1. IanM

    FIFA 18

    So what are your opinions on the demo? From what I've played it feels very similar to 17, but passing is much faster. Visuals also slightly better on PS4. Unsure if I'll spend the grand this year.. I'm going to download PES18 demo this weekend and go for the better one of the two.
  2. homeboy

    Ps4 Noob

    Hi , I have Ps4 my first gaming console. I set it up yesterday. Do I need internet to setup a ps4 account? Any games I will be able to play offline? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.;)
  3. K

    How to change ip address on mtn without vpn ?

    Hello I really need help I want to know is it possible to change my ip address on mtn because the other day I tethered my friends ps4 and now Sony banned my ip for spamming/malicious activity can someone please help me
  4. I

    [S] Playstation 4 1tb Uncharted 4 Launch Edition + Game + Controller

    [S] Playstation 4 1tb Uncharted 4 Launch Edition Item: Playstation 4 1tb Uncharted 4 Launch Edition (see Purchased from CNA last year. Includes Uncharted 4 and the Uncharted 4 controller. Age: Around 12...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Few gamers in the US interested in PlayStation 4 Pro

    Few gamers in the US interested in PlayStation 4 Pro Data from Nielsen’s Games 360 US report suggest that few gamers are interested in buying a PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio.
  6. M

    PS4 games, Far Cry 4 (sealed) and Shadow of Mordor used, good condition

    Item: Far Cry 4 Limited Edition, still sealed Location: Pretoria/Centurion Reason: too violent, it's for my kid Delivery Method: any, buyer pays Price: R500 neg Item: Shadow of Mordor Location: Pretoria/Centurion Reason: too violent, it's for my kid Delivery Method: any, buyer pays...
  7. W

    Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console VS Pro

    Hi Guys I currently own a PS 3 500GB and longing for an upgrade Would the PS Slimline be a good buy now or should I wait and save for the Pro? Thanks
  8. Chevron

    Scorpio Specs Revealed!
  9. S

    Battlefield 1-PS4-no games after dedicated servers ?

    After dedicated South African servers were introduced a few weeks ago, I cannot get into any Quick Matches. I am also unable to play any Operation games, which is my favourite game mode. Is this because all the Quickmatch games and Operations are only searching for available servers in South...
  10. R

    To the people who bought the PSVR, is it worth it?

    Hi ladies and gents of myBB! I'm very keen on buying the PSVR, the idea of being immersed in a gaming world has always intrigued me. I've got some spending money saved up and I own the original PS4. So my question to those who own one - is it worth it? Do you get fully immersed in the world...
  11. SmellyCelly

    Internet woes - advice for correct package?

    Hi guys So here's the deal. I am currently on Afrihost's 30GB mobile data deal. I pay around R800 for 30GB which is a really steep considering the cost of fiber, but I'm not in a fiber area :( Apparently the adsl line in my area is also pretty terrible and no matter what line speed you're on...
  12. The_Hobbit

    PlayStation 4 - 2 months old with controller and warranty in original box

    PlayStation 4 - SOLD Item name (be very descriptive): 2 month old PlayStation 4 with controller and all accessories in original box with Incredible Connection Warranty until the end of this year. Comes Broforce and Trivial Pursuit. 11 games on disk can be purchased seperately for R250 each...
  13. RazedInBlack

    Moon Studios CEO Trashes PS4 Pro Compared To The Xbox One Scorpio

    Moon Studios CEO Trashes PS4 Pro Compared To The Xbox One Scorpio
  14. U

    LTE & Open NAT Types. Impossible?

    Hi Guys, I recently got LTE from Telkom. I'm using a Huawei B315s router. I'm an avid COD player and wanted to know how I can get my NAT type open on these COD platforms. I game from a PS4 and use a Direct LAN cable from my router to the PS4 (I was told it could have a slightly faster...
  15. J

    Buying a PS4 Pro : Who give best after sales service?

    I'm going to buy a PS4 Pro soon. Most places ask R6999. So if price is not a motivating factor, service definitely is. Who would you reckon gives best after sales service? I am thinking of going with Makro - had to swop out an electronic item recently and had no issues. Also with them...
  16. R

    PS4 Download Speed

    Hi Guys, So managed to get a PS4 Slim 500GB this past weekend and am having issues with the download speed of games that I have bought from the PSN Store. I have a 100mbps line and on my pc get speeds of around 97mbps. When downloading a PS4 Game such as Fifa 17, it downloads at just...
  17. D

    PS4 Connectivity Issues - Fifa Onlne

    Hi Everyone.. I was wondering if anyone else might be having the same issue as me. I recently subscribed to PSN network to play FIFA online and seem to be having connectivity issues.. I am on a Wireless Uncapped Internet Package 1. When I start the game it says PSNID is connecting to EA...
  18. S

    Neverwinter PS4

    Hi! Does anybody know any Afrikaans or at least South-African Guilds? If not, would any other active players be interested in getting together and making one? I need some dedicated guildies that can swear in Afrikaans everytime Valindra kills us. Thanks!
  19. D

    Console Indecisiveness

  20. F

    LTE and PS4 Connection Speeds

    Hello I've been experiencing extreme discrepancies between my speed tests done on pc/tablet and that on my ps4. In addition, I have generally a bad connection to online games even tho my speed is around 9mb down. Typically I reach speeds of between 60-80Mbs down and 5-7mb up on my pc but a...