1. L

    Sandton City Office Tower

    Morning Folks, My office is in the Sandton City Office Tower and we need to install a fibre line. Please will you advise who are the better business fibre providers? Many thanks Linda
  2. H

    JHB vs PTA (culture, women etc)

    I'm a late 20's guy from Scandinavia who moved to Sandton about 2 years ago. As my lease is now up, I am thinking whether I should stay in Joburg's northern suburbs or if I should make a move to Pretoria. Some general questions: 1. Would/should I need to learn Afrikaans to be fully accepted...
  3. A

    JOB: Ruby on Rails Developer Needed (Sandton)

    ANVIL PropertySmith is a cutting edge commercial & industrial property services company. Using disruptive technology to rapidly gain market share. ANVIL PropertySmith presents a unique opportunity for a coder who wishes to learn about the Commercial & Industrial Property Industry. Working in a...
  4. C

    Fibre in Sandton, Wynberg option? Neotel Fail

    Our company just registered with Neotel last month however we noticed that the performance of 10Mbps is way below under 2Mbps and slow internet and we keep complaining over and over and over. Neotel is ****!! Now what is the best fibre service in Wynberg, Sandton? Lightspeed or Webafrica or I...
  5. T

    2nd Line Support Consultant

    The candidate will be required to fulfil and uphold the company values of personalised, high quality service by finding solutions to problems that users are experiencing. The candidate will become part of a young and dynamic team of technology enthusiasts. The candidate will be offered an...
  6. M

    LCD Monitor repairs in Sandton Area?

    Hi guys, I have a bunch of LCD monitors from different brands. Where can I send them to be repaired? I know LetMeRepair used to do that but they are gone now. Any other places?
  7. N

    Metrofibre FTTH - Edenburg, Sandton

    Hey guys, Just saw that Metrofibre is coming to do a presentation in our complex about their services, they've already been in contact with our Body Corp. Just wanted to find out if anyone has any experience with them? I have some of their pricing and packages, and for a base 10Mb...
  8. C

    Where's a good salad spread?

    I'm looking for a shop in Centurion/Sandton that makes daily a variety of (mostly gluten-free) salads, where one can fill a container with a selection of salads and pay per container or by weight. E.g. I was visiting CPT recently and the Kwikspar on Kloof Street had a dozen or so salads and...
  9. N

    2Mb line needed - Edenburg, Sandton

    Howzit guys, Been out of the ADSL game for a few years now, still using Telkom mobile as my broadband provider. However, i'm looking at getting rid of the last scraps of dstv and streaming all my content(Netflix or similar). I've heard that a 2mb line should be sufficient for normal...
  10. R

    [W] Samsung Galaxy S5

    I am wanting a Samsung Galaxy S5. - Second hand is fine, I would ideally like it to come with a warranty of some kind even if it is only a couple more months remaining. - A 16GB LTE version would be great. - Colour does not matter. - Condition must be good, no damage or repairs done to the...
  11. N

    Where to live in Jhb - Near Sandton

    Fellow forumites, I am in need of assitance, I am possibly moving to Jhb for work, specifically Alice Lane in Sandton. I know Jhb to some extent, but not wrt where to live. I would like a nice,safe, residential area, not too much hustle, bustle and traffic. Maybe like a...
  12. S

    Best place to physically buy a Raspberry PI (JHB)

    Hi All, Could you please direct me to a place with the most reasonable prices to physically purchase a raspberry pi? I am located in Sandton. Thanks in advance.
  13. B

    Vodacom upgrade nightmare

    I wonder if anyone else has had the same experience as I have today, driving a buddy around to get his cellphone contract upgraded. Arrive at Vodacom Shop @ Nelson Mandela Square, all goes well until half way through the process, the system goes down. Grr. Fine, off to the next Vodacom...
  14. N

    Travel to Vereeniging from Pretoria

    Hi all, I need to meet someone close to Vereeniging tonight at around 19:00. What would be the fastest route, and at what time should I be leaving Pretoria East? Soonest I can leave will be 16:30. In the past I have always met slow traffic on the N1 around Sandton, even at 14:00...
  15. A

    Sandton (or surrounds) restaurant recommendations please

    As per title. Not overly pricey, nor dingy. With decent vegetarian options. TIA.
  16. A

    Choosing an ISP - Sandton, JHB

    Hi all, I've just returned to SA after a long stint in the UK. I'm currently on a prehistoric 1mb connection, after being used to a 50mb fibre one - not a shock to the system at all. I'll be moving at the end of the month - thank goodness, and need a new ISP. Any recommendations? I will...
  17. A

    Easiest way to convert 3 pin to 4 pin (fans)

    Hi all, I've just returned to SA from the UK and I'm building a rig. Unfortunately I realised that my case has 4 pin fans, and my mobo only has one 4 pin connector, while all the others are 3 pin. I need some form of an adapter? If I connect to molex connectors, will I still be able to...
  18. G


    Hi all, we have a boardroom facility that we would like to hire out for meetings etc. From 2hrs up to full day. Prices will include parking, refreshments, eats, stationary, projector etc. I would like to find out if there is a need for this type of service? We are based in the Northern parts...
  19. T

    Telkom or Mweb - whose to blame for my crappy connection

    Hi All, Been pulling out my hair over this for ages, I have CRAP internet at home that i pay a lot for and I cant pin down who is to to blame. So here are the details - please help. I live is rivonia and I have a 4mb adsl line from Telkom and a 4mb uncapped account from Mweb.... sounds...
  20. Arzy

    Recommend me a builder (Sandton area)

    Morning all, So the baby is about 4 months away and I finally convinced my wife that it would be a good idea to just add a nice nursery to the house. The idea is rather simple, I have a coutyard between the main bedroom and one of the spare bedrooms at my house which will basically just...