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  1. L

    Can i move ISP?

    Hello I am currently on Telkom 4 mb uncapped and I'm not very pleased with the speeds we are getting, we get around 120kb/s which is the speed of a 1 mb. I want to move from Telkom to Mweb 4mb premium but keep my Telkom line and just change the data. I asked my mom about changing and she...
  2. F

    New to DStv, need some guidance please

    Hey, I am a brand new DStv subscriber and I need some guidance. I have searched everywhere (even tried Bing search) but nowhere is there any information or steps a new subscriber should follow. We are just left to get on by ourselves hoping things work. So...the place I'm currently renting...
  3. C

    Nedbank and PayPal

    Hi all, I'm new to the whole online transaction game and so I'm naturally cautious when it comes to dealing with credit cards and online transactions etc. I'm wanting to create a PayPal account but am unsure of several things (excuse my ignorance :p): - Will I be able to link my PayPal...
  4. S

    CellC rep Please clarify!!(99C Top-Up)

    I am on Top-Up, phoned them.. and there was a long winded, no real clarifying explanation to me, why I am not able to chose the 99C Top-Up 200/400 billing system. So, now I'm being "punished" for being on a different system or not a new customer, on the 141/147 dial options it says that you are...
  5. Pho3nix

    Laptop HDD Error..Help Please

    Hey there Need some help regarding the a 2.5 ATA100 Laptop HDD. The hard-drive seems to have failed and need to recover the data off it..(belongs to a friends, doing this as a favour). Apparently the laptop hangs at the Black-SOD just after the POST. It wont boot from the XP CD and for now I'm...
  6. theratman

    Corsa bakkie overheating help

    Greetings all! I have a corsa bakkie 2007 model and recently I blew a head gasket because my termostat was faulty and the car was overheating etc etc.It cost me a hellva lot to repair.I'm worried that its happening again,the overheating,The engine will get rather hot on short (10km) trips.It...
  7. M

    Trixbox... What to do next??

    Hey guys, I have set up a trixbox server and configured a few extensions and got that side of things working. My question is what options do I have to actually make and receive calls? I am new to the whole VoIP thing and am going for a job interview on Monday and part of it will be a...
  8. supersunbird

    SARS/e-filing and rental income

    So I'm trying to do my e-filing but have a small snag. In august 2008 I bought place that I'm renting out. So I tick the Y box about recieving other income. Then I filled in the "Local business blah blah (incl, rental income)" sheet with my income from the tenants and then I filled in...
  9. S

    Partition problem URGENT