1. E

    Boost Mobile Moova Shuffle

    Hi Guys I am an advanced android user. Ok I will begin by saying I have a problem with my phone. Before I get to that I bet there is very few people which have heard of this phone. It is called a Boost Mobile Moova Shuffle. I bought it in a store and after extensive research have...
  2. O

    Professional data recovery - Cape Town

    I have a company hard drive that failed. Can anyone recommend a professional data recovery service in Cape Town? It is vital that we get the data recovered so we need the best specialist available.
  3. antowan

    Dell Vostro 3550 bios recovery / rescue solution

    Hi guys, Bricked Dell Vostro 3550. Machine was acting weird before a failed BIOS FLASH. All online solutions for other Dell notebook models come up empty when tried on this model. Lots of confusing info out there. I did manage to extract the ROM and HDR files from a new BIOS...
  4. L

    Database mirroring/backup

    I do not know enough about these things so I am in need of some help here. We have a little XP pc running an interbase server that is in need of some form of rapid recovery plan should it ever die due to hardware failure. Simply having another XP system on standby won't cover things like eg...
  5. D

    HELP!!!! Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 soft bricked on another level

    So I have a S4 and a while back it lost its IMEI number, i have had a couple of custom roms on but recently went back to stock and upgraded to lollipop via the OTA software upgrade on the phone, but i experience a hell of alot of soft bricking so i factory reset my phone and it worked but it...
  6. P

    Hiring People in Recovery(out of Rehab)

    Does anyone know any company or a person that hire people in recovery? Meaning people who come out of Rehab that want to do something with their lives and not go back to their old habits? As you know people come out of Rehab and can't find work because people wont hire drug addicts. But...
  7. I

    Sales Administrator: (R12k – R15k pm)

    Our client, a player in the area of enterprise storage, backup and recovery and disaster recovery solutions, is looking to appoint a Sales Administrator with the main focus to administer and support our dynamic sales team. The ideal candidate should be in possession of a NQF 6 qualification and...
  8. I

    Head of Business Development: (Salary: R65k – 75k pm)

    Our client, a player in the enterprise storage, backup and recovery and disaster recovery solutions is looking to appoint a Head of Business Development with the main focus to develop, execute and maintain effective sales plans and strategies that ensure the long term success of the business and...
  9. T

    Hello from Tech Support

    Tech Support is a technology support company. We supply IT Support to the Business, Schools and Home market. We have been active in the Western cape since 2008. Our services are available in The Helderberg region, Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay, Cape Wine lands, Stellenbosch, Northern...
  10. J

    How To Repair Zip Files after Compress (zipped) Archive folder dissolved?

    Hi Friends, I have lost my all important files or folder database in compressed windows XP zipped archive folder. Right now, I have not any sufficient solution to recover my data from zip archive database in secure manner. I am totally frustrated from such type corruption issues. If anyone...
  11. J

    Restore pre-installed gps on Galaxy Note 10.1 (N8000)

    Hi guys. Do any of you know how to recover a pre-installed app that went missing, without restoring factory settings? My gps app disappeared after doing a bunch of updates which I don't wish to repeat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. NomNom

    Hard Drive Partition gone

    Need help here My dad booted up his Pc and the partition on the hard drive is gone. It's a 80GB Seagate 7200.10 Barracuda, I have connected it to my Pc and in Disk Management it shows that the hard drive doesn't have a partition. I am attempting to run a data recovery program now but...
  13. T

    Should I delete my recovery partition?

    This may sound crazy, but I'm thinking of deleting my recovery partition. I have an Asus UX51VZ, which has two 128 GB mSata discs in RAID 0. The read and write speed are insane but the catch is the mSata discs are proprietary :mad: so there's little chance of upgrading or at least little chance...
  14. G

    What data recovery software do the pro's and commercial recovery companies use ?

    Hi Guys I am trying to find information as to what data recovery softwares the commercial data recovery centres use to reover from logically damadged drives and some physically damadged drives in certain cases. I understand that physical damadge usually require hard drive repair in dust free...
  15. NomNom

    How do I copy a recovery partition?

    I've getting a Netbook soon and I want to know if there is any way to copy/port the recovery partition to a new hard drive. The Netbook I am getting comes with a 250GB hard drive and I want to replace it with a 500GB hard drive, but I also want to copy the recovery partition from the new...
  16. S

    Hiren - which to choose?

  17. G

    Lion Internet Recovery with Macbook Air

    Hi all, Picked up a problem with Lion's internet recovery. Recently purchased a few months old MBA 11". Decided to format and fresh install Lion. Held down CMD+R and used disk util to format the non-recovery partition. Wifi was being accessed fine, so went ahead with Lion install. It...
  18. G

    Windows 7 Recovery Disk

    I just bought a new laptop, and it has a separate partition with the Windows 7 installation disk (like most laptops these days). I want to format the entire HDD. Is there a way to backup the installation disk on a DVD, so that when I install it again, it isn't seen as a pirated version by Microsoft?
  19. M

    Exchange EDB file recovery...

    Hi Guys, I need to recover an account from within an Exchange EDB file. I dont have a working copy of the Server hence just the EDB file. I have a product called Kernel for Exchange which allows me to open the EDB file and view it but they want R3,000 for the product! My licensed product...
  20. T

    Inaccessible flash disk

    I have a 4GB Sahara flash disk and when I put it in the USB, unber My Compuer a drive "F:" appears but when I click on it it says: "The disk drive in F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" No I don't want to format, anyway I try on a few PCs and same story. So eventually I say ok...