1. P

    I owe a someone R12 500.00 which he is now filing for a lawsuit.

    Hi everyone! A month ago, a business associate gave me R5000.00 and I promised him to return it to him as R10 000.00 beginning of January, now we signed a contract and then it stipulated that I will pay R2500 extra if the money comes in later than 10 days. So the contract also stated that...
  2. S

    Assault Charge - I need help guys.

    Okay so Saturday last week my Lenovo yoga tablet was stolen out of one of the school computer rooms (i am a university student by the way). All evidence seemed to point towards one guy who was the only guy seen in that area the next day i caught up with the guy whence an interrogation ensued...
  3. W

    Afrihost/OpenWeb ADSL class-action lawsuit

    Hello all, Considering the abysmal performance many users have received from these ISPs(Afrihost / OpenWeb), as well as the utter nonsense and lies they've been trying to feed us when we complain, I am in the process of getting legal counsel wrt a class-action lawsuit against them. It...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Google reaches settlement over defamatory posts

    Google reaches settlement over defamatory posts Google Inc said on Monday it had reached a settlement with a British businessman over defamatory postings in its search results describing him as a pedophile, a murderer and a money-launderer
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Apple faces lawsuit over blocked Android messages

    Apple faces lawsuit over blocked Android messages Apple Inc was ordered to face a U.S. federal lawsuit claiming it failed to tell consumers that its messaging system would block them from receiving text messages if they switched to Android-based smartphones from iPhones
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    You can sue Google for defamation

    You can sue Google for defamation: Hong Kong court A Hong Kong court has ruled that a local tycoon can sue Google Inc for defamation because searches for his name on Google suggest adding the word ‘triad’
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Google faces privacy lawsuit

    Google to face privacy lawsuit A federal judge rejected Google’s bid to dismiss a privacy lawsuit claiming it disclosed user data to advertisers without permission
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Amazon under fire for in-app purchases

    Amazon faces in-app purchase lawsuit The US Federal Trade Commission wants Amazon to refund customers and relinquish profits from unauthorised in-app purchases
  9. jes

    Facebook hit with fresh lawsuit

    Facebook hit with fresh lawsuit A Facebook shareholder has sued the social networking company’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and others over its troubled IPO
  10. QuintonB

    EA and Zynga settle copyright lawsuit

    EA, Zynga settle lawsuits The video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc and social gaming company Zynga Inc have agreed to settle competing lawsuits over alleged copyright violations and the recruiting of employees.
  11. M

    Chinese man sues wife for being ugly, wins $120,000

  12. J

    Ebay sued over hiring collusion

    Ebay sued over recruitment collusion Ebay is being sued by the Justice Department and state of California for a hiring collusion between the online commerce giant and Intuit
  13. J

    Apple to pay VirnetX $368 million over patent case

    Apple hit with $368 million patent case Apple has been asked to pay $368 million to Internet security company VirnetX over a patent case
  14. J

    Apple lawsuit against Google thrown out

    Apple-Google lawsuit dismissed A US judge has thrown out Apple’s lawsuit against Google’s Motorola Mobility unit
  15. J

    Facebook for patent infringement

    Facebook, Wal-mart sued over tech patents The University of California and Eolas Technologies has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, Wal-Mart and Walt Disney Co. over patent infringement
  16. J

    Apple could face fine and ban from Italian lawmakers

    Apple threatened with a ban over warranty dispute Apple fails to comply with Italian consumer code
  17. J

    Apple sued by Australian court over 4G deception

    Apple sued over 4G claims Australian court slams Apple over iPad deception
  18. jes

    Vodacom's Congo fixer legal battle draws in the diplomats

    Vodacom's Congo fixer legal battle draws in the diplomats Vodacom accused of calling in political muscle to sway a Congolese lawsuit with their South African fixer
  19. jes

    Ban upheld on Apple "push" e-mail

    Ban upheld on Apple "push" e-mail A German court has ruled in favour of Motorola against Apple, upholding a ban on the company using “push” emails