1. F

    Looking for the Best Surround Sound System

    I'm wondering what's the Best System for a decent price , I'm a gamer but also sometimes Max the volume to listen to music, I'd say i have a budget of 3K-5K...less would be welcome I also want the system to have Optical Inputs for my console to play good high quality sound, If possible plz link...
  2. medicnick83

    HDMI advice needed

    Hi all, I have a JVC LED TV, on the TV it has: 2x HDMI slots 1x VGA port My dilemma is: I have a PC that has a screencard with HDMI only. XBOX ONE that connects to said TV with HDMI PS4 that connects to TV with HDMI But I have to do swopping - currently between the PS4 and the...
  3. joppenheim

    Recommended cross-platform MMORPG's?

    Hi there Can anybody recommend a decent cross-platform shared-environment multiplayer RPG or massive multiplayer online RPG for PC/PS3/PS4/XBOX? My son and I are fans of the Elder Scrolls series and I understand the current Elder Scrolls online do offer PC & PS4 MMORPG but not a shared...
  4. Half_Frog

    PS4 500Gb For Sale

    For Sale Item name - PS4 500 Gb Age and condition: 6 Months Old Great Condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: Yes - Whats left of it Reason for selling: Unused Price: R3500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Pretoria Shipping or collection: Collection Preferably but shipping can be...
  5. SmellyCelly

    Looking to buy or borrow Until Dawn (PS4)

    Looking to buy or borrow Until Dawn (PS4) if anyone is selling / willing to lend. Thanks!
  6. K


    so im going to get a ps4 i would like to know how big is all the updates for gta v....and my friend told me for ps4 you have to pay to play onlinewhat BS...can i play online in gta without paying?
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Best PC, PS4, Xbox games of 2015

    Best PC, PS4, Xbox games of 2015 We take a look at the best video games released in 2015.
  8. G


    Hi There, Our student digs needs wifi! there are 3 of us and so I convinced them that wifi is essential! Now the flat will need a line connection with telkom, (I know once off set up installation is like 750) but then what internet service provider as well as speed should we go for. I was...
  9. G

    What TV PS4 and for mainly watching sport ! PLEASE HELP US :)

    What TV to buy for playing PS4 and for mainly watching sport ! PLEASE HELP US :) Hi There, Would anyone be able to help me and my flatmates choose a tv to play ps4 on and obviously to watch tv (mainly sports). I know the Plasma is great for sports and that but I'm not sure if this is the...
  10. S

    [S]PS4 500GB Collectors edition + Mortal Kombat X collectors edition

    PlayStation 4 20th anniversary console + Mortal Kombat X collectors edition with DLC codes,statue and everything(valued at R1200) Age : 2~3 months Packaging: yes, full Condition: excellent. Reason: Dont have time to fully game on it as much as I used to. Location: Pretoria Shipping: yes...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    PlayStation 4 custom faceplates – South African pricing

    PlayStation 4 custom faceplates – South African pricing Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed local pricing and launch details for its PS4 custom faceplates.
  12. S

    ToysRUs Crazy Gaming Sale

    Mind me - First time post long time viewer. I think the deals posted every weekend don't show everything. I Walked into the ToysRus in Woodmead to get my kid a game and ended up buying myself a load of stuff. From what I see these guys have marked down almost all their software. Some of...
  13. P

    How to watch Netflix, Supersport Streaming and/or Hulu on a non-Smart TV?

    Evening everyone Need some help here. I have an HD LED TV with HDMI capabilities. Actually it's a good TV (LG), but it's not that smart. Therefore I need to do some workarounds to get a streaming service up and running. I have an unshaped 4mbps line next to the TV and I'm looking into the...
  14. M

    TV deals

    Hi Everyone This is my first post. After reading through the forums and browsing the site for years, I've decided it's high time that I join the community. First question, I am looking at getting a Samsung TV and PS4 ( quieten down PC master race people:D) and I have come across the...
  15. L

    Information on PS4/Xbox One - Getting NAT Type 3 down to NAT Type 2

    Hi guys, I don't know whether this information has been posted yet, but I thought since I have the info, I should share it with those who may need it and since I couldn't find good sources, I thought that this may help. This is for those of you that use mobile broadband connections to connect...
  16. C

    PS Plus content for July

    Has anyone been able to access the new PS plus content for july that was mentioned here: I seem to still only have access to last months content through both the console and the web?
  17. R

    Cheapest Place to buy a NEW PS4?

    Where can I buy a PS4 without paying over 6k?
  18. R

    PS4 or Xbox One?

    The only thing that is pulling me away from the PS4 is the Kinect... Do I need it?
  19. R

    Where is the cheapest place to buy a PS4

    Iv been looking around for a while now, and have seriously considered purchasing from America. Reason being: 1. The Console is no longer region locked (NTSC & PAL) 2. Even with customs, it will still most probably turn out to be cheaper. You can get a console there for as little as $400...
  20. N

    Advanced Warfare - PS4

    Hey Guys, I have been looking for a social clan for AW on the PS4 but have had little to no luck. As such I decided to make a new clan. Anyone is welcome regardless of skill. Its really just a group of like-minded people getting to know each other while playing. If you are interested...