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  1. Jan

    Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale - deals on Xbox and PC titles

    Microsoft's Ultimate Game Sale — Up to 80% off top Xbox and PC titles Microsoft's has launched another edition of its summer gaming promotion — the Ultimate Game Sale — which offers massive discounts on hundreds of titles from top game publishers. For the next two weeks, Xbox One, Xbox Series...
  2. PrimeSteak

    Graphics card for the build I'm planning

    Hey guys, so I'm not sure what graphics card I should get for the build I'm planning to well...build. Should I consider buying secondhand cards or only new cards? This will be a gaming build specifically, I want to run games at 1080p at medium mostly (don't care too much for quality, low is good...
  3. Hanno Labuschagne

    Building a R200,000 beast gaming PC

    Building a R200,000 beast gaming PC While it is possible to build a competent gaming PC in South Africa for under R20,000, if you want a machine with the latest and best hardware it will cost you well over R200,000, a MyBroadband search for the best prices on top components has revealed. To...
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    These are the R10,000 gaming PCs you can build in South Africa

    These are the R10,000 gaming PCs you can build in South Africa Whereas consoles provide an easy, more affordable plug-and-play solution for those purely interested in gaming, a PC brings with it a wealth of new gaming possibilities. This includes a greater variety of custom mods and add-ons to...
  5. Savy561

    What do you think GPU pricing would look like in a year?

    I'm looking to upgrade my pc in about a year's time but I haven't really followed pc component pricing since around 2015 and right now GPU prices seem to be way higher than they should be. So for anyone more knowledgeable, what do you think the price of an RTX 3070 or even maybe RTX 3060 could...
  6. Savy561

    4K 60hz TV vs 1080p 120hz Monitor?

    If you had to choose between 4K 60hz or 1080p 120hz, which would you choose? I will be upgrading my current budget 4K Samsung tv during the course of the year with the old tv going to my brother. Now this will be for streaming and gaming with streaming probably taking up the most screen time...
  7. Savy561

    Should i even bother to upgrade my CPU for the next generation?

    My current rig: *Intel i7 4770 (not k) cpu with a corsair h100i water cooler, *Msi gtx 1060 (3gb), *Msi gaming 5 motherboard, *16GB ddr 3 ram, *128GB samsung ssd Now I am still debating on whether to get a PS5 or just upgrade my PC going foward but if I did go the PC route, would I be able to...
  8. Savy561

    What's up with steam's local pricing for certain pc games?

    So I'm in the process of deciding if I'm gonna go with a PS5 for next gen or upgrade my gaming pc and for the most part I am leaning towards the PS5 due to Sony's exclusive which I personally love, but I really just can't ignore certain games pricing on steam vs PS4/PS5, one such example is dirt...
  9. S

    Lenova Ideapad 320 upgrades

    Any Suggestions to spec my laptop up to handle pc gaming a bit better, its currently choppy and a little delayed
  10. R

    4k 55 inch TV or 34 inch ultrawide for gaming

    Hey good people! I am busy planning out redoing the man cave, and the idea would be to have a lazyboy type chair and one of those lapboards for the keyboard and mouse, etc. Now, the big question that is on my mind is do I get a 4k 55" TV, or one of those big ultra-wide pc monitors. So, guys...
  11. J

    The coolest PC gaming gadgets you can buy in South Africa

    The coolest PC gaming gadgets you can buy in South Africa One of the advantages to being a PC gamer is the variety of hardware which is available and compatible with the platform. While some gamers will build small budget PCs to serve as living room consoles, others might build powerful and...
  12. P

    Stutter in games after nvme install

    Hi everyone About June I finally decided to upgrade to a Samsung 960 EVO from just a 1TB HHD, and had a Lan party coincidently, The SSD only arrived during the Lan so I decided to wait for afterwards to install the SSD and reinstall windows. I installed it and played a few games but sadly had...
  13. J

    The average gaming PC - 5 years ago vs today

    The average gaming PC - 5 years ago vs today PC gaming can be an expensive hobby, with gamers constantly upgrading their hardware to meet the needs of the latest titles. Due to the price of new hardware, however, many PC gamers are content to use mid-range components for extended periods...
  14. J

    Do you ever use a controller when playing games on PC?

    PC gamers, do you ever use a controller when playing certain games?
  15. J

    PC gaming resurges at Tokyo Game Show

    PC gaming resurges at Tokyo Game Show After taking a back seat to consoles for the past few years, personal computers are enjoying a resurgence in gaming
  16. G

    Best internet options for PC gamers?

    So I recently built my first (gaming dedicated) PC after mostly playing games on consoles the last generation and one of the primary reasons being the cheaper prices of games on steam etc. Up to know I've mostly played, and downloaded, older games that require smaller downloads, but over the...
  17. H

    Acer Predator X34 Demand Poll for South Africa

    I would like to find out how many people are interested in buying a Predator x34 monitor so I setup this poll:http://www.strawpoll.me/11517988
  18. D

    Unreal tournament Pre Alpha

    Good Day Fellow PC Gamers To those who don't know Unreal tournament is a franchise dating back to 1999 that is all about frantic fagging and fast game-play,it redefined the first person shooting genre and it includes different game modes such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag similar to the...
  19. D

    Unreal tournament Pre Allpha

    NULL PLEASE REMOVE THREAD MODS null please remove thread moderators sorry accidentally made a duplicate of my thread thanx
  20. QuintonB

    Steam now gives refunds on games

    Steam now gives refunds on games Valve has announced that it will start giving PC gamers refunds on Steam games they don’t want – for any reason.