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  1. Mist4h20

    Ebay order Arrive at destination country post office 6 months ago

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had any issues with post orders specifically ebay. My items have all "arrived at destination country post office" 6 months ago yet no delivery note received. Has anyone had this for over 6 months? Are there any suggestions about what I can do, I believe...
  2. A

    First post, I need help with this values

    HI guys, This is my first post to this great forum, I really suffering from a big problem ( speed gradually decreased from 5 mbps to reach 512 finally ) with my adsl and need help to understand the problem and what is the best solution. Is this is my adsl properties, but the provider...
  3. S

    3x DSTV Exploras in Xtraview.

    Good day, I currently have an xtraview setup consisting of 2x Explora 2's and 1x HD Decoder using a SmartLNB. I would like to swop out the HD decoder with another Explora 2. I read that with the new smart LNB you do not require heartbeat cables as it receives this signal through the...
  4. S

    Day 2 and plumbing problems

    So my family and I are currently doing occupational rent for the home we have purchased. The transfer has been delayed and now that we're in the home we are having problems with the plumbing the toilets DO NOT FLUSH like they should the bowl fills us completely but does not flush away the...
  5. B

    Best IPS in Wellington?

    What is the fastest most reliable ISP in Wellington Western Cape? Money isn't much of an issue but getting what I pay for is.
  6. W

    Can I Install Kodi on iPhone? Does Such A Thing Exist

    Hello, Guys, I switch my mobile from Android to iPhone. I know one word for iOS that was freedom no ways. Anyhow, I want to know is this possible to install Kodi on iPhone? besides jail-breaking :)
  7. X

    HELP - Replacing Optical Drive with SSD on Laptop

    Hello Errbody. So I am wanting to replace the optical drive in my Asus N550JK laptop with a 256GB SSD. I have been trolling the web for hours looking for information on how this is going to work for me, and I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed. I thought one of you tech geniuses could help...
  8. F

    Motorcycle carb balancing kit - {Help NEEDED}

    Hi Ladies and Gents. Where are the bikers at? Need some assistance with my carburetors. I've seen a carb balancing kit online but not in SA and I was wondering where to get one or is there someone perhaps wanting to sell theirs. Bike that i'm struggling with is a Kawasaki ZX6-R 1997...
  9. V

    How does this postal situation work....

    So I ordered a phone cover and some keychains off a website and used paypal to pay for it, i was skeptical of even using our post office because the package doesn't have tracking...10-14 days (UK royal Mail service) In my new found trust I went on eBay and bought a sticker (Don't judge) which...
  10. S

    Assault Charge - I need help guys.

    Okay so Saturday last week my Lenovo yoga tablet was stolen out of one of the school computer rooms (i am a university student by the way). All evidence seemed to point towards one guy who was the only guy seen in that area the next day i caught up with the guy whence an interrogation ensued...
  11. S

    Travel Allowance & Tax Help...

    Hey, so I've taken a load of advice from this website so finally decided to jump in and register. Hopefully I can give something back somewhere along the line. Also, I need more advice! :p There are a load of threads about car and travel allowances and I can't really make sense of it. I am...
  12. A

    Old IBM 4704 Terminals - Help

    Hi Guys, Anyone have any idea where I might find some old IBM 4704 terminals in Cape Town? Working on a vintage project. Thanks for the help
  13. M

    Buying a PS4 in Hong Kong to bring it back to South Africa

    Hi everyone, I'm travelling to Hong Kong next month and am thinking of buying a PS4 to bring back (I see they aren't area-locked so should be fine). Just wanted to post on here to get some advice as I am by no means an expert at any of this. General questions which I'd appreciate any advice...
  14. J

    VDSL Issues in most parts of house

    Hi, my VDSL doesn't seem to connect well in most parts of my house and was connecting fine at a jack closest to where the Telkom line enters the house, but recently a Telkom technician tried wiring from this working jack to the jack where my modem was originally(recommended by another fault...
  15. F

    Which bank account should I get? International trading

    This is a follow up of my earlier thread I plan on doing some online trading using, it uses foreign currency for both payouts and payments. What would be the best bank account...
  16. I


    Good day. I would like to now. If I want to be a supplier of wireless internet. MY own ISP company. Where do I register etc. I know about about all the towers I have to setup and so on. But where do I get the internet form? Please help
  17. D

    Seeking Advice on Labour Law (assistance welcome)

    HI i'm not sure i'm in the right forum (please move to correct forum thread) i've tried googling legal forums for advice but i must suck at googling:confused: as i only found one and no reply on that. So i'll post it on a forum i read often but not reply to often. I'll be posting the exact...
  18. B

    20mbps VDSL line

    So I recently upgraded my line to a 20mbps VDSL line (from 10mbps ADSL), but I just cannot get it working with the VDSL WAN interface. The line currently syncs at 15356/1076 kbps but is using the ADSL WAN interface. To my mind I've set up the VDSL WAN interface correctly, but nada. I've deleted...
  19. C

    Telkom 4Mbps ADSL Extremely High Ping

    Hi I'm helping out my friend who has been experiencing extremely high Latency. Location is about 1Km away from the exchange. I live 2 blocks away and my connection is perfect. The download is around 3.5Mb and Uplaod is 400k but Ping is 250ms to Johannesburg servers, we are in Sandton...
  20. C

    Telkom Adsk Abailability Checker Incorrect

    Hi Recently with the Telkom line upgrades i've been curious to see if my 4Mb line will be upgraded to 10Mb Of course no. Although according to the telkom adsl availability checker my area supports 10Mb. Not only this but it claims my line is synced at 10Mb already! This is extremely iritating...