medical aid

  1. werfie

    Medical Aid Late Joiner Penalty

    So I am finally in a financial position to get the folks onto a medical aid. They have never had it. So schemes by default apply the late joiner penalty (75%) in my case. Although the law makes provision for this, it is not compulsory, although all schemes I have spoken to apply this without...
  2. A

    What was the total cost of Laparoscopic gall bladder removal at MediClinic?

    How much did the total cost of your Laparoscopic gall bladder removal amount to? Including the cost of the surgeon, anesthetist's hospital fee, etc. I am asking because I want to privately pay for a relative's procedure and want to know what I am in for. MediClinic Cape Town informed me that the...
  3. beepbob

    Is it possible to have Discovery vitality without a Discovery medical aid.

    Hey guys, was looking for some clarity on this. I've tried reaching out to Discovery, but keep getting transferred or just left waiting for minutes on end. I'm moving to a new job which requires me to take a medical aid they provide, so I have to cancel my Discovery medical aid. I've got other...
  4. P

    Durban doctors for lower back pain

    Hi guys, I injured my lower back at a trampoline park over a year ago and after seeing a chrio I was told I had an annular tear. With rehab exercises and some rest it got about 70%. I am still very limited in what I can do without my back flaring up again the next day though. The other day I...
  5. A

    Medical aid

    Hi there, I'm looking for suggestions, referrals, etc. please. Middle age male - healthy-ish. No dependants. Retrenched by big corporate. Was a member of their scheme. Have managed to remain on their scheme but they want me off now. Want a medical aid, as opposed to just an accident/hospital...
  6. N

    Late joiner penalties and medical insurance

    Are medical insurance companies like One Plan legally allowed to charge late joiner penalties? Thanks.
  7. J

    New Government plan can immediately increase your medical aid fees by 15%

    New Government plan can immediately increase your medical aid fees by 15% Medical aid premiums for everyone older than 34 in South Africa can immediately increase by 15% if the government pushes through its proposed amendments to the Medical Aid Schemes Bill. This is the warning from...
  8. J

    Medical aids in South Africa won’t have to cover gaming addiction

    Medical aids in South Africa won’t have to cover gaming addiction Medical aids in South Africa will not have to provide cover for “gaming disorder” when the World Health Organisation (WHO) releases its latest International Classification of Diseases (ICD), the Council for Medical Schemes...
  9. B

    How to lose your Insurance Investment Money

    We all probably have taken a Investment Policy with an Insurance Company. Whether it is a Education Policy, Retirement Annuity, Tax Free Savings or Unit Trust or Endowment. All the same we took it in good faith with the idea as expressed to make at least 10% return as the Salesman implied...
  10. J

    Medical Gap Covers: Sub-limits

    Hi everyone I have been looking for a Gap Cover for my Medical Aid and they all seem similar to me, but I am thinking of going with Sanlan Gap Cover, which offers additional 500% of scheme rate, and the monthly premium is at R250 (families / individuals)! I am, however, struggling to...
  11. C

    Medical aid plans - whats the on the ground answers

    Hello Guys. need some advice. looking for a cheap medical aid, hospital plan only. the problem with brokers is that they only sell you what they want and do not give you a full range of what is out there. i consider myself healthy in that i dont have any sickness and major illness. just...
  12. scienide

    Bestmed 2018

    To all those medical aid guru's out there. Bestmed is changing their plans structure for 2018. We are currently on Pace 1 Linked and pasted below is still the 2017 plan One of the major things they are dropping is cancer treatment. Now my main question is. Do I up my plan to...
  13. saynothing

    Medical aid

    Hey guys, I been looking on the forum for some answers but the posts about Medical aids are pretty old, so I figured I'd ask again & get the latest input. I'm currently with Momentum Incentive with a healthsaver (putting in about R1850pm into the healthsaver) Firstly, Momentum gives issues...
  14. T

    Specialists charging discovery DOUBLE??

    Hi there, I came across something very upsetting with my hospital admission. My neurologists sent me a statement for their services, but I noticed that they are claiming from the wrong medical aid (Medihelp) the total for this Statement was R6100. I sent them a mail stating my correct...
  15. J

    Can you belong to multiple Medical Aid Rewards Programs?

    I've seen that you cannot belong to more than 1 medical aid scheme at a time, but I cannot find information about belonging to multiple rewards programs at the same time. In my scenario, I am a vitality member and have insurance policies with Discovery. My Medical Aid is with Momentum and...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Is it worth it having medical aid in SA?

    Medical aid schemes are quite expensive for comprehensive coverage. It is worth it having medical aid, or are you better off with only a hospital plan or relying on public healthcare?
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    The government wants your medical aid information

    The government wants your medical aid information The DA is fighting a plan by the government to collect private data about medical scheme members from the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS). The DA’s Shadow Minister of Health, Wilmot James, presented evidence of what is believed to be...
  18. D

    Medical Aid Advice

    Hi All, This is my introductory post. I'm looking to sign up for a new medical aid plan and have been considering BestMed. Does anybody have experience with them? Any suggestions for a good/reliable plan? I am looking for a plan for my sister and myself, we are in our early 20's and...
  19. N

    Medical Aid versus Hospital Plan

    We have a family of 5, myself + wife + twin girls 15 and a 5 year old boy. We are looking for a cost effective insurance, a lot of people have been advising me about not taking medical aid as they also do not always pay for certain medication or do not pay full amount. We are not a family...
  20. G

    To Broker or not? - Medical Aid Advice.

    Need to get medical aid, so I was thinking of going to a broker and having them manage it for me. So a few questions? Is it cheaper to deal direct with the Insurance guys? What are the benefits? Can I get them to manage my Medical Aid , Car Insurance and Home Insurance altogether? What...