1. blackguyza

    Whatsapp account re-authentication no longer supported on iPhone 4

    I am opening this threat after a long struggle to register an account for a family member after she was given an old iPhone 4. Apparently Whatsapp stopped supporting new account registration on Whatsapp for iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 even after installing "an older version of the app." It is said...
  2. K

    Jailbroken PS3

    i have a jailbroken ps3 and i want to know if i can sell it or is it illegal to sell it or put an ad for it
  3. M

    Rooting: where angels fear to tread?

    Android is new to me, my first phone with Google powering it is a little Huawei Y300, as an interim device, until I buy my next 'real' phone. OS - Android 4.1.1 Kernel version is 3.4.0-perf-gf909b34-00170-ga479003 Huawei build number Y300-0100V100R001C16B191 Rooting: if I could...
  4. M

    Word of caution: Using Kalahari e-reader on jailbroken iPad/iOs device

    Word of warning, Be careful when using jailbroken ipads to buy e-books with kalahari. The app can verify the jailbroken status. I tried to download a book to no avail, it kept saying "no token available" but luckily you can circumvent it. Just google "how to hide jailbreak status." I...
  5. Datura

    iOS 6.1 Jealbreak and Issues encountered

    I have a 3Gs on iOS 6.1. I used evasi0n to jb my phone last month (untethered). Very simple, all went well. Cydia installed, a host of sources and apps acquired and a smile on my face. Until last night that is. I was messing around with something on Cydia and all hell broke loose on my...
  6. J

    Is Jailbreaking now legal in south africa?

    Quick question guys is Jailbreaking an idevice legal in South Africa considering it is legal in America. Please understand my logic as below. If it is legal to jailbreak in America, then would be a contravention to jailbreak a device in South Africa if it is already legal to do so there.
  7. G

    DSTV on Jailbroken Ipad

    So lets say theoretically that somebody has a jailbroken 'New' Ipad and would like to do the DSTV drifta thing or Idrifta. I heard this does not work but there is a way around this? Any ideas?
  8. Inky1980

    American Iphone 3GS

    Howzit all, I know there is a million posts about jail broken iPhones and so on, but none really give me an answer. My brother is sending me his old iPhone 3GS from America, he has done the jailbreak and he has removed the network lock. I haven't received the phone yet, but I have a few...
  9. M

    Jailbreaking and rooting could soon become illegal again, unless you act now

  10. H

    So my iPad2 is Jail broken App searching

    So I did the jail break on my iPad 2 today... why you may ask? Because I wanted to know what the fuss was about and because I can. So anybody else done theirs yet and have you found anything cool that makes using the ipad better? I am still playing around but noticed the one thing I need...
  11. E

    Hacktivate error with greenpois0n

    I tried sending fxit_man a private message but his inbox is apparently full, so I am going to post my query here maybe someone else perhaps knows how to fix this? I tried to hacktivate my friends iphone 3GS (firmware 2,1_4.3.5) I used greenpoison to hacktivate it without a sim card but it...
  12. jes

    Unpatched iOS vulnerability poses a malicious attack risk

    Unpatched iOS vulnerability poses a malicious attack risk A website that has made it simple for iPhone and iPad users to jailbreak their devices is not just a nuisance for Apple, who wants to discourage owners from jailbreaking their devices, but is also a portent for future malicious attacks.
  13. W

    Jialbreaking iPhone 4 iOS 4.3 problems

    So as the title says, I have been jailnreaking iphones since day 1 and have never had any problems. Now when they releases sn0wbreeze-v2.3b2 to tether jailbreak iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3 I had to try. The jailbreak runs smoothly and am able to use ibooty to boot my phone up, but the problem comes when...
  14. LazyLion

    Sony BMG Arming PS3s With Rootkits in Firmware Update

  15. R

    FaceIt-3GS facetime for iphone 3gs

    FaceIt-3GS, which lets you have FaceTime on a jailbroken iPhone 3GS. has just been released.You can grab it in Cydia via the iPhone Islam repo: http://apps.iphoneislam.com. In the meantime, share what you think about FaceIt-3GS.
  16. LazyLion

    Should I buy an iPhone or iPad in the USA?

    I'm going to be there in 20 days. I know I will find it cheaper there than here. But is there any point? Will I have to jailbreak it to bring it back to SA? I would rather not have to do that. If I can buy it and bring it back here and have it work out of the box... that would be great!
  17. C

    iphone 4 jailbreak

    Has anyone jailbroken their new iphone 4 yet? If so anything to write about? What did you use etc....
  18. C

    jailbroken iphone4 or HTC Desire, Galaxy S... most powerful

    What do you guys think is the most powerful (feature packed, techie etc) smartphone out of a JAILBROKEN Iphone 4, Desire or Galaxy S?
  19. Rouxenator

    Apple blocks jailbroken iPhonez

    http://www.tomsguide.com/us/apple-iphone-jailbreak-ban-hack,news-5851.html We know full well how much Apple disapproves of jailbroken and unlocked iPhones. Now the Cupertino is company making it personal by banning a select few jailbreakers from the iTunes App Store. Two iPhone hackers...
  20. S

    Where to download iPhones IPA's?

    Hi guys, so now that Appulous is barely usable, are there any other site like it to download from? I know I can use Torrents and NZB's but they dont have the selection. Thanks