load shedding

  1. Jan

    Eskom load shedding stage 1 begins

    Eskom load shedding begins Eskom has started with the first stage of load shedding and warned that it will continue until 20:00 on Friday (21 November 2014).
  2. Jan

    Eskom power system severely constrained: load-shedding warning

    Load-shedding warning: unforeseen technical problems at power stations Eskom has warned that power system is severely constrained due to unforeseen technical problems at power stations, and that there are any further problems, it may need to implement load-shedding.
  3. Jan

    Power grid stable, no load shedding planned: Eskom

    Eskom power grid stable: spokesperson No load shedding planned despite increased demand, says Eskom.
  4. McT

    Inverter (power?) | recommendations for the ignorant

    Unfortunately this is becoming an important consideration for people working from home. To a lesser extent, also for those of us who get shafted by load shedding from 18h00 onwards. (In my area/block, it's 4x a week (Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun) from 18h00 to 22h00.) I am considering getting an...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Load shedding network warning: Telkom

    Telkom load shedding network warning Telkom has warned that its services will be affected by Eskom’s load shedding schedule
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Eskom outlines power cut plans

    Eskom outlines power cut plans There will not be power cuts as a result of the Majuba power station crisis anywhere in the country on Monday, Eskom said
  7. jes

    Poor municipal infrastructure causes power cuts: energy minister

    Poor municipal infrastructure causes power cuts: energy minister Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson has blamed municipal infrastructure for some of the power cuts in the country.
  8. jes

    Expect power cuts tonight (12 June 2014): Eskom

    Expect power cuts tonight (12 June 2014): Eskom There was a distinct possibility of deliberate countrywide power cuts throughout the country on Thursday evening, Eskom said.
  9. QuintonB

    Eskom warns of winter load-shedding

    Eskom issues load-shedding warning Eskom says that its power system is “severely constrained” and is calling on consumers to reduce power demand by at least 10% to avoid possible load-shedding.
  10. B

    Mac-Afric (Adendorff Brand) Generator

    Hey guys, I am looking for a small (but large enough) generator to power a PC (~700W PSU, 23"LED), router and a few plugs (mostly to be able to charge a few cellphones as well as NB: a kettle for some Coffee :D) whenever needed (we frequently have trouble with the local substation as well as the...
  11. QuintonB

    Eskom - power crisis, or management crisis?

    No energy crisis, but a serious Eskom management crisis Eskom has been downplaying and minimising the possibility of load shedding since the blackouts of 2008
  12. QuintonB

    Electricity crisis isn't going anywhere: expert

    Expect electricity problems for years: expert A South African electricity expert says that we should prepare themselves for a “torrid few years”
  13. jes

    Eskom warns of load-shedding in power supply emergency

    Eskom declares power supply emergency Eskom has declared an electricity supply emergency, and is urging customers to severely curtail usage from Tuesday onwards.
  14. jes

    Eskom warns electricity users to switch off during peak times

    Eskom warns electricity users to switch off during peak times Eskom has repeated its urgent call on electricity users to help it “beat the peak” this winter by switching off non-essential appliances between 5pm and 9pm each day.
  15. LazyLion

    Unlicensed Coal Mines Supplying ESKOM

    Eskom has been buying coal from 19 South African coal mines which do not have water licences, for at least two years, it was reported on Monday. Under the National Water Act it is illegal for a mine to start up and operate without a water licence, Beeld reported. According to the...
  16. R

    Erkuhuleni Load shedding for Winter

    Check out the following link http://www.ekurhuleni.gov.za/business/useful-resources/load-shedding They printed the Edenvale one in the Edenvale News today. Looks like a kak winter
  17. LazyLion

    Fort Worth Texas implements rolling blackouts to cope with power demands

    OK, so you thought this kind of thing only happens in Africa! But they are in the middle of a mega storm..... http://www.examiner.com/videojournalist-in-fort-worth/fort-worth-rolling-blackouts haha... doesn't that sound like Eskom? Smile in the midst of your power blackout! :p
  18. R

    Eskom is lying to us-load shedding

    I know that Eskom keeps saying there will be no load shedding during the world cup but that is an outright lie. Last week, either Monday or Tuesday there was an outage in Kempton Park, Germiston, Springs and Edenvale. It was exactly 3 hours long. Last night again the same areas but with...
  19. P

    Koeberg Unit 2 shut down, possibility of load shedding

    Link news24 As per title, unit 2 @ Koeberg shut down for repair. This plus maintenance @ other (coal) units might result in load shedding. Baagh : Also on mybroadband news page Link :o
  20. K

    Joburg, only city in the country to never again be load-shedded