or Virgin Active (Centurion or Eco Park). I would want to go early...
  11. krycor

    App: Fitness/Gym Tracking app, Whats out there?

    So its the end of the cycling season for me and time for me to head back to gym. Now i'm looking for a good iOS app to do gym routing tracking & weights as i go about my routing. In the past I used Fleetly which works well but i'm wondering if there are any others worth considering, ideally...
  12. B

    Planet fitness platinum rates

    Anyone know the current rates for planet fitness platinum month to month?
  13. T

    Need help in choosing supplements!!!

    Hey guys im new to the forum so go easy on me. Im 17, male and joined the gym about three months ago and the progress in gains and strength are quite slow. So i decided that i want to buy supplements for faster, bigger, and stronger improvements. Im kind of skinny but not to the extent...
  14. F

    Looking for a gym buddy @ Planet Fitness - Centurion

    Hi, guys! I'm getting back into shape after a year layoff from the gym (long, complicated story), and looking for someone whose perhaps also seeking a gym buddy. I work out at the Gateway Planet Fitness in Centurion (there by the Primi Piatti and Outdoor Warehouse just before the N1...
  15. K

    Need help to find a gym - JHB North

    So hubby and I would like to start something together and what better way then to start getting fit together. We arent on discovery medical aid so please dont even point us in the direction of Virgin as it's a bit out of our budget...planet fitness is okay however they want to lock us into...
  16. A

    Planet Fitness Service or the lack there off...

    Please help me I'm new to this forums but was driven here by just bad service, I'm not even sure if this is the right place to put this...? We applied for a downgrade for an Account at Planet Fitness to save some cash. So this is what happened: In Des 2013 we logged a downgrade request...
  17. E

    Small gym

    Good day, anyone know of a small affordable gym in the Montana / Doornpoort area? Thank you! :)
  18. P

    Double discount using your gym membership and coupon?

    Hey guys! I want to know if you get discount (on the full price) on certain items via your gym membership and you have an account which gives you discount (on non sale items with a qualifying spend) will they work in conjunction? I don't want to stand in the store and argue with a clerk if...
  19. R

    How to get fit and stay fit

    The beginning of the year took a turn for the worst.. I got Hepatitis A, landed up in hospital for a week and now am sloooooowly on the mend. Went to the physio and all that drama (due to many years of headaches) and she recommended I start gyming. Which is what I did. The thing is my diet...
  20. N

    Dietician, Weight-loss, Gyming..

    Howzit guys, I've been trying for the last few months to drop some weight and get a bit healthier, but due to the numerous ways of weight loss and hordes of advice and opinions on the interwebs, i got a bit side tracked. I started of cutting out all carbs/sugars, which helped in me not...