1. PrimeSteak

    Search Bar woes

    So I'm making a dynamic search bar for the final project I'm making for CS50W (A library management system). Aaaand I'm stuck. Funnily enough, getting the results from the input I have via an onkeyup event listener and sending the value of it to the server for query results and those results...
  2. M

    Man wins right to sue Google for defamation over image search results

    Man wins right to sue Google for defamation over image search results
  3. T

    MicroSoft Outlook Search

    Morning guys, This is the error message i get when trying to run a search in Outlook 2016, yes i am running as a administrator. Any suggestions?
  4. skeptic_SA

    WTF is wrong with Google?

    So I specify results for South Africa and keep getting international results. What am I doing wrong? Or do these companies hosts allow them to circumvent the local listing criteria. I want SA based sites and not international ones. Whats the point of Google allowing you to specify - if that...
  5. D

    Feedback for site idea

    Hi. We have started an SA developer community. - Freelancers can now add themselves to the site. I am thinking of expanding this to something that the UK does very well. add a project, find a project, find a freelancer etc. my intention would be...
  6. N

    What is it and what is it worth?

    Got a original wooden propeller of plane. Having some trouble identifying the thing on the internet. It has a serial number and a date when it was crafted... Can anyone guess what it is? and what it's worth? Here are some pics ^
  7. J

    Contact Search - results incomplete??

    Hi I have a LG G2 with SA kitkat on, 1300+ contacts (work, not my own kids...), I sync contacts with outlook (not google) using LG software. Problem: When searching for a contact by typeing partial name / surname in the native contacts app only a few results are returned, searching by ex...
  8. S

    smart database search

    Hi geniuses. Firstly, i have no knowledge of coding or any form of software development- so i hope what I am going to ask will make sense. I have someone working on a project for myself where a lot of data will be stored in a SQL database. I want a search engine where someone can type a...
  9. Holger

    Catalog / Datase Software

    I am trying to make a complete catalogue of all product lines in the beverage industry to distribute for free (online or via download) to my customers. Is there a software that you can recommend?
  10. LazyLion

    How to SEARCH for News Articles and Threads in the CA Section

    Because the Forum Search Function does not work very well you can also use this method to find what you are looking for... 1) Go to Google 2) Type in several search terms, for example FARLAM MARIKANA GARYVDH (or your own username if you started the thread or posted in it) and press enter. 3) If...
  11. carstensdj

    Outlook instant/auto search (Help please)

    Hi there, My Outlook 2007 doesn't seem to auto search when i search for an email in the search bar at the top. I have looked on Google and followed the instructions to re-index my mail. I have also auto archived it, but when i search, i still have to push ENTER for it to actually search...
  12. QuintonB

    Google under scrutiny, get more filed complaints

    Google hit with more complaints Online travel agency Expedia on Friday accused Google of breaching EU rules with a formal complaint to EU antitrust regulators as it joined a dozen other firms that have taken their case to the European Commission in the last two years.
  13. LazyLion

    Gupta: Cops axed So what do you guys think? Should the police have the right to search any vehicle without any reasonable suspicion? (No warrant needed) Should they only have the right to search your vehicle only with reasonable...
  14. jes

    Bing and Facebook grow closer

    Bing and Facebook grow closer Microsoft on Monday began letting Bing search results reflect "likes" of people's friends at Facebook as the social networking star and the software colossus grew closer.
  15. jes

    Japanese earthquake, tsunami tops SA Google search

    Japanese earthquake, tsunami tops SA Google search South Africans flock online to find out more about the Japanese disaster that shocked the world
  16. jes

    Top Google searches: January 2011

    Top Google searches: January 2011
  17. rpm

    Google launches search preview feature

    Google search preview feature Internet search giant Google began rolling out a new feature Tuesday called "Instant Previews" that allows Web surfers to sample a website without having to click through to the page.
  18. I

    TELKOM FAIL! 8ta uses Google Custom Search with sponsored results

    Have you checked out the 8.ta website at The site makes use of the free version of Google Custom Search, which populates search results with sponsored links. So a search for "iPhone" returns no results from the 8.ta website, but about 10 different sponsored links, one of which is...
  19. rpm

    Microsoft, Facebook and Bing - New search.

    Microsoft, Facebook and You! Microsoft is starting to incorporate what your friends do on Facebook right into its Bing search engine.
  20. rpm

    Google searches the web as fast as you can type

    Google searches as fast as you can type Google on Wednesday began scouring the Internet in real time, delivering results as fast a a person can type.