1. RedViking

    Hate and Attacks towards Mybroadband News and Journalists

    Personal Opinion Lately there has been a lot of hate and 'attacks' towards specifically Mybroadband News division and the Journalists and this comes from forum members who have been here for a long time and the newbies who quack after them like ducks. There are ways to discuss articles and...
  2. A

    Man Kills Himself And His Children Because His Wife Enjoyed Masturbating

  3. G

    Angry! Oh so angry!

    I awoke angry this morning. I dreamt of love and lust and yet I awake angry. I dreamt of everything I wanted everything I needed, but I am only reminded that I can not have it. And so I woke angry. I dream of her often, and the dreams were sweet, something to be savoured and clung to as long as...
  4. S

    IT Consultant, my job discription at work. 18years of skill but no Qualifications.

    Good day my name is Will Barnard. I am working in the IT industry now for the last 18years of my life. Currently I live in Oudtshoorn the Western Cape for the last 10 years. I am married and have two beautiful children. My Wife is very happy at her work and would not easily leave Oudtshoorn. I...
  5. G

    Evoking Emotion :cry:

    So I am watching the newest Top Gear Special and Jeremy plays James a song, I look over at my wife and tears are pouring down her face and she's like that's so sad. So I want to know what's your trigger? Do you or your SO have a song or scent or something that just triggers an intense...
  6. D

    Tired of the FriendZone? Check out these tips

    Since everyone is afraid of the FriendZone (Especially Guys) here are some tips to avoid that deadly area: 1. If you have a friend that you like don't call her your friend, IN FRONT OF HER, rather do it when she's not around to see, read, or hear it. Maybe you're in the FriendZone because...
  7. C

    How to get a date

    There are certain rules on dating that have not been documented but every guy should know, but unfortunately it isn’t so. Below are some tips on how to approach a female (or male, whatever tickles your fancy) and getting a date. 1. If the woman you would like to approach is part of a group...
  8. R

    Why I love Linux

    Do I love Linux because it is free? No. So why do I love it so much? Because Linux liberates me; it gives me freedom!
  9. D

    It was an act of Love.

    PURPOSEFUL LIVING It was an act of Love. Love in essence need to be shared. Love not being shared will only frustrate. Love needs to spread itself to become meaningful. Out of Love, we were created to receive and give Love. Love is perfect, Love is true, Love brings forth more Love...
  10. D

    Did Nicola Tesla discover God through science?

    Science and religion seldom agree. I have noted the ''energy asspect of God'' through reading my Bible. I have also read that God fills heaven and earth, explaining omnipresence. It says that He keeps the heavenly bodies in position. Nicola Tesla discovered the energy fields holding universe...
  11. LazyLion

    Peace-minded Israeli reaches out to everyday Iranians via Facebook Awesome Story! here is the Facebook page....
  12. NeonNinja

    How did you meet and how it happened

    Just as the title says; How did you guys as a couple meet and how it happened? Is she your first, second? You married her? We go to the same church, never explicitly asked her out, it just happened. Been dating her for 5 years.
  13. L

    A friend with a good heart...

    After watching a video of people being slaughtered i felt quite sad, what is this world coming to? It is not safe and hatred roams the air, it is a filthy stench. BUT there are some lovely flowers waiting to spread their cheer and happiness with it's beautiful smell. :love: When one shows...
  14. G

    Anti-Love Drug May Be Ticket to Bliss
  15. B

    The True Origin of Romantic Love

    This text is based on natural selection. A female friend once told me that cricketers have been using ball guards since 1874 but only started wearing helmets since 1974. All the females in attendance proceeded to bash on males... But what they did not consider was that protecting one's...

    Too hairy for love?

    A Chinese man is claiming he can't find true love because most of his body is covered in thick hair.
  17. H

    Love and Hell (or the bad place you believe in)

    Howdy folks Whilst sitting doing one of my DIY projects I had a thought and Im going to throw this one out to the people. Say you love somebody, like truly love them and could not go on without them, they are your soulmate and all that jazz. Now say that person you love is a really...
  18. P

    I love...

    my wife and my son. There, I said it, now it's your turn. What do you love big or small - even if it's just marmite on toast, put it here. So much crap in the world it's nice to be reminded of the things that make us smile, that we look forward to.