1. SlainWraith

    Establishing a Dungeons and Dragons community in South Africa

    Hey, all. I'm teaming up with a friend to establish a proper, nation-wide, Dungeons & Dragons community in South Africa, since there really aren't any here. If you're curious about the game, or already a player, feel free to pop in and join us in discussing everything Dungeons and Dragons...
  2. Readsalot

    LitRPG Books Thread

    Anybody else into LitRPG? I discovered it recently and it's ticking all the right boxes for me. Doesn't matter if you're into gaming, fantasy, sci-fi or even anime, there's something for everyone. Two series I would recommend: The Awaken Online series by Travis Bagwell (only 2 books so...
  3. copacetic

    Path of Exile - Launch of Atlas of Worlds and Essence League

    Atlas of Worlds and the new Essence league launch at around 10h00 tonight, just an FYI. It looks like a good one, please join us! We have a Discord channel: Link Lots of info in the PoE Reddit: Link General MyBB PoE thread: Link https://youtu.be/92SpXUJEIVs
  4. joppenheim

    Recommended cross-platform MMORPG's?

    Hi there Can anybody recommend a decent cross-platform shared-environment multiplayer RPG or massive multiplayer online RPG for PC/PS3/PS4/XBOX? My son and I are fans of the Elder Scrolls series and I understand the current Elder Scrolls online do offer PC & PS4 MMORPG but not a shared...
  5. A

    Torn - Text based RPG (Join me)

    Hey hey I fairly recently started playing this Text based RPG called Torn (previously Torn City) and its easily the most addictive game I have played in my life. You can check in and level up any where you go and its craze extensive. Check it out at: http://www.torn.com/wiki If you...
  6. S

    Seeking D&D Table Top players Cape Town

    Hi there not sure if this is the correct thread or forum even, A friend and I are looking to try our hands at a Game of Dungeons and Dragons (table top version) we are from Cape Town (Southern Subs) mid 20s and would be greatly appreciated if there are any players that will have the patience...
  7. B

    South African Minecraft Server!

    MineCraft South Africa! Hey guys, we started a Minecraft server! hosted in south africa, so no lag seriously, my ping to the server is 34ms :D to get in please apply for whitelist here http://chromius.org/forums/whitelist :) Its a growing community so please help out. :)...
  8. D

    RPG - Try this one

    I am not sure how many of the subscribers here play RPG games and more specifically TORN I have stumbled onto this game, to be exact, 105 days ago (my age in torn) and I am addicted to the game. Instead of rewriting what TORN is about it is just so much easier to paste a link to Wikipedia...
  9. V

    Best RPG's ever made

    Heres a list of RPG's I think are epic and deserve mention, I know quite a few of them are by Bioware but they specialise in RPG so ya. Theyre listed from best downwards: Mass Effect 1 (epic story and you can have sex with blue alien chick) Neverwinter Nights 1 (first proper RPG i ever played...
  10. P

    DragonAge Origins thread

    Yoooo, i see no-one has made a dragonage thread, so i will :p I been playing it a little, at first i didnt really like it due to the party type RPG but now i'm engrossed in this game. Its freeking awesome and can be quite difficult. I started a Dalish elf rouge. Im now battling the...
  11. D

    I want to play a new RPG on my Xbox

    Ok, so I've got some bucks but I'm having problems finding a RPG to buy :erm: Here's my history and some info Played: Fallout 3 - Bloody awesome! (pun intended) Fable 2 - Not really a RPG but I still enjoyed it. Eternal Sonata - Junk! No mini-map so I always got lost (and missed all the...
  12. E

    MyBrute - Online Fighting game

    This is an online fighting RPG type of game where you have a character you level up and develop. You get special skills and talents and sometimes even a pet you fight with. To join, go to the following link and start in a matter of seconds http://ent1ty.mybrute.com/ Enjoy :)
  13. M


    Hi there! Has anyone played Fable? The one that was released for PC way back in 2005 I think? I ordered a copy from Kalahari.net for R100 after a friend recommended it. What comments do u guys have on the game if u have played it?
  14. Lycanthrope

    Fallout 3 - Verdict Is In (PC)

    According to GameSpot: The GameSpot Official Rating: 9.0 The Critic Score (of 10 other reviewers): 9.1 I haven't read through much of the review, nor have I watched the video interview because - let's face it - I don't want any spoilers. Since GameSpot's given it a 9.0 and the user...
  15. Lycanthrope

    Fallout 3

    So... Who's getting it? Who isn't? Why/why not? I'll probably end up getting it even though I don't like Bethesda. I'm afraid of them making Fallout just another Oblvion with a few post-nuclear bits and bobs. I've also heard that they've taken out the turn-based part of it and replaced it...
  16. Lycanthrope

    Lord of the Rings Online

    *cough* So... I played the trial a week or two ago. Downloaded the US version with the download manager that downloads in segments so I only played the tutorial area. I was/am really impressed and bought it. I've spent the day patching it so far -.-' *yaaaaawn* The excitement is killing me...
  17. eye_suc

    Forged by Chaos (Online RPG featuring the CryEngine2)

    ok, is it just me or does this sound very interesting? imagine a game that plays as good as WoW but with the graphics of Crysis :D nice! cant wait to see what these crazy people come up with. too early for screenshots at this stage, but here is the link http://www.forgedbychaos.com/
  18. E

    Mass effect

    ...is going to cost > R300:eek: here in SA.