1. X

    HELP - Replacing Optical Drive with SSD on Laptop

    Hello Errbody. So I am wanting to replace the optical drive in my Asus N550JK laptop with a 256GB SSD. I have been trolling the web for hours looking for information on how this is going to work for me, and I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed. I thought one of you tech geniuses could help...
  2. Rouxenator

    ASUS M3A78-VM AMD AM2+ board with Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6Ghz CPU and 6GB DDR2 RAM [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): ASUS M3A78-VM AMD AM2+ board with Athlon X2 5200+ 2.6Ghz CPU and 6GB DDR2 RAM. Specs : Age and condition: Not sure how old, works 100%, it's clean and runs Windows 10 perfectly. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No...
  3. D

    Issues with Installing XP on system with a GA-H110M-S2PH DDR3 MOBO

    Good Day all. My client has software (made by VW and Audi) that only runs on XP (for a dynamometer for vehicle diagnostics and testing) and his old "dyno PC" crashed out hard and he ordered a new one from us, problem is the only system we were able to get him was the one posted below. Now the...
  4. ControlAltDelete

    Left-angle SATA cables?

    I'd like to know where I can find left-angled SATA cables. Left angle: Right angle:
  5. N

    Recommended PCIe SATA controller for Ubuntu 12.10 ZFS

    Hi I am looking for a SATA controller that will support up to 15 SATA drives using Ubuntu 12.10 for my ZFS pool, any recommendations? I would like it to be supported in Ubuntu 12.10 out of the box, without the need to fiddle with drivers. Any suggestions? I was looking at the LSISAS9201-16i...
  6. S

    PCI-Express RAID Card that Supports SATA(#)

    Anyone know where I can buy a RAID Card PCI-E where I can collect from (Pretoria/Johannesburg) and any recommendations? I'm not interested in host based RAID or FAKE-RAID etc... but what is generally called hardware RAID, but something that is affordable/entry-level. Thanks for your help...
  7. Mars

    4 port Sata Raid Card on the East rand?

    Does anyone know where I can get a 4 port (or more) Sata raid card on the east rand? Esquire is out of stock. :(
  8. M

    SATA Harddrive Power Question

    I need to up my storage space, and am planning on buying a 2TB SATA II drive. I opened up my case and noticed that I have no more SATA power cables left, only a bunch of molex. I see there are lots of cheaply available molex to SATA convertors (eg), but I've been told that these can lead to...
  9. T

    Universal Drive Adapter?

    Hi guys, Would anyone know where I might be able to get a device/adapter that does the following: capable of connecting either 2.5 or 3.5 drive to the device/adapter via SATA or IDE? Able to connect to the pc via USB or E-SATA? TIA Cheers :)
  10. A

    How do I Upgrade My Laptop's SATA Hard Drive?

    Hello all, I currently have a 160 GB that is fast running out of space. I want to change it myself because it will save me money. I have spotted a couple of affordable 2.5" internal HDDs, and I want to get a 500GB one. I will buy an enclosure along with it, ghost the old into the new and...
  11. Gnome

    Stores that sell metal clip SATA cables

    I'm looking for a store that sells SATA cables with the metal clip at the front that prevents the SATA connector from slipping off. They look like this: I've looked on Take2 and Prophecy, neither of whom sell them, any input appreciate as to where I can locate them!
  12. DrJohnZoidberg

    Disk Copy Speeds

    Hi all, Last night I was copying a 8 gig MKV file from one drive to another and was interested in what kind of speeds you get when copying from one drive to another (internal). I have 1 x Seagate 250GB (IDE - had to get iDE on last system due to driver issues) and 2 x Maxtor 80GB (1st gen...
  13. medicnick83

    Burning a DVD!

    Hi guys, Ideas please... I have got 4x SATA HDD's and 2x SATA DVD Writers in my PC. I've noticed something, to burn a 3GB DVD, it has taken 21 minutes to complete a 3GB DVD! :mad: Any ideas why it takes so long to burn a DVD??!? I had 2x IDE Writers but I put that in my 'other' PC (server)...
  14. D

    SATA 1 & SATA 2 on Mirror Raid

    Hey Can a Western Digital SATA 1 and 2 drive (same size) be mirror even though they have different speeds? I would think that the board would automatically deduce the SATA 2 drive down to SATA 1 speeds although I would just like to confirm.
  15. Takkies

    Which SATA Bluray?

    I am looking for a SATA BD drive, preferably with Lightscribe. I an get an LG for about R2K. Are they any good? What other drive can the LG be compared to? Also would like to know if its is possible to watch a blu-ray movie on a PC. I suppose it may not be possible because of DRM and the...
  16. LazyLion

    SATA Hard drive running in PIO Mode

    I have four 750 GB SATA drives. The fourth one (Secondary IDE channel, device 1) is running in PIO mode instead of DMA, so transfers are really slow. It wasn't always this way. I think it somehow got switched when I installed DC++ and shared/hashed the entire drive. When I boot into...
  17. R


    Hi, I'm in the process of gradually upgrading my pc, and the next important thing on the list is HDD space. I've got a motherboard (M2N-SLI Deluxe) that supports SATA (I or II im not sure), and I'm willing to spend R1200 on a new harddrive. I've looked around but the one thing that I'm not...
  18. T

    Don't seem to have all space on my new HDD...

    I just got a 250gb SATA2 drive and have installed Windows XP on it, but in windows disk management it says I only have 128gb. I know drives don't have their full marketed capacit but surely that's not the issue here? It has 250 printed on the label so it must be the right drive. Is it...