1. S

    5G Home Premium in Midrand is useless...

    This is my experience from RAIN 5G today in Midrand...restarted Radio multiple times. It is such a poor experience. I hate it that I cannot call someone at a support centre for assistance...this is such poor service.
  2. H

    Fibre in Noordwyk, Midrand

    Hey Guys They are busy laying down Fibre lines along Liebenberg road, does anyone know if these will be for FTTH or purely for business use, its a very residential area so I could only imagine FTTH but through which ISP and who do I need to bribe to make it happen. Thanks
  3. MDKza

    WISP Midrand

    Hi, Looking for a WISP for my parents who stay in Glen Austin, Midrand. Preferably something uncapped with 4meg + Any suggestions?
  4. B

    Amobia internet - Stay away

    In Oct of 2015 Amobia uncapped became one of the worst products you can purchase. After a normal week of usage downloading PS Plus games, a few discounted ones, Netflix and YouTube. I was "shaped" and my connection reduced from 3Mbs to less than 512Kbs. Today is the 11th of December and I have...
  5. J

    Is there any Affordable FTTH in Midrand?

    We run an SME, called Teracore, from home developing mobile apps for business, website development, and marketing support services for large brands. We have been running off an ADSL line for the past few years, but it has deteriorated to unusable now - it has been trashed. We current run the...
  6. W

    WiFibre just got faster

    Hi All, We have reworked our packages and added 50% on speed and FUP. We are still running super low contentions 1:5 and will continue to provide a premium UNSHAPED service. Full breakdown on http://wifibre-sa.co.za/?page_id=10 Regards Team WiFibre
  7. H

    Sprintnet Review - Midrand Kyalami

    Hello Move from Cape Town to Midrand this year. Was shocked by the amount of estates which did not have land lines. I started my search for a WISP in November by which I organizes with Bitco. Bitco came the first week I arrived and found limited LOS even though the house next to my neighbour...
  8. S

    Senior Asterisk Engineer - Teleforge

    Teleforge Senior VOIP engineer Main purpose of the Job The technical division in Johannesburg has a vacancy for a VOIP System Engineer that will be reporting to the Technical Manager and will perform day-to-day administration and management of the Linux based systems and VOIP platforms that...
  9. R

    Looking for Wireless Internet provider in Midrand that use Alvarion antennas

    Hi all, I hope you can help. I just moved into a new place which already has an Alvarion antenna / dish installed. It may be a WiMAX dish. I have no idea who the service provider is. Does anyone have any ideas? Alternatively who are the best providers in the area? I am looking for an...
  10. NeonNinja

    Hire me; why not? (I.T)

    Ok, I'm actually tired of being thrown about, and CV spraying isn't really doing me any good... Although I'm still young (22), I want to set good ground for my self. CV available on Google Docs, if anyone interested... Looking for any position in I.T or relevant thereof. Overview: Study...
  11. C

    Wireless BroadBand in Midrand

    Hi Guys I'm living in Glen Austin, in Midrand, on West Road, near the Anne Road intersection, and I'd like to know if anyone lives close by, and has a decent ISP, for a a reasonable price. I'm using MTN 3G at the moment, and it's extremely slow on full signal, and it frustrates me to no end...
  12. E

    Looking for Highsites in Pretoria and Midrand

    Good Day We are a WISP looking to expand our network. If you have any Highsites in the Pretoria and Midrand areas please send me a PM. Key Areas are: Midrand South ( Commercia, Chloorkop, President Park AH, Midsteam) Centurion (Centurion Mall and Doringkloof) Pretoria (Route 21 Office...
  13. LazyLion

    Missing Midrand Student's body found in Veld

    A Midrand student is missing, feared kidnapped, The Sowetan reported on Tuesday. Philasandre Ngum, 19, was thought to have been abducted at the Boulders shopping centre on May 3, the newspaper reported. Her mother, Catherine Ngum reportedly opened a missing person's case, distributed...
  14. LazyLion

    Nine Injured in Midrand Accident

    Nine people were injured on Wednesday morning when a taxi collided with a car in Midrand, Gauteng, paramedics said. "Netcare 911 paramedics, its rescue unit and other services responded to an accident on the R55 at the Summit Road intersection in Midrand, Johannesburg," said spokeswoman Santi...
  15. N

    Pick n Pay False Promise

    I bought a bath foam from PnP two weekends ago, according to the ad I was supposed to get a shower gel with it. I was told by the cashier that she "thinks" they are finished because she hasn't seen em. I told her but the ad paper is new,so they must still be there, I asked for the manager but...
  16. A

    Midrand 3G service bad for past 2 weeks

    I work about 1km from Vodaworld. The 3G signal has been terrible for the last 2 weeks or so. Same thing where I live in Glen Austin, also in Midrand. Lots of complaints from coworkers, so its not localized to my equipment. Anyone know what's going on and how long it will take to resolve? Oh, by...
  17. C

    Auditors in Pretoria/Midrand area

    Can anyone recommend an auditing firm in the Pretoria/Midrand area?
  18. M

    What to do in President Park , Midrand

    HI All, Just moved to President Park in Midrand-Telkom lines "gone", no CellC "whoosh" coverage. Can anyone advise on a solution for connectivity that won't cripple my wallet? Thanks Mike