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    PC not starting after replacing case fans ?

    My 3 year old case fans that came with the case stopped working so I went and bought 3 new fans and literally unplugged the old ones and plugged in the new ones but my pc starts up and doesn't show any picture it keeps starting and restart ever 30 seconds on average I've replaced thermal...
  2. F

    ladies, please complete my survey :)

    Hi there I work in retail and need to do some research about what lifestyle shoes ladies like to wear. Kindly complete my survey, it takes 2 minutes! Thanks a million
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    Laptop Not shutting down/Sleeping properly

    Good day forum. This has been a pain for the last two months. Here is the just of it-> Did a clean install of Windows 10 on my Acer Extenza Laptop. All normal windows function perfectly apart from one. When I try to enter sleep mode or shutdown the power light remains on. Previously, it...
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    How does this postal situation work....

    So I ordered a phone cover and some keychains off a website and used paypal to pay for it, i was skeptical of even using our post office because the package doesn't have tracking...10-14 days (UK royal Mail service) In my new found trust I went on eBay and bought a sticker (Don't judge) which...
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    Advice needed for gaming PC build (By a total noob :P)

    Hi guys, I'm looking to build a gaming PC with a budget of R17 000. I will list the components I've selected and hope that you'll be able to provide my with better alternatives or just advice in general. Thanks everyone :) Parts Graphics card: PowerColour Radeon R9 280X 3GB 384Bit...
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    VDSL Issues in most parts of house

    Hi, my VDSL doesn't seem to connect well in most parts of my house and was connecting fine at a jack closest to where the Telkom line enters the house, but recently a Telkom technician tried wiring from this working jack to the jack where my modem was originally(recommended by another fault...
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    telkom throttling my mweb line?

    so as of last night i moved from telkoms 2meg uncapped to mwebs 6meg uncapped. My contact with telkom expires on the 26th of July. But i contacted telkom and they did everything on their side. I have the mweb settings inputted into the site for my router and everything. and when i go to...
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    Need a bit help with MTN USSD

    Hi, I need to develop a USSD app with XML. I have no idea where to start. The documentation they sent me does not really tell you what to do. Anyone that used it before? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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    Local Horror Game. Vapour: Borders of Purgatory [Greenlight] [indiegogo]

    Hi, We are Skobbejak Games, a local two man (Tiaan Gerber & Alexander Ehlers) indie game devlopment team. We released a prototype of our first game "Vapour" back in the beginning of August this year and it has garnered a lot of fans and exposure since. That's why we recently...
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    Need help with Reverting Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT i9500) back to Stock

    Hi there everyone, I recently rooted my S4 and managed to get Android 4.3 loaded onto it. However, nothing (almost nothing) seems to work. The contacts keeps crashing, calendar keeps crashing, in fact, all the Google services keep crashing, and when it crashes, it takes a minute or 2 before I...
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    Renting network switches for LAN-party

    Hi First post here. i would like to know if there is companies available that rents out Switches. Myself and a few friend are hosting a LAN +- 300 people now we have the venue and mostly everything else all i need is switches. i am looking to rent the switches and had a look around but...
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    Traveling to UK, need Advice on GBP

    Hello fellow mybroadband-ers, I need some advice from financial(Forex) "knowledgeable" people. I am travelling to the UK in December for a few weeks and just need some advice on the GBP particularly when should I buy (Rand --> GBP) because it is quite expensive at the moment(R14.29 at time of...
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    Seedboxes Hi can someone plz explain to me how this will work If I decide to buy it .... sorry if this is in the wrong section Some general tips and advice would also be nice :) ... O and BTW is there a better place to buy this from? TNX :)
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    Need help with Wordpress site.

    Hey dudes. Sheez, what's with all the threads on CMS lately? lol Anyway, I need help with a site that I swiftly set up for someone on Wordpress. The theme is widget ready which allows me to add stuff to the sidebars. Now, I managed to customize the left hand sidebar but the right sidebar...
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    Why is migration taking so long??

    Hey, I have applied to migrate from telkom to cybersmart (adsl circuit) and they say they got the order number from telkom but that was on the 19th of Feb and it's still not done, please any suggestions or reasons Thanks
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    Using SE C702 as 3G modem

    I got a new vodacom phone(SE C702) and tried to use it as a modem on my home pc. I have used a vodacom huaiwaiaiei modem before and all the settings were set automatically. Now I tried to connect to the internet with the Sony PCSuite software, but it said it failed to connect with 3G and...